Clare Comes To Cowtown

Clare Fonda is on her way to my little cowtown for a visit and a Punished Brats shoot on Sunday. Unfortunately, Clare called me this morning to let me know she’d missed her flight and had to be booked on a later one. Seems that her bed was toasty warm and the couple extra minutes she thought she’d spend relaxing turned into half an hour or more. That coupled with limited parking at the airport led to her plane leaving without her. Tsk tsk.

Isn’t oversleeping and arriving late a punishable offense? Well, while I don’t have any intentions of spanking her, perhaps she can take any and all corner time due to me. Yes, I like the sound of that.


Well, several people thought Clare ought to have toasted buns for arriving late … does this count?

24 thoughts on “Clare Comes To Cowtown

  1. Cute picture – but how on earth (or in the air) has she folded up her body into that tiny plane? Now genuine oversleeping is one thing – “a misdemeanour if not a crime” – but rolling over and going back to sleep is quite another and definitely worthy of something by way of a lesson not to do it again -corner time? No! And certainly not vicariously for someone else. She has an appointment nbooked already with David Pearson – so surely that is where the lesson can be given! enjoy your wekend and your Sunday shoot!

  2. Perhaps sent to bed early with a toasty bum under her jammas to make sure she arrives on time in future Pixie.

    You would expect no lessa comment from me surely

  3. When Clare arrives, I suggest that all spankers line up to give her a good long spanking on her bare bottom. She certainly earned it..!


  4. I’m sure it’ll be a fun weekend and great shoot. You three never disappoint, so I’m sure it’ll go well. Best wishes. 🙂

  5. If you’re looking for a volunteer, I’ll spank Clare for you. Oh yeah, I know it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it 😉

    A. Lurker

  6. I think we have a consensus–Clare deserves to have her bare bottom toasted for this!
    So when David and Clare’s scene is done……keep the cameras rolling a little bit longer and see that it’s taken care of! 🙂

    Dr. Ken

  7. hey david that cool you be spanking her. maybe claire wanted to be late lol so she can get a good spanking

    oxie i think you should be allow to choose what implement and how long that spanking should be and last. afterward you should get holly and veronica to give her an after spanking to make sure she learn lesson.


  8. Winchester – Clare is very, very flexible apparently. She does indeed have a scene with David Pierson tomorrow and as David himself mentioned below, the scene is entitled “Tardy”.

    Paul – By the time we arrived home, it was far from an early bedtime, but I did give Clare a pair of my pajamas and something toasty. LOL

    Poppa – I will be sure to show her the paddles, just as long as she doesn’t use them on me! 🙂

    Funbun – Thankfully for the state of Clare’s bottom, the rapidly forming queue was unable to locate my little cowtown.

    LND – Oh I’m sure she will. I promise that I will get to part two of the implements post in the next couple of weeks. I’ve been focused on getting everything set for this week’s shoot and trying to get ahead on the website updates in preparation for my upcoming vacation. In any case, I plan to sit down and write the next installment soon, even if it has to be done while in the car on my way down to vacation.

    David – Funny how life imitates art

    007 – It is going to be lots of fun. I wish Clare was hanging here longer too. Maybe I’ll “accidentally” be late getting her to the airport for her return flight. 😉

    A Lurker – Thank you, brave volunteer. 🙂

    Dr. Ken – I have no doubt that Clare will be well spanked tomorrow no matter what.

    mike – Poor Clare! If that were to truly be in order, I would choose a feather pillow as the implement. We bottoms must look out for one another you know!

  9. Tell Clare I said “hi!” And yes, I definitely think that is a spankable offense. Nice try with the “buns” there, but no cigar. Corner time and its logical conclusion for Clare. =P

  10. I would like to thank Pixie for loaning me her PJ’s for this shot and for being such a nice host esp. when I slept until 12:45 today. Hi Chloe. We are about to go for a walk and learn our lines for tomoorrow

  11. Over sleeping and missing a flight? Definitely a spank worthy offense. I’ve been meaning to get together with Clare for another shoot. Hmmm… Although I quite sure Mr. Pierson is up to the task at hand (and paddle maybe? Sorry, Clare. I love you dearly, but that was a definitely no, no!


  12. The funny thing here is that she and I are doing a story in which she is being spanked for ( can you guess?) being late. BTW: Before a PB shoot..all of the performer’s bottoms are no-fly zones.


  13. hi Pixie,

    Have to agree with Chloe bout the buns. Funny and cute as the pic is that naughty miss deserves a well spanked btm in those jammas.

    Take it from there David.

    Best regards to you all Paul

  14. Chelsea – Yes, David did give Clare a firm spanking, but I’m sure a little follow up on a lesson never hurt anyone (says Pixie now that she is safely out of reach).

    Paul – While she didn’t get it in the pjs, her real buns did get toasted on Sunday by Mr. Pierson. Plenty of other pajama spankings given by Clare though for you to enjoy.

    Funbun – Haha. We passed on doing either and simply found more trouble instead.

    smallhanded – good one!

    Dr. Ken – now that would be messy. Tsk tsk. Not on the new quilt. 🙂

  15. I am looking for the second part of the implements opinion by you. Please put it up. My apology if it is up and I can’t find it. A wood paddle has a kind of stingy sensation that is a unique thing.

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