Highlights from Vegas

What a trip!! I can’t believe I’m already back home again. It all went so quickly as it was just a whirlwind of activity. I’d be blogging forever if I attempted to share all that went on, but here are a few of the highlights.


On Thursday my boyfriend and I took the shuttle to the Vegas strip to check out some of the attractions. It was a beautiful day but HOT! Over 100 degrees out and sunny, but what do you expect when you’re in the desert, right?

The shuttle dropped us off in the middle of the strip and we headed towards Mandalay Bay to see the Shark Reef Exhibit. Along the way we stopped at several casinos and shops including New York New York where we purchased a cool levitating card trick (I wonder if I’ll be able to master it?) at Houdini’s Magic Shop and took the tour through the M&M store where we got to experience what it’s like to be manufactured into the tasty chocolate treat.

Back out in the sun again, we stopped for a few minutes at the fountain in front of Caesar’s Palace. I dipped my arms in the refreshing water. I hope the gods didn’t mind too much.

We finally made it to Mandalay Bay and the exhibit was very interesting. Although I generally prefer mammal exhibits, seeing the sharks, giant sea turtles, and the sawfish was pretty cool. I couldn’t get good shots of them as it was too dark. I did get a picture of this alligator chilling out and of one of the stingrays we pet at the touch pool.

Since we had several hours to wait until the next shuttle came, we continued our tour of the strip. Oh, what I would have done for a giant bottle of Coca-Cola like this one! I wonder if it comes in diet?

We caught one of the water shows at the Bellagio. Absolutely amazing and beautiful. I could feel tears well in my eyes and despite the extreme heat, goose bumps covered my arms as the music swelled to a crescendo and the water crashed like thunder.

After our seven hour trek, I was so happy to board our return shuttle. Sitting felt like heaven! Back at the Suncoast, we met up with David Pierson and Dr. and Veronica Daniels of The Spanking Couple as they enjoyed a late dinner. We chatted happily for a little while and then all headed up to rest before facing the big day ahead.


I was scheduled to shoot with The Spanking Couple for a real discipline scene around noon. After getting dressed and ready, I nervously awaited the phone call to ask me to report to their room and receive my punishment. Cat-like, I sat in a sunny spot gazing out at the landscape hoping to calm the butterflies that were doing double time in my tummy.

Even though you’d think this would all be old hat to me by now, I still get nervous every time I shoot and as this was discipline to be given for a real offense, it served to intensify the feeling. It was almost a relief when the time finally came. I made my confessions to The Daniels and was spanked and counseled as tears rolled down my cheeks. My nerves were gone for the moment and I felt a thousand times better.

Later that evening, Chloe arrived and we headed for a pre-party gathering in an amazing suite. Somehow we ended up spending most of the time with a small group that gathered in one of the bathrooms where we chatted about some unusual and eye-popping topics. We also played in the tub. Sierra was the first to jump in.

Then we decided the edge was a perfect height to administer a spanking.

Someone suggested we run the bath water and all jump in together, but since the Vendor’s Fair was scheduled for immediately afterwards, we opted to pass.

As the party finished up, I scurried back to get dressed and head over to the ballroom to help set up the Punished Brats table. Dressed in our schoolgirl uniforms (after all, it is back to school time), Beverly and I laid out the stacks of DVDs, free postcards, and copies of the Philly Edge magazine and hung the awesome banner Bev made.

The crowd began to file into the room and Chloe joined us at the table.

I got the chance to at least briefly meet up with some old friends including Niki Flynn, HH, Kailee, Erica Scott, Bailey, Clare, Chelsea, and Dallas and meet Emily Jane and Katy Rose whom I’d only corresponded with via email before. I really wish we could have spent more time chatting and catching up but everyone was being pulled in a zillion different directions.

Happily, I also had the opportunity to say hello to many familiar friendly faces from previous SL parties and fellow members of the HappyTails and SL bulletin boards and meet lots of new people and site members. I also got to meet Todd & Suzy of the American Spanking Society blog and squealed with delight as I finally got to put faces to the names and give them each a big hug.

David007 came prepared with a giant bag of bubblegum knowing that the way to a pixie’s heart is sugar!

Of course, there was a little price to pay for it. LOL!

Beverly, Chloe, and I played with quite a few people that night and when my boyfriend came back with a number of new toys …

he of course had to try them out on me right away. Chloe found this all very amusing, so I decided to do a little test driving of my own.

But Chloe got her revenge. The brat.

Beverly played it safe and spanked Chloe’s teddy bear, Junior, knowing he wouldn’t seek revenge.

Magic Steve stopped by and performed a few spanking magic tricks for us including one called the spanking leprechaun. I have no idea how he did it, but he sure got that leprechaun to light a fire on our buns!

After we packed up and changed out of our uniforms, we grabbed a bite to eat at the cafe and stopped in at The Spanking Couple’s suite party. It was quite and affair that was thrown by the Daniels, but you wouldn’t expect less from this classy couple.


On Saturday my boyfriend and I along with Chloe, her boyfriend Herb, and David Pierson headed back to the strip. We were hoping Beverly could join us as well, but she had a shoot scheduled with The Spanking Couple that afternoon and wasn’t able to make it.

Chloe and I were decked out as the Troublemint Twins. She was Little Miss Trouble and I was Little Miss Naughty. Where else but Vegas can you do that without causing anyone to so much as bat an eye?

And let’s just say we lived up to the names.

One of our goals for this trip to the strip was to ride the roller coaster at New York New York.

I’d tried to convince my boyfriend to go with me on it the other day, but he said no way, no how. Thankfully Trouble was up for it. They must have known we were coming though as the line seemed to pause for an extra long time as we were stuck in the corner of the queue.

Finally it was our turn and we screamed our heads off as the coaster zoomed up, down, around, and back again.

On our way out, we played Whack-A-Mole and my boyfriend won a cute toy puppy for me. David was then very sweet and got one for Chloe. 🙂

It was another full day on the strip as there is so much to see and do. We arrived back at the Suncoast just in time to get cleaned up and ready for the evening’s main event, the Shadow Lane dinner dance. As we were in line geting our food, we were dubbed the Brat Pack in keeping with the Casino Royale theme. Too funny.

Chloe, Herb, and Beverly made plans to head back to the strip for some more naughty fun, but my boyfriend and I had plans for some naughty fun of our own (including the use of our newly purchased toys and a very stingy hairbrush Brad D. had loaned us) as it was our last night in Vegas together.

Unfortunately we had to head for the airport early this morning as my boyfriend had to get back in time for work. I wish we could have stayed even just one more day. I’m very bummed that I didn’t get to visit longer with Erica Scott other than to say hello, hug, and simultaneously knock over several drinks that were perched on the Punished Brats vendor table. I’m also pouting that I missed out on getting to hang with Niki and HH. We had hoped to meet up, but missed each other last night, and a delightful text message from HH that wasn’t received until I was sitting at the airport departure gate made for an added pang of disappointment. Still, over all it was a fantastic time which is why I wish it could have gone one just a little longer.

A big thank you to Eve and Tony for putting together this fantastic gathering and many, many thanks to David Pierson for making it possible for Beverly, Chloe, and me to attend and join in on all the fun!!

31 thoughts on “Highlights from Vegas

  1. Right back at ya kid. I’d never go to one of these things without my partner in crime. You did such a terrific job..you and our ” Brat Pack”. BTW: When in the bloody hell did you have time to write this?

  2. Hi Pixie,

    Very detailed indeed, your report. But insatiable as we are we would like to see more spanking scene photos of course! 🙂
    I LOVE the photos where You and Chloe have each other over the knee!
    It makes me happy to hear that you all had a great time and really enjoyed yourselves.

    XXX, Funbun

  3. Dear Pixie,
    It sounds like a splendid time was had by one and all! (Not to mention a whole lot of spanking going on….)
    Thanks for the pictures and the write-up for those of us who weren’t able to be there!

    Dr. Ken

  4. i alway knew you had top ability in ya lol. i love the pics of you and chloe spanking each other.

    but i do relazie it was just a fun friendly spanking i could see by the look of you both laughing.

    if you gave chloe a spanking why is she a brat for givng you what she just got. remeber revenge is sweet.


  5. HUGGGGGGGGGGSSS Thank you so much for being there and being so wonderful. I love the dvds I picked up at the fair, and having you over my lap, even if all too brief, was the crowning moment of the whole weekend. Best Wishes always, Pixie.

  6. Pixie,

    Thanks for the photos & the run down of what you did while you were in Vegas. Sounded like a great way to close out the Summer. Finally,glad that your back safe and sound.


  7. That photo with Chloe over your knee made my day. You really seem to be enjoying dishing out that spanking. 🙂 Maybe you should get toppy more often.

  8. Thanks for the run down of your trip, really enjoyed reading it. Love that photo of you waiting in the window, very ghostly.


  9. Hi Pixie. Loved your recap post. Glad you has so much fun, and that you made it home safe and semi-sane. 🙂

    We’re still at Suncoast as we write (11:30am on Monday), but we’re getting ready to check-out and drive home. Yep, drive to Florida. Have had such a great time here though, and meeting you in person was certainly one of the highlights. Got to meet your boyfriend too,. Very nice guy. Handsome too. 🙂

    Be good and we’ll talk with you soon,
    Todd and Suzy

  10. We had a great time with you guys — you and your man are totally cool to hang with and I hope we get to do it again sometime. I’m sure Chloe will do an update soon on her blog after she gets about 84 hours of napping in =)


  11. David – I wrote it on the plane. I couldn’t sleep with the kid in back of us kicking our seats! I then posted it when we finally got home as I was too wired and jetlagged to sleep yet.

    Funbun – Thank you!! I posted the majority of the spanking photos I have from my trip here (without putting up near duplicates). In order to protect the privacy of the SL party attendees, only vendors were allowed to bring in cameras and only to take pictures of their own table. David007 has worked in the industry before and was totally cool w/ having his picture on the net, but many others (even my bf) aren’t ok with having their faces end up on spanking sites, so we brats mainly stuck to taking photos of each other. Other times when I was being spanked, I was more focused on the spanking itself and having fun and wasn’t thinking about pictures.

    Somehow we knew you would enjoy the pics of Chloe and I brat-whacking one another! 😉

    Dr. Ken – Lots of fun was had by all. I’m glad you enjoyed the my little adventures. You should join us next time around if you can. It would be good for your continuing education credits as you are a doctor of spankology.

    Mike – Chloe and I definitely had a good time spanking one another but neither of us is a top. We just enjoy giving each other a sisterly spank or two. It’s fun and actually more along the lines of bratting one another the same as pulling each other’s pigtails. Oh and Chloe is simply a brat by nature no matter if it is revenge or not. 🙂

    Amy – Thanks! Any chance you can come along next year?

    007 – Awww. Thank you so much 007. I’m glad you had a great time! 🙂

    Tim – Vegas was great and I’d really love to go back again sometime on vacation and see even more of what the city has to offer. Of course the fun of Vegas coupled with the excitement of a spanking party does indeed make for a bang up way to celebrate the end of summer.

    Poppa – I didn’t receive anything from you via the Daniels. I was too shy to ask as I thought maybe you had simply changed your mind. 🙁 I guess my buns will have to go unlit for a while?

    Steve – Thanks. 🙂 Chloe and I always have a lot of fun being playful and bratty together. No plans to get toppy though. Much more fun to be naughty and antagonize one another until we both end up in trouble and spanked (which happened a lot)!

    Duncan – You will love it. Vegas is like a giant play land for grown ups.

    Prefectdt – Thank you. 🙂 Looking at that photo makes my heart start to race again as I remember how nervous I was there.

    Todd & Suzy – I’m glad you had such a fantastic time. I can’t wait to read more about your adventures in the days to come. But driving to Florida from Nevada? Oofah! I don’t envy you there at all!

    Herb – We had a blast hanging with you too. One way or another I’m sure we’ll find a way to do it again soon. 🙂 I can’t wait for Chloe’s update. I had to giggle though about the naps. I think she’s part cat.

    Natureboy – No, no plans to try to be a Domme as giving real spankings isn’t really my thing. Maybe someday far down the road if I have to, but no time soon. Pixie as the Mom though? Yipes. Give it a few years yet! LOL.

  12. What a spnking good report on what must have been a wonderful short break. Thank you for telling us so much about what you did, and for the piccies – some to really treasure. Seeing you over Chloe’s knee – (what a look she is giving you) – reinforces my coment on a previous blog that I think she has it to switch – at least F/f (or even only Chloe/Pixie). I echo the thoughts of others about you taking her over your knee – and indeed the photo of you and she in the bath! (What a huge tub that was). They say that everyone has one novel inside them – perhaps every spankee has just one spanking inside them too? The “Little Miss” girls must have caused an itching in many palms: brat pack completed by Beverly (does she have her own blog?) just a delightful bunch of young ladies ready for fun!

    You certainly had a great time – have many memories (which all holidays short or long should give) in complany with a fantasti bunch of people – so we are all (can I speak for others?) delighted for you. Glad you are safe home – presumably there were no problems with baggage at the airport – and soon will be ready to resume business as usual – only no longer as usual because you have a new home in a new State with a new woodshed…..

    Take Care Pixie – and thank you again.

  13. When I began my notesfive minutes ago you had not commented on the notes left by others: so sorry if some of what I said is already answered.

  14. thought you were a mom to ya cat lol.

    i understand what ya saying about you a chloe givng each other sisterly love spankings guess ya right give you more reason to brat around with each other. hmm so ya saying sweet chloe is a brat no matter what huh. guess the same can be said about you.


  15. Winchester – No worries at all! The bath tub was indeed huge. It could have easily fit all five of us that were hanging out in the bathroom!

    Beverly unfortunately doesn’t have a spanking blog at this time, but she does tend to lurk around mine. 😉 And I have a Little Miss shirt for her the next time I see her.

    No problems at the airport this time. A rare on time arrival and no lost luggage. Yay!

    I had a fantastic time in Vegas but it is good to be back home too. I’ve already hit the ground running and started my day with a trip to the home improvement store for window treatments and light fixtures. 🙂 Won’t be long now. The woodshed awaits!

    mike – Yes, I am mom to two adorable cats (one is very camera shy) and for now, my naughty furbabies are more than enough on or off camera. 🙂

    And yes the same can be said about me as far as always being a brat. I think it’s just hardcoded into our DNA!

  16. Hehe… I actually look like a convincing top! 🙂 More comments later, it’s time for my nap. I had a blast with you, Troublemint Twinny!

  17. Hi honey! I too wish I’d had more of a chance to talk with you — I never saw you again after Friday night. These weekends are so crazy! You looked adorable — and you are so sweet to say that we both knocked over the drinks, but I know I was the klutz who did it! lol Anyway, glad you had a wonderful time! — Erica

  18. Pixie – I’d love to. It just depends on cost really, ’cause it’d be a bit scary! Suppose I could combine it with a wedding or something! (and book about 8 months in advance! and sleep on someone’s sofa!) ;P

    (deleted my previous comment as you’d already moderated what I was responding to and it looked like I was replying to David’s first comment in a really bizarre fashion!)


  19. Pixie,

    As Dr Ken said, thanks for giving those of us who weren’t there (maybe one of these years) the deal on your experiences at Shadow Lane.


  20. It looks like so much fun…

    I’ve never been to Vegas. Gotta go next Year!

    ~~spank* Amber!
    You got such a twinkle in your eye.

    xx,Will (aka:Cain & b. of “BottomsUp”)

  21. I’m bummed too that we didn’t get to spend time together. The number of people there was truly overwhelming! And it looks like we went to different suite parties this time. Ah, well… there’s always the next one… See you soon!

  22. Fun was had! 🙂

    What can result in harsh pushment from Dr. D for such a lovely girl as yourself? Bubble Gum abuse? 😛

    (Hope it’s nothing too serious!)

  23. Dear Pixie,
    It would be worth going to a future Shadow Lane event just to be able to say “hi” to you in person! 🙂
    As for my continuing education as a Doctor of Spankology, I do all of my clinical research at Chicago Crimson Moon spanking parties–certainly not as many people attending as at a Shadow Lane party, but fun and filled with good people. Maybe PB should have a table at our vendors fair next July! 🙂 And if no one from PB could be there, I’d be happy to work the table for you….
    Boy, the things I do for Spankology….

    Dr. Ken

  24. Chloe – I had such a great time hanging with you too!! You probably need a week’s worth of naps to catch up from all the sleep deprivation in Vegas. I know I do!

    Erica – Oh, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t just you that knocked over the drinks. I’m pretty klutzy too and I was just so excited to see you that drinks be damned, I was gonna give you a big hug. I’m so glad you had a great SL weekend. And after reading the account of your shoot with The Spanking Couple I have to say, you are one brave brat!

    Amy – I totally understand the cost issue. But hopefully somehow things will work out that you’ll find yourself stateside just in time for the next party. I’ll have my fingers crossed.

    Dave – Thank you!!

    Mark – Always happy to share and hopefully you too will be able to attend sometime soon. 🙂

    Will – You may not have to wait that long even. There is talk of the next SL party happening in February. We shall see.

    Niki – Next time I promise to try to coordinate better! But I hope one way or another I won’t have to wait a year until I see you again. :-/

    smallhanded – LOL. No, not bubblegum abuse. I don’t want to give anything away and spoil the content, but let’s just say the punishment is for a very real issue that I struggle with a lot.

    Dr. Ken – Clearly you are a man dedicated to his studies! 🙂

  25. Amber you are so sweet to all the people that talk to you at the party.
    You are good to talk to and I just wanted to say I appreciate what you do.

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