Quick Post on the Veronica Daniels Shoot

We had a wonderful time shooting with Veronica Daniels yesterday!! I just posted some pictures on Pixie’s Previews and I plan to write up a few more details about the fun we had here on my blog tomorrow. Today I just need to rest, relax, and let my bottom recover a bit!

21 thoughts on “Quick Post on the Veronica Daniels Shoot

  1. Your preview pictures suggest a fantastic weekend with some superb film to come. Looking forward to the preview-trailer – hope it will not be long before the videos begin to be posted – and hope you all recivered quickly from what appear to be very sore bottoms! Thanks for sharing these piccies.

  2. I know Mama V, regular top Veronica, always wondered why she had daughters who were so blond sometimes.

    But I swear, you three look like her daughters in this picture, Bev took Daddy’s hair color, heh.

    Oh, you four are just gorgeous. My three most fav spankees of the site, and a guest spanker with such a reputation as Veronica’s? I can not WAIT! for the next Pixie’s preview clip.

    The pictures up are just lovely as well. I see both you and Jules had a little dress up time; can’t wait to see how that turned out, heh. And, I always think Jules looks so cute, but the picture with her over, fingers crossed, Daddy? David’s lap. I love those two together, so that looks fantastic.

    Okay, enough gushing, heh. I can only imagine how sore you must be today, so rest up, so you can then tell us all the juicy spanktastic details later on this week, heh.

    Take care


  3. Hopefully, all of the naughty young women are sitting on ice today and tending to their duties..

    … but I suspect that Veronica Daniels may be icing her shoulder and wrist on the flight back, will have exceeded her quota of July spankings and will be in need of extensive rest at the Institute.

    I look forward to seeing the Brats get Punished in full technicolor video.

    Brad D.

  4. Great work as always, sweetie. Hope your poor tender bottom is ok (handing over icepack and arnica) ;-). Looking forward to more soon.

  5. All I can say is this shoot was amazing. I need to credit Pixie as not only being the star, she was my co-excutive producer on this shoot.


  6. Oh well, really David? You dear Pixie are some sort of machine! Doing all that while being one of the girls spanked, just amazing, heh.

    And David, can not tell you how happy I am to know that you were apart of yesterday’s shoot. I love your work, and seeing you with Juliet makes me so anxious to find out what scene you two did together because I know it’ll be just grand.

  7. What a lovely picture of the 4 of you! And I’m sure the shoot was even more amazing. Looking forward to them, Pixie….

    Dr. Ken

  8. You know I love FF spanking a lot. so this is another great addition to the site. Veronica D spanking no less than three gorgeous and very naughty girls..!

    Just joined again after the Billing company had kicked me out. (Still don’t know why, but I’m here again!)

    Trust you ‘recover’ soon from this weekends ordeal..

    XXX, Funbun

  9. Wow, that is an awesome pic! And such a cute little pink dress on your previews. 🙂 Can’t wait until it’s my turn… LOL.

  10. My scene with Juliet was an Uncle David scene taking control of his out of control college age neice.

    The spanking are done to a poem read by Juliet regarding her chastisement.

    Thank you Lee.


  11. Oh you are most welcomed David, it’s my great pleasure. That sounds… Just lovely, hehe. I think you two have such great chemistry together, though that can be said about everyone you work with really, heh.

    I can not wait to see that scene. You always look so dapper in a suit, perfectly trailered to take charge of a naughty little girl and make her bottom glow.

  12. Oops, heh, little typo there, I meant “tailored” David, though I hope you got that already, heh.

    And so sorry Pixie for taking up your comment space talking with David. Just couldn’t help myself, first time I’ve had a chance to.

    But anyhow, you keep on nursing the sore bottom, though I can’t wait to hear all that you have to tell us later on about yesterday.

    Happy sittings


  13. It was a fantastic shoot. Everything ran so smoothly and Veronica was such a pleasure to work with. Tomorrow I’ll blog all about our day yesterday and the lovely Veronica Daniels.

  14. I had a wonderful time working with everyone! David and Pixie were fabulous,as always!
    Beverly is just beautiful and has a delicious personality to match! Love her! Juliet is just adorable and I love how hot her little bottom gets when she gets spanked…too cute!

    I felt we all had great chemistry together and did a creative and exciting shoot. I truly believe all of you will really enjoy the new material that comes from this!

    Thanks Pixie and David for showing me a wonderful time! It was truly a great experience and privilege!

    Can’t wait to see you all at Shadowlane where we can kick up a little more trouble together!

    Thos were some great marked iup bottoms, and don’t worry Brad, there’s plenty more where that came from! My arm is just fine…


  15. Isn’t Veronica a classy lady to be spanked by ? Love the photo’s Pixie. So I won’t be spanked for lack of manners- let me introduce myself, lol. I’m another “Amber” 🙂 I remember your sharing with us a “scene with the puppy” on a forum about an incident involving chewing gum, tee hee. From one who is spanked often I was wondering if you would share more about Satsuma body cream. Where can I find this ?

    Happy Spanking,

  16. Veronica – The SL party should be a very fun and interesting time! 🙂 I really look forward to seeing you again there.

    Amber – Veronica indeed is a fantastic and super classy lady.

    The Satsuma body cream (or body butter) can be found at The Body Shop. Good stuff.

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