Sore. Soon to be sorer.

I’m gearing up for another Punished Brats shoot this Saturday. My partner in crime Chloe will be joining us so it’s sure to be a high energy shoot with plenty of bratting beyond what is called for in the scripts.

Hmmm … Shouldn’t she be facing the other way?

Speaking of which, Chloe sent me these lovely Tinkerbell pencils suggesting I could put them to good use in writing lines.

I think a far better use would be to jot down ways to get Chloe in trouble. I may need to get another note pad. This could wind up being a long list.

We will also have another new brat, Erica Corvina, joining our cast this week, but to even the playing field, a new spanker, Miranda, will be joining David and Veronica in taming our naughty bottoms. Look for a few pictures of hot brat buns, hot off the presses on Sunday on Pixie’s Previews.

I’m quite sore as I sit here and type this. No, it’s not what you think. I wasn’t just spanked. In fact, it’s not my bottom that hurts much at all. It’s the rest of me! I met with a trainer at the gym this week to revamp my weight training program and we really kicked it up a few notches. I’m thrilled to have a couple of new routines to breathe life into my gym workouts again, but how unusual it is to be saying “ow” as I stand up, not sit down. 🙂 Oh well, I suppose come Saturday, things will all even out!

November 3rd Punished Brats Shoot

I just got home from another fun and productive Punished Brats shoot. We worked with two new models today, Callisto St. Clair and Anna Vaughn.

Both girls really got into their scenes and took fantastic spankings too. I look forward to being able to post their content in the members’ section in the next couple of weeks.

I also got my fair share of bottom warming (quite welcomed actually on a chilly day) including a member requested scene. The scene is based on the member’s real life experience in which repeated traffic violations result in a firm strapping. Let’s just say that after this spanking, I made sure to drive the speed limit the whole way home just in case!

More about today’s shoot and many more pictures can be found on this week’s Pixie’s Previews. Enjoy the sneak peek of what’s to come to the members’ section!