Sore. Soon to be sorer.

I’m gearing up for another Punished Brats shoot this Saturday. My partner in crime Chloe will be joining us so it’s sure to be a high energy shoot with plenty of bratting beyond what is called for in the scripts.

Hmmm … Shouldn’t she be facing the other way?

Speaking of which, Chloe sent me these lovely Tinkerbell pencils suggesting I could put them to good use in writing lines.

I think a far better use would be to jot down ways to get Chloe in trouble. I may need to get another note pad. This could wind up being a long list.

We will also have another new brat, Erica Corvina, joining our cast this week, but to even the playing field, a new spanker, Miranda, will be joining David and Veronica in taming our naughty bottoms. Look for a few pictures of hot brat buns, hot off the presses on Sunday on Pixie’s Previews.

I’m quite sore as I sit here and type this. No, it’s not what you think. I wasn’t just spanked. In fact, it’s not my bottom that hurts much at all. It’s the rest of me! I met with a trainer at the gym this week to revamp my weight training program and we really kicked it up a few notches. I’m thrilled to have a couple of new routines to breathe life into my gym workouts again, but how unusual it is to be saying “ow” as I stand up, not sit down. 🙂 Oh well, I suppose come Saturday, things will all even out!

11 thoughts on “Sore. Soon to be sorer.

  1. Dear Pixie,
    I’m looking forward to pictures of the new additions. A new spanker in Miranda, eh? What, did you finally wear out Susan and Veronica? 🙂
    Seriuosly, it’s always great to have new faces on the PB site, as long as they bring with them the same sense of fun and the same spirit that I associate with PB. And I’m sure they will.

    Dr. Ken

  2. Pixie,

    Perhaps you and Chloe need to get to the gym before your shoot and hit that glute machine and station she proudly displayed on her blog last week.

    Its always fun when the soreness from the inside matches the soreness on the outside. That even happens with different implements, with leather being more of a surface sting on the skin and the paddle or hairbrush grooming flesh and muscle more deeply. As you might have discovered by now, slightly thinner hairbrushes venture more deeply into the bottom.

    Have a spanking fun shoot on Saturday.

    Brad D.

  3. I’m surprised even 3 spankers are enough for all the brats on PB, I would have thought you needed 10, just for dealing with little Pixie herself.

  4. Dear Pixie,

    What a brat Chloe is…sending you those pencils with the suggestion that you might write lines. I trust that you have thought up a huge list of ways to get her into trouble this weekend. Of course, it’s really you I want to see in trouble and hope that the new lady, Miranda, will be able to deal with you as well as Veronica does. To make her feel really welcome why don’t you let her have your lovely bare bottom for target practice all weekend…present your bum to her over her knee, over a chair, holding your ankles, over a table etc. etc. I’m sure she would appreciate such a welcome…and I would certainly appreciate hearing all about it!!


  5. Oh my dear Pixie, there is no need to keep track of Chloe’s “demerits” as reason to spank her. When a girl is already so sweetly spankable as you or Chloe, all we need do is tug your panties down to bare that delicious bottom, then let the games begin! There is no real need for naughtiness, although it does make for a wonderful frosting on an already irresistible cake, so keep up the mischief, by all means 🙂

  6. I wonder if Eric has his own set of nice new pencils to make a list as well?! His list might be of all the possible places to send you and Chloe for corner time. :O
    Have a fun shoot!

  7. I do hope the shoot ewent well, and that Miranda lived up to her promise. “Do you remember an Inn Miranda? Do you remember an Inn? And the flies that tease in the High Pyrennees, and the wine that tasted of the tar?” Belloc’s poem is very evocative – but I guess is it the Brats who have been doing the teasing – of each other as well as of their spankers. What a lovely touch of Chloe’s to send the pencils – you could of course always use them to draw cats:-)

    I wish I could have a new regime at the Gymn – the same exercises (only more intense) for over a year now, and my trainer does not want to change them. Keep up the fitness Pixie..

  8. Dr. Ken – Nope, haven’t worn Susan and Veronica out! Veronica just keeps spanking like she’s kin to the Energizer bunny and unfortunately Susan has had scheduling conflicts with our shoot days. M joined our PB cast and was just great!

    Brad – Chloe and I didn’t get to head to the gym together, but we did practice some high kicks between scenes. 😉

    Kevin – Hahaha! It does seem that no matter how many spankers there are and how often we are spanked, we brts are always looking for more mischief.

    Chloe – You’re the best, my bratty partner in crime.

    Aristotle – I did manage to get Chloe put in the corner … even without getting her in trouble really. Muahaha. M didn’t use my bottom for target practice, but she certainly did give each of us girls sore bottoms!

    Serial Spanker – Chloe is naturally naughty and incredibly spankable. What a perfect combination!

    Smallhanded – For the answer to that question, you’ll just have to wait for the Pixie’s Preview clip. 😉

    2Good – Don’t give him any ideas!!

    Winchester – Chloe and I had a great time together (though it was too short) and of course had to tease one another, the spankers, and everyone else on set.

    I can understand wanting a new routine after a year. That is a very long time for the same one, but your trainer must have good reason. Stay fit and healthy too!

    TX Spankogirl – We had a ton of fun as always. We work hard, but always enjoy our time too. 🙂

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