Coming Soon to the PB Members’ Bonus Gallery …

Check out just a small sample of the fun photos that will soon be featured in the Punished Brats members’ bonus gallery. I’ll be posting these pictures (in their original full size of course) over time and I’ll post a few to start with a little later on tonight. Lots of the beautiful Juliet Valentina and lots of us two blondes having fun and finding trouble. 🙂

Once again here is proof that PB bloopers not only happen on video, but in still shots as well. Clearly bloopers are very amusing as we were laughing our heads off here. Tony, who was on set with us that day, said he didn’t know what we were trying to do, but it sure was fun to watch.

We did manage to capture a photo with us both accomplishing the cheer stunt without falling over on the next try and the proof of our success will be posted in the members’ bonus gallery in a future update.

10 thoughts on “Coming Soon to the PB Members’ Bonus Gallery …

  1. Makes me glad I renewed my membership to Punished Brats…
    The pictures look great, and the Bonus Gallery is a great idea and a welcome addition to the site.
    Keep up the good work, and keep the camera clicking!

    Dr. Ken

  2. Watched all the new bonus photo’s and almost ALL of them have an innocent, yet very naughty character. Against the wall, I can almost see the heat in the well-spanked bottoms coming through those cut jeans..!
    Very well done! A great collection and I DO like the cheerleader photos too. Keep posting!

    Love and XXX, Funbun

  3. (sigh) utterly stunning, sweetie. If this doesn’t jumpstart subscriptions, I don’t know what will. Thanks for sharing. (HUGS)

  4. The pictures look great, amber. It looks like your having a lot of fun. 🙂
    Love the cheerleader outfit. 🙂
    padme amidala

  5. Dr. Ken – Yay! Glad you renewed and aren’t missing out on the photo fun. I’m very happy to hear that you are enjoying the bonus gallery feature.

    Funbun – Innocent yet naughty. I think that about sums us up. Juliet was so wonderful to shoot with and her photos are all stunning.

    007 – Thank you very much! Hope you are enjoying them.

    Chloe – I think we might be able to meet your outdoor request (weather permitting … or simply bring a poncho just in case). 🙂 Thanks for the compliment on my avatar too!

    padme – We did have a really good time. Playing dress up and being silly is always fun, right?

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