Greetings from Vegas!

We arrived in Vegas around noon today and have just been enjoying the amenities at the hotel – the cafe, the arcade, the fitness room, a few slot machines, and the pool! The water was nice and warm but still refreshing in comparison to the incredibly hot sun.

But wouldn’t you know, somehow I managed to earn myself a hot bottom before even managing to get my bikini all the way on. My poor red cheeks were peeking out of the bottom of my suit, but thankfully it had pretty much faded by the time we headed down to the pool.

18 thoughts on “Greetings from Vegas!

  1. Ooooh I am jealous! I want to go to the pool instead of school. I’ll just skip tomorrow and meet you there. 🙂 Acting up without me… that’s what happens, no one to take your spanking for you. LOL. See you soon, kiddo!

  2. Spanked before you got your bikini on??? Honestly, young lady!
    I am….
    I am….
    not surprised at all, actually…

    Dr. Ken

  3. Probably as well you got the bikini shots before Veronica D got hold of your bottom! But you evidently began the Vegas trip as you mean it to continue…

    Jealous is not the word – it is not nearly strong enough! Have a great time – and keep the piccies posted!

    vide Chloe-Elise’s comment – I am sure she earns herself enough spankings without having to take some of yours as well!

  4. now what could poor angel pixies has done to earn herself a spanking before she got her binki bottom on? make ya mind waner and iy like a mystery.

    iam pretty sure there be more spanking where that one came from and many more for differnt reason.


  5. David – Yep, see you later on. 🙂

    Chloe – Somehow I have the feeling that when we hang out, we’ll both end up well spanked!! See you very soon.

    007 – Hope you’re having a safe trip. By now you’re probably just getting ready to land. I’ll probably run into you at the casino, but will see you at the fair for sure.

    Erica – Believe it or not, I already wish I brought more shirts. :-/ Especially a sweatshirt because while it’s a zillion degrees out, it’s subzero in some of the over air conditioned rooms. Brrrr! See you on Friday! Can’t wait. 🙂

    Dr. Ken – Not surprised at all? Clearly I’ve earned a naughty reputation.

    Funbun – First I was spanked over them, then it was determined that I was getting far too much protection as they are thicker than regular panties. Hmph.

    Winchester – Oh yeah. I’m already nervous about the “board meeting” I’ll be having with Veronica! I’ll be sure to keep up with pictures and no doubt I’ll have some super fun ones once Beverly and Chloe arrive to cause trouble with me.

    Mike – I was framed I tell ya! Ok, actually it had to do with staying at the gym way longer than I had said I would … and then being rather sassy about it. It was nice to be spanked without having to worry too much about what the neighbors might think.

    Poppa – Oh yes. And of course I had to reform one with big heavy hands. Yeowch!!

    Smallhanded – Yep. Just a little preview of fun to come, no doubt.

    Todd &Suzy – Yes, it really is quite nice here. Hurry up and get here. I want to meet you.

    Steve – Hmmmm … we will just have to see. >:) Somehow I have a feeling that with so many of us having blogs that a lot of what happens in Vegas gets put online!

  6. Glad your having fun, amber. 🙂 I recognize that pool too. I’ve been to Vegas five times before. 🙂
    I was invited to go to the spanking party but not able to make it. Oh well..maybe next time. 🙂
    Have a spanking good time!
    padme amidala

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