15 thoughts on “Pixie’s Preview Clip – August 4th Shoot

  1. Outstanding as always, sweetie.I see your co-workers are trying to get into the act. 😉 Where were they LAST update when Veronica was spanking with a hairbrush during the opening and closing segments? 😉

  2. Wow Pixie, this has been the best preview yet!

    You and your ‘sisters’ make quite the team, heh. And I’m trying to figure out what you were writing, I think I know, but really? Though I can tell you are that sort of person, heh, too sweet for your own good, or would that be your bottom’s as well?

    Loved seeing Veronica’s ‘right’ arm get such a work out, can’t wait to see your scene with her and the icky soap, from the short seconds I saw of it, it’s going to be divine.

    And you worked with George again, yay!! Not sure if I’ve said this before, but I absolutely loved you and he together in AP, I watch it at least twice every day, it’s so wonderful, he’s such an amazing top, he blew me away, heh. So I can’t wait to find out what sort of scene you two did together. I see it’ll be domestic of course, so all I can hope for is another father/daughter duo, heh, since you two were such a perfect pair the last time. But of course I am not picky enough to say that I wouldn’t take anything you give me, cause I would, heh.

    And oh, so sad to hear about Ian, I know I was one of those who asked you about him, and I was so hoping to see him doing what he does best with you girls, but hopefully there’ll come a time soon that he can come back.

    Again, loved the clip, so funny and delightful and naughty, heh, great job.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend and take care, and also, best wishes on your trek to Shadow Lane coming soon, I know you’ll have a blast.


  3. LOL–what a fun preview clip! It looks like a lot of fun scenes are headed our way! Anytime you get Pixie + hairbrush….who could ask for more?
    And, speaking for myself, always good to see Sarah Gregory again!

    Dr. Ken

  4. What a fabuluous preview – three perfect little brats – and the ponise of some excellent action. Thank you for letting CE and SJ talk to the cameras. I like the black outfits – and am curious to see what storyline goes with them! Do we get to see more of CE’s Corner-time? Her pout was amazing when she turned round – but the picture cut before the slap – pity. It looked as if she enjoyed slapping your bottom Pixie – and it looked as if she could probably “spank her weight” – now there’s an interesting question? Has she what it takes to switch?

    Enjoy the SL party – I hope you take your camera. it sounds as if that is one set of “holiday snaps” which will not be a bore like so many seem to be.

    The preview clips are tantalising – how long before they get shown in full on PB?

  5. You may be Brats and you may occasionally get Punished, but you are also very Smart and Clever Brats as well.

    My favorite kind.

    Brad D.

  6. Duncan – Thanks! Vegas is coming up fast and so much left to do!

    Tim – I’ve made up the scene update schedule through the beginning of October now and as it stands now, Chloe in Morning Glow will conclude this coming Monday, Reportcard Lies (my hairbrush spanking and mouth soaping scene) will debut this Wednesday, and Sarah in Actress Attitude will premiere on Monday, Sept. 27th.

    007 – We always try to do something a little different each time for Pixie’s Previews. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it.

    Prefectdt – Awww. Glad it cheered you up a bit.

    2Good – Thank you very much. Eric does a great job in putting them together and making it a cool way to share the fun we have with you.

    Lee – Yes, I really was having to write “I can’t please everyone”. Sometimes the conflicting feedback and out of our scope requests that we receive gets to me and then I call up Eric in a tizzy. Since I had an agreed upon reprieve from the corner, he decided this was an appropriate punishment.

    Yes, George played my dad in this scene and an uncle and a step-dad to Chloe. He was supposed to be my neighbor in a fourth scene, but unfortunately things ran long and we didn’t have a chance to film it.

    I too hope that Ian will be able to reschedule his return soon. We shall see!

    Dr. Ken – Hahah. Hairbrushes seem to have a definite affinity for my bottom these days. Just what is going on? And it was indeed great to have Sarah back. Be sure to check out her next update a week from tomorrow.

    Prefectdt – You’re welcome. I was very pleased to see you put on your blogger’s cap. 🙂

    Winchester – Yes, as I mentioned above with 007, we always try to do something a little different with each preview. Most often by the time we film the opening and closing segments, the rest of the cast has gone home. But this time we had two out-of-state brats being held captive for another night and therefore available to join me.

    The scene with Chloe and Sarah in black dresses is entitled Summer with Cousin in which Chloe introduces some big city fun to her country cousin Sarah and both get in big trouble with Veronica. That Chloe. Such a bad influence!

    The corner time you saw Chloe endure in the clip was a real punishment and not part of a scene. I believe she does serve a bit of cornertime though in the Class Clown scene she did with David though.

    As for her spanking … yeah, I’ll give it to her that she’s pretty good at giving brat whacks. Hmph.

    Of course I’ll be bringing my camera! And back up batteries and memory cards. With Beverly and Chloe along to find trouble not to mention a ton of other familiar faces (and bottoms), there’s sure to be lots of fun photos to share.

    Brad – Thanks so much! That means quite a lot.

  7. Thanks for the response, Pixie. I like the scenario for Chloe and Sarah – but I reckon BOTH coule be a very bad influence on each other – and on you of course too.

    I look forward to piccies of you, Chloe and Beverly at SL. How I would just LOVE to be there. But it will be in imagination only, I fear. Is Beverly taking along a disciplinarian? I gather that you and Chloe both are doing so. Anyway, have a great time.

  8. Winchester – Beverly is not bringing anyone along with her, but she’ll be in good company with the Bratty Bunch. 🙂

  9. Sheeeesh… I got stressed out just reading that! Deep breaths… one thing at a time. Make a list so you don’t forget stuff for Shadow Lane. One year I left my makeup bag at home and had to go buy all new makeup. Expensive, but at least I forgot something replaceable.

    BTW, just watched Cabin Fever last night — you are just so cute! 🙂

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