July 14th Shoot with Veronica Daniels – the details

As promised, here are a few more details about Saturday’s shoot with Veronica Daniels. From left to right, top to bottom, here is a bit about each scene.

We started off the day with a scene called ‘Lonely Brat 20’ and my bottom was introduced to Veronica’s hairbrush right off the bat. No hand spanking. No warm up. No protective panties or skirt. It was straight to the bare and boy what an introduction that was!!

‘Ode to Spanking’ was up next with David and Juliet. This was a very classy scene with David giving Juliet a domestic style spanking. Of course there’s a little PB twist to it all with a voiceover of Juliet reading a poem about her punishment as the scene progresses.

Beverly’s first scene was with Veronica in which our bratty brunette agreed to enroll in a very unique mentoring program for young business women. As you can see from the picture, it was a tough program!! It was also a hot scene. Very hot, in fact, in more ways than one. You see, it was shot in the upstairs part of our set and it tends to get a bit warm on sunny summer days. To compensate, our director set the air conditioning to arctic blast. While the scene was being shot, Juliet and I were trying to study our scripts, but the meat locker like temperature was turning us purple and our chattering teeth were affecting our ability to concentrate. So I thought I’d bump up the thermostat a tad. I think it was set at about -17 degrees. Surely they wouldn’t notice a tiny 2 degree increase? Apparently I was wrong because even though Juliet and I were still developing frostbite downstairs, Veronica and Beverly were dying of heatstroke upstairs. Many, many threats to the well-being of my bottom were made. Thankfully it was lunch time though and I was granted a reprieve.

After lunch the ‘Turf War’ was on with Beverly and I getting spanked by Veronica as two former best friends that wouldn’t stop fighting in school. What started the fight you ask? Hmmm … perhaps I turned off her air conditioning.

Juliet had her first scene with Veronica in ‘Truth Technology’. She had been fitted with a device that prevented her from being able to tell a lie and when her recent behavior was questioned by her mom, she was in big trouble. Juliet looked amazing in her Angels jeans, but she could have used an angel or two to protect her bottom from Veronica’s hard hand!

Beverly got to experience a bit of Veronica’s hairbrush spanking technique too in ‘Step Backwards’. Just wait until you see the look of surprise at the sting of the first swat. But Veronica and Beverly both agreed that for the kind of behavior Bev’s character was displaying, she more than deserved a good dose of the brush.

We finished up the day with filming another installment of the Pixie’s Fantasies series featuring Juliet and I as Snow White and Miss Muffet respectively. We were all a little nervous about the amount of dialogue and Juliet and I had more than a page of lines to deliver to start off the scene. Amazingly enough, we got through that opening segment in one take and both of our hearts were pounding!! The further along we got, neither one of us wanted to be the one to make an error and ruin the flow. Juliet then received a hand spanking that made her go from Snow White to Rose Red! I somehow ended up getting the hairbrush again. Doom. Supposedly it was because of the many assaults I committed against several fairytale land characters, but I’m wondering if Veronica hadn’t forgotten about that ol’ A/C incident afterall.

All in all it was a fantastic shoot. Everyone was on time and well prepared and everything went so smoothly that even when two of our lights blew out, we weren’t totally thrown for a loop.

Veronica was absolutely wonderful. She’s an incredible spanker not only because she can deliver a good firm spanking, but also because she’s very adept at sensing the needs of the spankee and adjusting the duration and intensity accordingly. Also, despite any fears that Veronica may have felt when we sent her a kajillion pages of scripts, she was not only very prepared for all of her varied roles, but really made them her own too.

Between scenes and at dinner after a long day’s work, we had the chance to chat. We talked about everything from puppies to procreation to astrology to what I’ll be spanked for when I shoot with her for their site, The Spanking Couple, in August. I wish we had had time to talk even more as I greatly enjoyed her company. And goodness knows what topics we might have covered if we did!

It was such a pleasure and a privilege to have Veronica come to work with us and I certainly hope that she’ll come back out in the not too distant future to do so again!

Readers’ Choice

I’ve received a few emails from Pixie’s Previews viewers and blog readers asking when particular scenes of mine will be made available in the members’ section. I can’t say yes to every request and post them all right away because that would be a major Pixie overload and we wouldn’t want that. So I’m asking you to help me to decide which scene should be used for my next update. Please let me know what your selection is by posting in the comments section. Your choices are:

Presidential Punishment – Sorority sister Holly hand spanks me for failing to keep my grades up and setting a poor example as sorority president.

Over the Rainbow – A part 2 to No Place Like Home in which Richard Windsor (as Zeke) spanks me for throwing eggs at that old witch Miss Mulch.

Miss Manners – Chloe and I are unruly sisters that have been sent to be transformed into well-behaved girls by Veronica of the Miss Manners company. By the way, for those that enjoy straight to the bare bottom spankings, this one’s for you.

Tall Tales – I try to talk a good game with my friend Beverly about what happened when I was called into Headmaster Pierson’s office, but she eventually gets me to tell the truth about my punishment. (Contains a spanking and school paddling)

Sibling Rivalry – Holly and I end up in a cat fight over a t-shirt and mom Susan comes prepared with a hairbrush to restore order.

Too Low for Zero – This was a scene based on a member’s request that ended up taking on a life of its own. Scenes have a way of doing that sometimes. I was caught cheating on an exam and then forged my dad’s signature on the note home. I begged not to be grounded for what sounded like eternity but in exchange for a night’s freedom to go to the school dance, I had to accept two hard spankings from Dad (George Richards) – one for cheating and one for forgery.

Whichever scene is chosen will be posted on July 25th.

Coming Soon to the PB Members’ Bonus Gallery …

Check out just a small sample of the fun photos that will soon be featured in the Punished Brats members’ bonus gallery. I’ll be posting these pictures (in their original full size of course) over time and I’ll post a few to start with a little later on tonight. Lots of the beautiful Juliet Valentina and lots of us two blondes having fun and finding trouble. 🙂

Once again here is proof that PB bloopers not only happen on video, but in still shots as well. Clearly bloopers are very amusing as we were laughing our heads off here. Tony, who was on set with us that day, said he didn’t know what we were trying to do, but it sure was fun to watch.

We did manage to capture a photo with us both accomplishing the cheer stunt without falling over on the next try and the proof of our success will be posted in the members’ bonus gallery in a future update.