The Clare Witch Project – part 2

The Clare Witch chased me through the woods carrying a big stick. She did not speak softly though. She shouted at me to go to the lost woodshed deep in the forest.

Upon arriving at the woodshed, the Clare Witch decided it was time to enact the Clare Switch Project!


Actually, while this was all done in fun, I really did give Clare a good reason to want to switch me shortly after these photos were taken. We were headed back home after an already not-so-short hike to the lost woodshed, when I got us turned around. Clare and I were chatting away at high speed and I wasn’t paying as much attention to which path to take to guide us back to civilization. There are no marked trails, just deer paths, and so each one starts to look the same after a while.

Our fun hike was soon taking on the eerie air of a slasher film. It was late afternoon, and while the sun was still out, it was low on the horizon and threatening to set as we desperately tried to figure out where we were. We both had our cell phones, but reception was poor and both our batteries were down to just one bar. Every time we’d take what looked like a familiar trail that would point back to home, we instead kept ending up at this one creepy house plopped in the middle of nowhere. We chose not to go up and knock on the door right away (hey, what if Michael Meyers lived there? — eta: oops! I meant Michael Myers, the psychokiller, not Mike Meyers the SNL guy!), but tried to keep the location in mind just as a last resort.

Thankfully the pictures we had taken as we hiked served as our proverbial trail of breadcrumbs. Judging from which way the sun was shining in the pictures we got a general idea of which way to head and then looked for landmarks that would match the ones in the photos. Once we were able to locate the rock Clare used as a makeshift surfboard, we knew we were on the right path.

And after our nice long hike, Clare enjoyed a refreshing drink from the artesian well. Thankfully the Clare Witch stayed deep in the woods and we got home safe and sound.

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17 thoughts on “The Clare Witch Project – part 2

  1. Yes, best to watch out for those Canadian performers. They might laugh you to death with their comedic stylings. Or did you mean Michael MYERS?

    Seriously, though, I loved the photos (though I love any photo with Clare in it), and your discussion of digital bread crumbs was most impressive. Perhaps you can get the Boy Scouts to link up to this posting.


  2. Ah, a happy ending….although judging by the picture with the switch, maybe a not-so-happy end.
    Overall, though, I’d have to say I like this movie a whole lot more!

    Dr. Ken

  3. Do my eyes deceive me or did the switch from the first photo shrink? Maybe it was a bit of magic Pixie dust that did the trick! who knows!? One thing’s for sure, this film would get 2 thumbs up from me!

  4. Sheesh. I thought you’d have that whole forest explored by now. It must be bigger than I thought. Glad you two got home ok. (HUGS)

    Yikes those switch pics are hot, but hope it didn’t leave any really bad marks.

  5. Pixie and I stayed calm. I guess there is something to be said for two subs lost in the woods. I”t’s my fault.” No it’s MY fault!”

  6. Pixie,

    Nice shot of your cute bottom! However those cheeks did look a bit pale to me. Perhaps a few strokes of the switch that added some color to the equation were in order.

    Bottoms Up,

  7. If you put the second wood shed photo at the top of the screen and then use that roller thingy, inbetween the two click buttons of your mouse, to move the first woodshed photo on and then off the top of the screen, repeatedly and really fast, it becomes sort of animated. Clare witch spooky or what.


  8. Very clever to use the pictures to find your way home… never would have thought of that! Nice pictures too, especially the outdoor switching one. We watched Exclusive Education 2 yesterday btw (won it in a story writing contest at SL)… and it was great, especially Clare and yourself.

    Todd & Suzy

  9. Ahh, the ‘ole switch-after-the-forest trick!

    “Clare Switch Project”

    (treats & tricks!!!~~love this!)

    Yes, you & clare are Cute [in a very sexy way, mind you. Spanks*]


  10. Alan – Too funny! Well, you never know if he might be reprising his role as ‘Fat Bastard’ and try to eat us. 😉

    Isn’t Clare fantastic? She’s so lovely. We had an absolute blast together.

    Dr. Ken – Even if I had received a really good switching I would have been overjoyed to finally find our way home again. What a relief!

    Erica – Thanks! How awesome would it have been if you could have joined us?

    smallhanded – True enough. Can’t say that this was my woodshed though. It was way out there in the woods, either abandoned or perhaps we were trespassing … and you know what that would earn us.

    2Good – Heheh. No magic. The Clare Witch used the big stick to chase me to the woodshed but then mercifully grabbed a much smaller switch sized stick. That first one would have knocked me right through the wall!

    007 – It’s definitely large. The forest spans through several townships. I’ll have lots of new territory to explore for some time to come, but next time I’ll bring my GPS.

    I didn’t sustain any marks. We couldn’t risk that the day before a shoot. We’d have both been in big trouble.

    Clare – Correction. You stayed calm (at least on the outside). I just kept watching the sun sink lower and lower on the horizon and apologized repeatedly for getting us lost and setting us up to be bear food. 😉

    Dave – Glad you enjoyed our adventures.

    Steve – Nothing better than a pale white canvas to start out with.

    Prefectdt – You’re right. You almost could make an animation!

    Todd & Suzy – Congratulations on winning the story writing contest! I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed your prize.

    Will – Thanks for the spanks! It is a little Halloween-ish, isn’t it? Glad you enjoyed our forest fun.

  11. So the storyline developed – much fun – and some sute pictures. I don’t think Clare’s club would have made a very good spanking implement! But oh dear – getting lost in woods or on any trail is mighty dangerous. Did you have emergency rations and spare clothing with you? Spankable offense to go out unprepared:-) = fpr BOTH of you.

  12. This is so funny. I liked the whole idea and story though, it is cool. It sounds like you all had a blast together with Clare.

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