July 14th Shoot with Veronica Daniels – the details

As promised, here are a few more details about Saturday’s shoot with Veronica Daniels. From left to right, top to bottom, here is a bit about each scene.

We started off the day with a scene called ‘Lonely Brat 20’ and my bottom was introduced to Veronica’s hairbrush right off the bat. No hand spanking. No warm up. No protective panties or skirt. It was straight to the bare and boy what an introduction that was!!

‘Ode to Spanking’ was up next with David and Juliet. This was a very classy scene with David giving Juliet a domestic style spanking. Of course there’s a little PB twist to it all with a voiceover of Juliet reading a poem about her punishment as the scene progresses.

Beverly’s first scene was with Veronica in which our bratty brunette agreed to enroll in a very unique mentoring program for young business women. As you can see from the picture, it was a tough program!! It was also a hot scene. Very hot, in fact, in more ways than one. You see, it was shot in the upstairs part of our set and it tends to get a bit warm on sunny summer days. To compensate, our director set the air conditioning to arctic blast. While the scene was being shot, Juliet and I were trying to study our scripts, but the meat locker like temperature was turning us purple and our chattering teeth were affecting our ability to concentrate. So I thought I’d bump up the thermostat a tad. I think it was set at about -17 degrees. Surely they wouldn’t notice a tiny 2 degree increase? Apparently I was wrong because even though Juliet and I were still developing frostbite downstairs, Veronica and Beverly were dying of heatstroke upstairs. Many, many threats to the well-being of my bottom were made. Thankfully it was lunch time though and I was granted a reprieve.

After lunch the ‘Turf War’ was on with Beverly and I getting spanked by Veronica as two former best friends that wouldn’t stop fighting in school. What started the fight you ask? Hmmm … perhaps I turned off her air conditioning.

Juliet had her first scene with Veronica in ‘Truth Technology’. She had been fitted with a device that prevented her from being able to tell a lie and when her recent behavior was questioned by her mom, she was in big trouble. Juliet looked amazing in her Angels jeans, but she could have used an angel or two to protect her bottom from Veronica’s hard hand!

Beverly got to experience a bit of Veronica’s hairbrush spanking technique too in ‘Step Backwards’. Just wait until you see the look of surprise at the sting of the first swat. But Veronica and Beverly both agreed that for the kind of behavior Bev’s character was displaying, she more than deserved a good dose of the brush.

We finished up the day with filming another installment of the Pixie’s Fantasies series featuring Juliet and I as Snow White and Miss Muffet respectively. We were all a little nervous about the amount of dialogue and Juliet and I had more than a page of lines to deliver to start off the scene. Amazingly enough, we got through that opening segment in one take and both of our hearts were pounding!! The further along we got, neither one of us wanted to be the one to make an error and ruin the flow. Juliet then received a hand spanking that made her go from Snow White to Rose Red! I somehow ended up getting the hairbrush again. Doom. Supposedly it was because of the many assaults I committed against several fairytale land characters, but I’m wondering if Veronica hadn’t forgotten about that ol’ A/C incident afterall.

All in all it was a fantastic shoot. Everyone was on time and well prepared and everything went so smoothly that even when two of our lights blew out, we weren’t totally thrown for a loop.

Veronica was absolutely wonderful. She’s an incredible spanker not only because she can deliver a good firm spanking, but also because she’s very adept at sensing the needs of the spankee and adjusting the duration and intensity accordingly. Also, despite any fears that Veronica may have felt when we sent her a kajillion pages of scripts, she was not only very prepared for all of her varied roles, but really made them her own too.

Between scenes and at dinner after a long day’s work, we had the chance to chat. We talked about everything from puppies to procreation to astrology to what I’ll be spanked for when I shoot with her for their site, The Spanking Couple, in August. I wish we had had time to talk even more as I greatly enjoyed her company. And goodness knows what topics we might have covered if we did!

It was such a pleasure and a privilege to have Veronica come to work with us and I certainly hope that she’ll come back out in the not too distant future to do so again!

18 thoughts on “July 14th Shoot with Veronica Daniels – the details

  1. Oh life is not fair!!

    Hehe, what I would have given to have seen all happen first hand for myself.

    Pixie it sounds as if you all had a wondrous time, and from the looks of the pictures, I can only just imagine how wonderful those scenes are and will look when they’re in motion.

    I won’t bug you about getting any of them up soon… Yet, heh, after all, you’re still sore I’m sure, so I will reprieve you from any such inquires until further notice, hehe.

    But goodness, you were not kidding about having something for everyone to like. It all sounds so marvelous.

    I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can not wait!! until we get the chance to see the preview clip, which, hopefully? – fingers crossed – will be up this week?

    I’m dying to see Veronica work her magic, and see you and Jules and Bev be the oh so spanktastic little brats I know you all to be.

    Take care, and keep icing that bum!, heh.


  2. meatlocker! hah! pixie is the best girl in the world, but take it from me, she can whine. boy can she whine! we were dying upstairs while the two little girls were in sweatshirts. on our next shoot, i’ll make sure david and veronica keep thier bottoms nice and warm.


  3. Thank you Pixie for a fabulous account of what was evidently a long and hard, as well as enjoyable, day. There is so much super material there that it will be worth he wait – but I hope it will not be for too long – especially the Veronica Daniels ones. I am glad she is so perceptive a top that she truly understands the needs of the bottom.

    A pity about the temperatures: that must have spoiled the day a little so far as the enjoyment iof the team was concerned: but in the end it is the viewer for whom it is all done, and there looks to be great enjoyment ahead. The Schoolgirl scenes (from the photos and blurb) sound extra special: but you will have to watch out for he politically correct brigade if your continue to have all these nursery favourites spanked. what had poor Little Miss Muffett and Snow White done?

    Hope the deep soreness has not gone and that you have not earned any more wallops from the b/f….:)

  4. PS

    I’ve just noticed that eight out of Nine shoots were with Veronica Daniels – she must have been more than a tad tired that evening! And I guess she needed a hairbrush from time to time because her hand could have got mighty sore – even for someone with so much experience. After all, the hand and the bottom each share the same amount of force – so the bottom in effect spanks the hand as well as the other way round.

  5. Oh heck yeah, I bet she was tired. I remember from my shoot with PB. I was in almost every scene they shot that day. By the time we got to the last one, I was felt nearly senseless. When I watched the footage of that scene, I was like, I don’t remember even saying that! It’s a hard days work all right, but oh so much fun. Pixie, Beverly, everyone was great. I’m finding myself envious of Veronica because I want to do it again.


  6. Awwww your poor little tuffet. πŸ˜‰ Actually, your tuffet must be pretty dang tuff to handle all that. Sheesh. Thanks as always for great preview pics, for outstanding videos, and all the hard work. πŸ™‚

  7. Now that’s a thought to conjure with – Chelsea spanking Pixie, Beverley and Holly: it may have been done before? But great possibilities. (And even a Chelsea Spanks editiopn with those two would be a great addition to the Canon).

  8. Lee – we really did have a great time! The preview clip will be posted this weekend. I saw it last night and I think it’s hysterical!

    Chloe – it was long, but definitely worth it. πŸ™‚

    Eric – hmph! As you even admitted last night, you whine too! I must have learned it all from you. πŸ˜‰

    winchester – You’ll get a peek at the scenes when the Pixie’s Previews is posted later this week and then I have scheduled one of her scenes with Beverly for August 3rd.

    Snow and Muffett were very naughty girls. I’d hate to give away the set up though as it’s quite amusing to watch it unfold. πŸ™‚

    It definitely isn’t easy for the spanker to have to deal with dishing out so much punishment. There really is some truth to the old saying “this hurts me more than it hurts you”.

    Chelsea!! – It probably didn’t help that we had both stayed up way late the night before the shoot chatting our heads off. Then add in jet lag and a day of brat wallopping, well, it’s no wonder the last scene was a blur! But anytime you’d like to come back and join the exhausting fun, we’d love to have you!!!

    007 – yeah, my poor tuffet got it good. It’s feeling all better by now though. πŸ™‚

  9. I’m looking forward to watching Juliet as Snow White (was she wearing that wig after reading my last post?) and you as Miss Muffet. You have some brilliant imagination when it comes to those β€˜costume’ spankings.

  10. Steve – The Snow White wig was a happy coincidence actually. πŸ™‚ We’ve had this scene planned for months. I agree though that the contrast is quite striking.

  11. I’ve now seen the all of the footage from saturday’s shoot. I’m couldn’t be happier!

    Wait until you see the Pixie’s Preview video this week.

  12. What a terrific round-up of this exquiste looking spankfest.

    So does Veronica have an arm made of titanium?;)

    Keep up the great work Pixie!

  13. Well, I was completely exhausted by the last scene! However, it was so much fun the time flew by! I had such a great time with everyone,I can’t even say how much I enjoyed the whole trip!

    The whole crew was just awesome! πŸ™‚

    I have been told my arm is pretty strong…there is definitely more where all that came from!


  14. pixie you seem to know what ya doing all the stuff i read and all pics i look at i will say my hats off to you for very good job once again.

    when ya butt get back to normal and not red or sore anymore do you ever think something is missing and doesn’t feel right?


  15. Pixie,

    Just got around to watching the preview. Actually, I’m only part way in and felt compelled to drop you a few bytes and praise you for doing a wonderful job on the voice intro (you seem less nervous when getting your bottom whalloped {grin}) and to ask you to pass on to whoever (I assume Eric) kudos for the graphics intro.

  16. Hi Pixie,

    I just watched the wonderfully arranged preview video on your blog with sizzling scenes and fun bloopers. Cool graphics and such too!

    What is most amazing from your pixie previews is the fun and joy you all have creating this spanktastic stuff.



    Warmest regards,

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