9 thoughts on “Pixie’s Previews Video Clip

  1. Oh this preview was just wonderful Pixie!

    I enjoyed every fun filled minute of it, this was one of your longer ones I think, and was it just great to see you good gals and those two grand gents working together.

    I have watched Andy and David’s first spanking scene together many times, but this new one, I have a feeling it might be a Daughter/Daddy scene, as I adore David’s in his parental roles, and Andy as the bratastic kiddo, so I can not wait to see that video when it’s put up.

    And though it was short, your scene with George looked fantastic, you+hairbrush = Love! I’m looking forward to that one as well.

    And goodness Holly was giving it to you but good in that scene! You two look great together, makes me wonder what we’ve been missing out on since this is the first time with you two playing top/bottom.

    But again, loved the clip, has me greatly anticipating all those wondrous clips.

    Take care and have a great weekend, and coming 4th!


  2. lol Note to self : Bring Hubba Bubba “OUCH” gum to Shadowlane. 😉 Great clip as always, Pixie. Stuck with clean-up duty, eh? Oh well. Looks like the shoot was fun. The sound effects on the preview clip were cute. Of course, it’s all about the SPANKING and that looked hot. 😉

  3. Very cute video Pixie!

    These Pixie’s Previews, with insights into behind-the-scenes shoots, and bloopers, is so creative and totally unique — it’s really wonderful! It’s so neat to see how much fun y’all have 🙂


  4. Lee – Glad you enjoyed the preview. They are always what I look forward to seeing most when the footage has been edited. I usually have a rough idea of how the scenes turned out, but it’s the little things that I didn’t know were captured that makes the preview special and fun.

    Andy’s scene with George is going to go up tonight. I haven’t yet figured out when some of the other scenes will be added to the schedule, but I hope everyone will enjoy George’s debut performance.

    007 – Yes, bring gum. Lots of gum if you want to see a very happy Pixie. 🙂

    Dave – We really do have a great time. Even when things get stressful, there’s still always laughter on the set. I’m so happy that we’ve found a way to share some of our fun with you!

  5. seeing is beleiving now i do belive you when you said holly a very good at being a spanker. she did anawesome job. will there be more clips of her doing the spanking to you naughty girls. that way veronica can have a break and let her arm rest lol.

    maybe a clips of her and veronica being a top and spanking you and other girls at same time would be good idea veronica has one naughty girl over lap for spanking then holly has another one you pixie what you say and think to that


  6. pixie i love your work im from aguascalientes mexico and im a spanker and i realy want to met you i hope you answer to my male i admire your work ad the passion that you offere to your fans in all your job if you can give to me the way to be aspanking actor ill be thanked all my life

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