Quick Post – fun w/ Chloe

I had a great time hanging out with Chloe on Friday and Saturday. I’ll post about what fun and mischief we found later on tonight or tomorrow. Until then, here’s a cute picture of us two angelic brats from Friday.

11 thoughts on “Quick Post – fun w/ Chloe

  1. Wow…

    Pixie, I’ve been busy lately and have missed commenting on your wonderful posts, seems I’ve missed quite a few, but this photo is the holy grail of perfectly adorable girls.

    I swear, you two could be sisters, heh, and seeing as you have played a pair before, I can see why.

    Chloe is such a interesting girl it seems, and I have loved her work with both your team and others, so I can’t wait to find out all about what this ‘mischief’ you speak of entails.

    In fact, seeing her taking her own turn with George this weekend has me excited I must say, heh.

    And just to let you know, the picture you put up on the site with you, Chloe, and Sarah, with Mommy Veronica in the background?

    You guys looks like a perfect little family, heh, with you three girls looking just summer wear delish in your tanks and tubes and shorts.

    Can’t wait for the Pixie’s preview clip, and is it just a coninidence that we didn’t get any shots of any of your scenes except for that high-larious shot of Mama V pinching your cheeks for the soaping yet to come? Makes me nervous and anxious, heh.

    But I’ll stop prattling on now, take care, hope you’re feeling better, and just to let you in on a little something, as old as I am, my mother went more of the method of natural remedies, and her favorite one to use, and she did 99.9% of time was something called, goldenseal, and if you google it, let me tell you, germs were about as terrified of it as I was, hehe.

    But anyhoodles, hope your bum is going on the mend, and may you have a blessed week.


  2. All smiles on Friday, sure. But Saturday and Sunday? (EG)

    Glad the nasty cold went away and that the shoot went well. Looking forward to next Saturday’s preview clip. (HUGS)

  3. Good call. There is absolutely no way anyone could possibly want to spank the both of you.

    Unless they were, y’know, breathing.

  4. Lee – Thank you. I had a lot of fun w/ Chloe on Friday and with the whole gang on Saturday. The preview clip will be posted the Saturday after next.

    The only reason I posted the pic of me about to get the soap rather than one of me getting spanked, is just because it was something a little different. Fear not, I was spanked quite well!!

    007 – Saturday was filled with both smiles and sniffles. By Sunday I was wiped out.

    Chloe – I know!! Or be put in the corner or made to write lines for that matter.

    Tim – 🙂 yeah, those darn breathing spankers seem to get us every time.

    Dave – trouble x 2

    David – so it would seem!

  5. That is such a cute picture, it should be in the Members Gallery on Punished Brats…..
    Absolutely adorable!

    Dr. Ken

  6. Dr Ken – Thanks! 🙂 The full size version will be posted to the members’ gallery. I’ll put it up with the next gallery update.

  7. All I can say is WOW – what a picture of two very special young ladies – and what a lucky man David Pierson is….

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