12 thoughts on “November 3rd Shoot – Pixie’s Preview

  1. Just watched this preview, Pixie. Anna is fantastic! Put a ribbon around her waist and leave her under my tree, PLEASE! Also, my dog chimed in to say that Pixie is getting it way too hard with that belt on the bed. He is accustomed to spanking sounds on my computer, but when Pixie got those swats with the belt he started barking. Seems he thought you were innocent.


  2. Wow. A+ effort. This is exactly how “General Hospital” and “E/R” SHOULD be done. Great update. Congrats on another example of why PB is the best place to go for videos.

    And in answer to an earlier post….OH LORD YES PLEASE do I wanna see more pj shots of you. 🙂 (HUGS)

  3. I enjoyed the spanking flutterkicks from each of the women getting it in the preview. So funny when girls start their legs moving from a spanking like they are in an Olympic swimming competition. Unfortunately for them, they get as far away as someone riding a stationary bicycle.

    Veronica also does quite the nice vertical bottom wiggle in the kitchen as well.

    Wonderful spanking ballet choreography.

    Brad D.

  4. Two lovely young women and two very spankable bottoms. BUT…you are still *1 brat with the *1 bottom.

    Good to see that Dr. Veronica knows how to deal with her operating assistant’s naughty bum!

    BTW, it was good to see some close-ups of Veronica’s mature, shapely bottom. As I have said before…it would be good to see her getting her own naughty bum spanked! Any chance?


  5. Valdor – Thanks!

    Redchief – We’ll have to see what Santa says. 😉 Please give your dog a treat for me. What a good boy he is to bark that I’m innocent!

    Dave – Yes, we always do have a lot of fun both in and between scenes. Glad you enjoy it!

    007 – Aww. Thanks!

    Dr. Ken – Why yes, Veronica was a major brat too … >:) Hahaha.

    Kevin – Who me? O:-)

    Dana – Thank you! So happy to hear you like the previews so much. You’re very sweet.

    Brad – Yes, both girls were super kickers. Love that!

    Aristotle – Thank you so much. 🙂 Dr. Veronica is only too happy to spank a naughty bottom, but I’m afraid there isn’t up for being on the receiving end.

  6. wonder who the bigger brat is you or those other one lol. doesn’t matter ya all going to get the spankings they desver right pixie

    even so i feel sorry for you girls who has to sit on sore butt for awhile. you also sit on ya butt while you think up another plan or way you get another spankings lol

    do you when you get spanked ever think to self the spanking was not hard enough then last time?


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