September 22nd Punished Brats Shoot

I finally got the chance to play a fairy in a scene yesterday! About time considering my name is Pixie and as a child I always dreamed of growing up to be a fairy. This time I was the Homework Fairy, in charge of doing school assignments for ungrateful brats like Andy.

I’m not doing homework here though. I switched hats and became the email fairy replying to a few customer service emails while waiting to be called in for my scene.

While filming a pajamas spanking, Holly just wouldn’t stop smacking my butt even after the scene was over. Eric said he’d be right back with the camera to take the stills and we could then resume spanking eachother. Spanking eachother? That wasn’t quite right. I was the only one getting spanked. So Holly leaned on her right cheek to offer me her left one to spank, and I obliged as she continued smacking away on my backside.

Several preview pictures and a few more details about our shoot have been posted on Pixie’s Previews so have a look. Hopefully next week we will have the video clip to share with you too.

10 thoughts on “September 22nd Punished Brats Shoot

  1. Very cool that you got to play a fairy. Loved the pics you posted… couldn’t find the update over at Pixie’s Preview though. Will look again later.

    ~Todd & Suzy

  2. Todd & Suzy – Thanks. šŸ™‚ Glad you liked the pics here. I posted the Pixie’s Previews at about noon today (EST). If you are still haveing difficulty seeing the lastest update, try hitting F5 to refresh the page.

  3. I guess even pixies and fairies need a little R&R (rump roasting).

    My little eye also spies short-shorts in one of those thumbnail pix šŸ™‚


    Rock on,

  4. Oooh, I love the fairy outfit! šŸ™‚ Sounds like you had a fun day. Can’t wait ’till it’s my turn! Sent you a text this evening because I didn’t see PP or your blog update until around 7, and was worried something had happened to you. Glad everything’s OK.

  5. Thank you for the blog and for Pixie’s Previews.

    The question has to be, is the homework fairy a good fairy (doing the assignments properly) or a mischeivous one (making deliberate mistakes so that the ungrateful brat whose homework it is gets the deserved spanking at school for poor work?)

    Glad you enjoyed that costume – and glad you actually grew up to be a Pixie rather than a fairy. Seems you had a great shoot and that there willl be some great scenes to show. It would have been ineteresting (if not quite as intended in the script) to see your (Presumably short) mutual eschange with Holly – though it is clear who must have won!

  6. 007 – Thanks. The pj spanking scene was a lot of fun and Holly really gave it to me good too.

    Dave – No fairies were hurt (spanked) in the making of this shoot. Pixies on the other hand …

    And your little eye is seeing 20/20. A new pair of short-shorts were treated to a bottom warming.

    Chloe – That’s really odd. I posted the pixie’s previews about noon and I know that David saw it. Maybe it just took a little longer to be seen elsewhere in the country? I admit that I didn’t get a chance to blog until later in the evening on Sunday. It was just too late on Saturday night after the shoot and then I was out most of the day on Sunday.

    I didn’t get your text until this morning (had my cell on silent). Didn’t want to text back as it was before noon and I thought you might be sleeping. šŸ˜‰

    Winchester – The homework fairy is basically a good fairy, but it’s best not to tick her off or she’ll get revenge. >:)

  7. Pixie, you look adorable in that fairy costume. I just wish Iā€™d had someone like you to help with my homework when I was a teenager.

  8. excellent job again pixie i think holly need a good spanking for getting too carry away with overdue the spanking to youseem like she got carry away.

    she need to be brought back down to reality unless she had good reason to continue the spanking to you.

    i know you said you don’t switch but maybe this time you should give holly the spanking and give her same treatment like dose of her own medince or maybe you get to watch her get spanked and choose what she get spanked with.


  9. Oh wow!! I love fairies!! I love Amy brown and was just mentioning recently in a post that I want to get a Fairy costume. I did a post today about dressing up and I would totally love to dress as a fairy someday.
    Love your post and pictures are great!
    padme amidala

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