8 thoughts on “Pixie’s Previews Video Clip

  1. Anybody ever tell you that you look cute in a traffic cop hat? 😉

    The “who’s spankee and who’s spanker? ” segment was a RIOT. Admit it, you were patty-caking though 😉

    Another sweet update. It’s not a crime or misdemeanor to miss the next one, but it should definitely be a SPANKABLE offense. 😀

  2. Great fun was had by all! By my reckoning Holly definitely won by more than two to one on the spanker-spankee session – wow she got her speed up in two-handed spanking! Thanks for the preview, Officer Pixie!

  3. My first comment on your blog Amber!

    Hee, I happened to stumble across your Punished Brats page yesterday, found your blog this morning, so– Loving your work so very much!

    And this preview clip is amazing! Wow, I’ve seen spanking preview clips before, but nothing ever as awesome as this!

    I guess you do them every so often, which I think is just fabo, and can’t wait to catch up with some of the older ones and can’t wait for the new ones to come.

    A question though, the one top you’re working with in one scene? He’s the bald one, hee, wish I knew his name, but he’s the one you’re in the car with, and who spanks you in the bedroom, I guess, when your hair is really straight? Wanna say about that, love the look on you, lol, you looked gorgeous. But umm, about the scene? It looked really, really good and I was wondering if you could hint out what it’s going to be about. I hope it finds its way onto your site very, very soon.

    Huh, I’ve said a lot, hee, uh, this preview was beyond fantastic and I hope to see all of those scenes soon, but anything with you in it will be great in my opinion.



  4. 007 – Yes, it’s definitely a spankable offense to miss the previews! The impromptu circular spanking with Holly was a lot of fun, but I kept saying “ow, ow!” more because my hand hurt rather than my bottom.

    Dave – Thanks! 🙂 Eric always does a great job of turning our mistakes and outtakes into a really fun clip.

    Winchester – No doubt about it. Holly won, hands down.

    Prefectdt – Thank you!!

    Mandy – I hope you find lots to enjoy while sorting through the archives of the previews. 🙂

    The scene you are referring to is tentatively called “Red Light”. I caused a bit of trouble before heading to Europe on summer vacation and left my sister Juliet to take the blame. When our dad, Tony, figures out that I’m really the troublemaker, he greets me with a very warm reception upon my return. Juliet also gets some sweet revenge of her own too.

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