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I’ve received a few emails from Pixie’s Previews viewers and blog readers asking when particular scenes of mine will be made available in the members’ section. I can’t say yes to every request and post them all right away because that would be a major Pixie overload and we wouldn’t want that. So I’m asking you to help me to decide which scene should be used for my next update. Please let me know what your selection is by posting in the comments section. Your choices are:

Presidential Punishment – Sorority sister Holly hand spanks me for failing to keep my grades up and setting a poor example as sorority president.

Over the Rainbow – A part 2 to No Place Like Home in which Richard Windsor (as Zeke) spanks me for throwing eggs at that old witch Miss Mulch.

Miss Manners – Chloe and I are unruly sisters that have been sent to be transformed into well-behaved girls by Veronica of the Miss Manners company. By the way, for those that enjoy straight to the bare bottom spankings, this one’s for you.

Tall Tales – I try to talk a good game with my friend Beverly about what happened when I was called into Headmaster Pierson’s office, but she eventually gets me to tell the truth about my punishment. (Contains a spanking and school paddling)

Sibling Rivalry – Holly and I end up in a cat fight over a t-shirt and mom Susan comes prepared with a hairbrush to restore order.

Too Low for Zero – This was a scene based on a member’s request that ended up taking on a life of its own. Scenes have a way of doing that sometimes. I was caught cheating on an exam and then forged my dad’s signature on the note home. I begged not to be grounded for what sounded like eternity but in exchange for a night’s freedom to go to the school dance, I had to accept two hard spankings from Dad (George Richards) – one for cheating and one for forgery.

Whichever scene is chosen will be posted on July 25th.

46 thoughts on “Readers’ Choice

  1. ohh, too many choices, Pixie!
    but if it were up to me, i’d like to see what george richards has up his sleeve. besides, isn’t this the one where he “surprised” you with a hairbrush?
    whatever you decide, i’m sure it will be fantastic!


  2. I’d like to second the scene with George and the hairbrush. I like the way he spanked Andy in that school scene with the rapid fire finish. Also the hairbrush fits so well in your domestic discipline scenes.

  3. So many spankings, so many decisions….they ALL look good.
    I’m going to vote for Sibling Rivalry (two girls spanked in one movie? Always a plus!) but my second choice would be Too Low For Zero….

    Dr. Ken

  4. Oh Pixie you are not playing fair!

    It’s like you’re waving the candy in front of us from inside the room, but we’re locked out…

    As much as I’ve loved everything you’ve done, your parental scenes are my utmost favs so, I was on the fence about picking between the maternal and paternal scenes. I always love seeing you and Susan work together, you two together make up such a great pairing, and she and Holly always make a gold partnership as Mama/Daughter as well, so to see her spank you both, after the infamous fight scene, would be the greatest treat.

    But… Since you, Holly, and Jess are already having the scenes you three made with Susan being put up as we speak, I think I’m going to have to go with Too Low for Zero.

    It’s been so long since you’ve done a Papa/Daughter scene, that’s I’ve not yet seen, so I would just love to see, not only the wonderful chemistry I know you both had with one another, but also, find out which decision you made in the end, about your bottoms or your top.

    So for me, Too Low is just Too gosh darn Great looking to be passed over, so that’s my pick.

    But just to want to say, how lovely it is that you’re willing to treat us all to a scene of our choosing, you deserve a pack of gum for your troubles, heh.

    Hope you have a grand rest of your week, and take care.


  5. (sigh) Decisions decisions decisions. I have to vote for “Miss Manners” because Veronica is one hard spanker from what I’ve observed and the more bare bottom footage the better. 🙂 Presidential gets my second choice in a very neck and neck race. But it’s ALL good and sooner or later when they all get posted, we’ll be very happy. 🙂

  6. Difficult to answer. So I list my three favorites (All F/F)
    1. Miss Manners
    2. Sibling rivalry
    3. Presidential punishment
    I like F/F otk spankng a lot. I like to see punishments starting straight on the white bare buttocks as – I believe – that’s what happens in ‘real life’. And I like to see the buttocks redden in the process. ‘Elderly’ women spanking younger ones (like Veronica or Susan spanking Pixie or Beverly or Chloe or..) does it to me. In particular in a realistic scenario and setting. with proper clothes as well.

    Another thing I like is younger females spanking each other. With rasons like rivalry od sorority rules or what…

    And to make it more complicated I LOVE to see girls “experimenting” with spanking on each other. In the privacy of a bedroom in pyjamas. Yummmiiee..!!

    Like the others tough, in general I LIKE what I see at PUNISHED BRATS!

    Love and XXX, Funbun

  7. Oooh, unfair! If I liked several outfits at the store what would I do? I’d spoil myself and get them all of course! Since I can only pick one, my vote is Too Low For Zero. Maybe the rest can be put on lay away 🙂


  8. Elderly? Funbun, not even close.:)
    Hopefully Pixie won’t get in trouble for that comment. It wasn’t her comment but it is her site. I can hear them now, “Pixie’s blog says WHAT?!”


  9. the one where holly give you a good sound spanking forget what called

    other one where you and chloe get spankings on ya cute butt from veronica are my choices i do not like m/f spanking scene but if you like that then no biggie.


  10. Very interesting feedback!!! Thank you to everyone who was commented and cast their vote so far.

    If you haven’t made your choice yet, there’s still plenty of time left. Just leave a comment before July 18th as I’ll need some time to put everything together for the scene selected as “readers’ choice”.

  11. What a choice – all have much appeal – but the prospect of seeing you and Chloe spanked in Miss Manners has to have first vote. Second Presidential punishment: and third sibling rivalry.

    I trust they will all appear on PB in the fulness of time – or will some only be on DVDs?

    Incidentally, the preview clip of you and Beverley when you were trying to kid her about your punishment was great – that would be my fourth choice.

  12. 2 low for zero is my first vote and then presidential punishment…
    They all great and my third choice would be the one with Richard Winsor by far..

  13. Too low for zero all the way for me.

    Love George’s work, and I am sure your scenes together are just fantastic.

    And he uses a hairbrush, what’s not to love?

    But really, I’ll be happy in any capacity, as we get to see you spanked in all of them, and that’s what really matters, lol.

    Happy Friday.


  14. Miss Manners gets my vote because anything with Pixie AND Chloe has to be good… plus, I heard Chloe got to say the line “Bite Me” in the video — how cool is that? =)

    Warmest Regards,

  15. Tough call. I vote for Too Low for Zero and then Tall Tales. They all look great though. With Pixie you can’t go wrong! I hope theyll all be available on PB soon.

  16. It might not count twice, but I’m voting for Miss Manners again. 😉 Looks like folks are taking an active interest. Always a good thing. Best wishes on the Veronica Daniels shoot tomorrow. (HUGS)

  17. Let’s see…

    1. Holly and yourself in the sorority one, as you two are such a great team.
    2. Miss Manners, as I ADORE that preview of your bare bottom, and can’t wait to see Chloe getting her just desserts next.
    3. Too Low For Zero, as I believe George is from the UK, and it’s good to see a fellow UK citizen turning his hand to such a good cause.

    On spanking preferences, one thing I particularly like is girl-on-girl scenes where a blonde is paired with a brunette. To me, that seems to add an extra dynamic to the whole thing – but that’s just the way my kinky mind works, I guess.

  18. Cast my vote for Too Low For Zero.
    Looks really, really good. And my second choice would be the video with you, Susan, and Holly.

  19. Please please please, too low for zero. I loved the little part of the video we got to see in your preview clip, and it has me wanting to see the whole thing badly. So yeah, that gets my vote lol all of it.

  20. If you look at the latest Pixie’s preview video you’ll find out why Chloe got such a good spanking from Veronia. As we were setting up the camera, and she was over Veronca’s lap, she pointed to the lower part of her bottom and said ” That’s my sweet spot too motherf*****.”. I think we should have washed her mouth out with soap.

    Let me just say all of the scenes here are quite hot! Loved the “catfight” in sibling was terrific! Pixie got a bruise on her chin and Holly a lump on her head. Both then got hot bottoms.

  21. Hi Pixie,

    You know my choice. I’d love to see my scene (with you as me getting spanked for the cheating and signing the note). Please, please, please.


  22. Oh Meaghan, that was your idea that breed Too Low??

    I love you!! Heh, that idea was just great, and if it happened to you, well, I guess you’d be the judge as to whether that was good or not, heh.

    But lovely, now I want to see the scene even more, heh.

    And David, I knew she said something naughty, but something that naughty?! You most certainly should have, heh.

    And wow, all that went on? Man, now I’m going back and forth on my choices, heh.


  23. Lot of choices… and all of them look good. Without looking at the other comments, we’re going to go with… Miss Manners. Really doesn’t make a big difference though… because we’re sure we’ll love whatever wins.

    ~Todd & Suzy

  24. I vote for either Miss Manners (1st choice) or Presidential Punishment…OTK with the spanker in a straight-backed chair is my “thang”…I’m not really into couches or that big chair used in Family Meeting. Details, details, details…:-)

  25. It has to be ‘Miss Manners’…three lovely women involved…and Veronica does look so good in the glasses! How can I not vote for a scene where two truly naughty young women get their bare bottoms spanked by an older woman. Of course, Presidential punishment comes a very close second with Pixie’s lovely,lovely,bottom on the receiving end.


  26. Gotta go with Too Low for Zero. Always have been a fan of a man’s firm hand being applied generously to a naughty young lady’s bottom. And there’s also a brush involved? Yep, no other choice for me.

  27. Hey Pixie!!

    First of all, I LOVE your blog!! My vote is for 2 Low for Zero…


    ~funny brat girl

  28. I’d have to go with “Miss Manners,” since I am in fact partial to the straight-to-the-bare-bottom approach. I’m also a fan of Chloe, as well as you. Thanks for all the fantastic work!!


  29. Wow!! Thank you to everyone who has voted so far. So far “Too Low for Zero” is in the lead with “Miss Manners” in a close second. There’s still a few days left to make your choice known and Spank the Vote! 🙂

  30. Definitely Too Low for Zero. I looooove hairbrush spankings. I’m in dire need of one myself. And you just look so cute over his knee!!! 🙂

    ~TX Spankogirl~

  31. To chose between David or George is just so– wrong in my opinion. But though I love the work you and David have done together, I have never seen you with George before, so I must pick Two Low For Zero. Tough decision, but it must be made. So, that’s my choice. But every single one of these clips look great.


  32. Not anothet vote – just an observation.

    What is it about July 21st? Your Readers’ Choice and Clare Fonda’s Exclusive Education both coming out that day – is it some scheme to try to counter the publication of the last Harry Potter Book on the same day?

  33. I vote Miss Manners all of the way. Veronica has a hard hand and with both you AND Chloe, it’s sure to be a great scene. Thanks for your hard work.


  34. Am a huge George fan, and of course yours as well Pixie, so I am just dying to see the video with you two togetha.

    I think it looks absolutely lovely, for there just isn’t enuff of Da and daughter clips out there. So I take em wheneva I can.

    So my vote goes to too low for zero.

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