Witnessing A Spanking Scene

Last week I wrote about what it was like to witness a spanking when I was a kid. It was a scary experience, not nearly as fascinating or stimulating as those brief glimpses I’d caught on TV or scenes I’d imagined in my mind. And while still today, on those very rare occasions that I’ll see a parent give a quick smack to a child’s bottom, I still turn away in discomfort.

But it’s a completely different experience when I witness a consensual spanking such as during a scene playing out live before me. I’ve done quite a few double spanking scenes at Punished Brats as well as with Chelsea, Clare, and Shadow Lane. Depending on the scenario, I’ll have to act shocked or amazed, fearful that I’m next, or gleeful to see someone very deserving getting spanked.

Not long ago someone emailed me and asked what I really think during these double scenes. Do I really have to stifle a giggle as I see another girl in that oh so familiar position or do I sympathize knowing what she’s going through? Honestly, it really depends.

Although normally when scenes are being shot, I busy myself with other things and don’t watch so as not to make anyone more nervous than they might already be, in the case of a double spanking, I’m supposed to look on. Often I find myself almost mesmerized by the spanking and seeing the once pale cheeks deepen in color. I try not to get lost in just watching slack jawed thinking “ooh, pretty” though. That’s generally not the reaction a scene calls for.

If it’s a particularly hard spanking, I’ll involuntarily wince and grimace at the impact and reaction. I know I take firm spankings as well, but since my bum is normally pointed in the opposite direction of my view, I am blissfully unaware of the swing and impending doom. Seeing the wind up, hearing the “whoosh”, and then seeing a hard spank land on upturned cheeks can be shocking. I can’t help but cringe as my own bottom tingles with sympathy.

Yipes!! I’m next?

If I’m due to get the same treatment next, I will feel a little drop occur in my tummy when my turn is announced. Having just seen what it looks like makes me even more nervous over what I’m about to receive.

I enjoy seeing the reactions of the girls in addition to the spanking themselves. I’ll note a great kick or block and appreciate a good full body struggle. Not only does it look good, but I understand how difficult it can sometimes be to simultaneously kick, reach back, writhe, and not end up slipping off the spanker’s lap and taking a header on the floor!

I admit sometimes I do get distracted. Not bored mind you, but momentarily distracted. I can recall one time during a scene I noticed a little mark on Jessica’s foot. I kept looking trying to decide if it was a large freckle right on the sole or a sequin that she’d stepped on. For the record, it was a freckle. Cute!

sequin or freckle?

As for giggling at a girl’s predicament, that happens on occasion too when there’s been a bit of playful banter going back and forth both on and off set such as between Chloe or Holly and me. Taunts of “you’re really going to get it” and attempts to earn the other girl extra swats during or even outside of the scene adds to the overall fun of the day and enjoyment of seeing a brat get just what she deserves.

tee hee hee