2 New Punished Brats DVDs

I’m pleased to announce the release of not one, but two new Punished Brats DVDs! Pixie’s Fantasies Volume 2 and Girl Trouble 5 – Red Bottom Resolutions.

Pixie’s Fantasies Vol. 2 features Beverly Bacci, Juliet Valentina, Veronica Bound, Veronica Daniels, Richard Windsor, Susan, Tony, and well, Pixie of course. Another collection of twisted fairytales in which Goldilocks, Alice in Wonderland, Dorothy Gale, The Queen of Hearts, Gretel, Snow White, and Miss Muffet all get the spankings they should have included in the original versions of their stories.

Girl Trouble 5 stars Andy, Beverly, Charlie, Jessica, Pixie, Sarah Gregory, Veronica Bound, Veronica Daniels, Susan, George, and David. Lots of brats behaving badly and getting the spankings they deserve.

These two brand new titles are available now through the Punished Brats online store and for those of you that will be attending the Shadow Lane party, we will indeed be bringing plenty of copies for sale.

Head on over and check out the free preview clips for Pixie’s Fantasies 2 and Girl Trouble 5 today!

12 thoughts on “2 New Punished Brats DVDs

  1. Not sure if this is recording or not. Sorry if there are multiple posts. but SWEET!!! Looking forward to picking up my copies at SL. Be sure and have copies of Pixie’s Fantasies Vol 1 on hand. 🙂

  2. Two great previews – absolutely stunning! Some great spanking, lovely story lines – and evidently a great time was had by all! Thank you for putting them both up. Do you have a UK outlet for your DVDs? Or do UK readers of your blog have any experience of getting them through the post?

    I think this is your SL party weeked: hope the apointment on Friday miorning was not too painful! Enjoy the party.

  3. Just ordered Pixie’s Fantasies vol II, Can’t wait to get it:-). I have to agree with Winchester about shops though, I enjoy browsing and buying, I would not expect to see your DVDs distributed here in Belgium I think the market here is too small for CP and spanko material to justify distribution costs but I do look foreward to buying DVDs on my trips back to the UK so it would be nice to know if your material is distributed there.

    Congratulations on having a purchasing system that works by the way. Sometimes I have real problems with internet shopping, but I had better not whine about that I have already had to apologize to Niki Flynn about a little rant I had in one of her comment boxes. But next time you see the rep from your billing company please pass on my thanks for having a system that works well for people living in smaller economy country’s.


  4. 007 – It worked an no multiple posts at all. I’ll see you at SL in less than a week and yes, we’ll have copies of all our DVDs at the vendor’s fair. 🙂

    Winchester – Thanks. Glad to hear you like the look of them. As David states below, we package them in such a way that they move right through customs without issue. For purposes of shipping as well as your privacy, there is nothing on the packaging that would indicate spanking material is enclosed. Our company name is not even listed and a normal street address is used on the return label.

    The SL party is next weekend so I still have a bit of time to sit comfortably!

    Prefectdt – Wonderful! I hope you will enjoy it greatly when it arrives. I don’t believe that our DVDs are currenlty being sold in UK shops, but happily our online store processes orders from lots of countries without issue.

  5. Terrific previews! I’m most definitely a Sarah Gregory fan 🙂

    Hope everything’s allright with the Pennsylvanians, there’s pretty bad weather heading your way! 🙁

  6. smallhanded – Sarah is really great. We are looking to bring her back again very soon as she always does a fantastic job.

    I was really hoping the nasty weather would stay over in Pennsylvania! But it’s now made it’s way over to the Jersey side. The lightning is getting quite severe so I think it’s time for me to log off, unplug the modem, and hide under the covers. 🙂

  7. Pixie,
    I loved the intensity of the hairbrush spanking you took in the clip “Lonely Brat 20”. And I loved the color commentary you & David Pierson did. I thought I was watching “Wide World of Spanking”.
    Lastly, I also enjoyed the intensity of the hard hand spanking Susan gave you in “Alice’s looking Glass”. My hat goes off to you (and your sore bottom). If you do another fairy tale scenario. How about “The Old woman who lives in a shoe”. If my memory serves me right it ends “…she serves them broth without any bread,then spanks them all soundly and sends them to bed’.

  8. The previews look great, as always.
    And I know I’ve mentioned this before :-), but I’m a Sarah Gregory fan as well, so I’m glad to hear PB is looking to bring her back soon…

    Dr. Ken

  9. Tim – Thanks very much! I definitely have received some good intense spankings, especially with the hairbrush lately. We have given a couple of nods to the Old Woman in the Shoe both in the Goldilocks scene and in a recent non-fantasy scene in the members’ section called Family Meeting in which Susan spanks her three daughters after deciding the Old Woman had the right idea. We will keep it in mind though to do a traditional version. One I’d love to do is a take on Sleeping Beauty. We had it all set to do back in May but the younger male top we had cast to play the prince got cold feet and was a no show. 🙁

    Dr. Ken – Yes, we definitely plan to have her back soon. Maybe we can arrange to have her come work with Susan next time around.

  10. I think Sarah Gragory needs to get her own blog….just so I can quit posting about her in YOUR blog…lol
    Fairy tales are also a good source of storylines to turn into PB scenes. “Spanking Beauty”–has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?
    Have fun at Shadow Lane!

    Dr. Ken

  11. Dr. Ken – Sarah has a MySpace page (though only visible to those she’s accepted as friends). Maybe you could be accepted and visit her there?

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