Photo Fun with Beverly

Beverly and I got to hang out today and have a lot of fun hamming it up for the camera. We ended up with a lot of pretty cool photos and had a blast. We have a couple of plans in the works for these photos, but I just wanted to give you a sneak preview of the fun we had today.

Speaking of sneak previews, check out the latest Pixie’s Previews I just posted on Punished Brats. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Photo Fun with Beverly

  1. I would hope that the two of you would so misbehave at a sleepover in the basement that I would just HAVE to soundly spank the both of you.

    Brad D.

  2. Hi Pixie,

    ooo these are hot photos. and the latest at pixie’s previews–wow! hot stuff.

    Cute Pj’s and hot tushies so squirmingly well together, do they not? 🙂

    Why not release a “Slumber Party Gone Wrong” series of vids or something of that sort? just a thought from my perverted, kinky mind.

  3. Ooooh oh oh!!!!

    Yes yes YES!!!!!

    Dave you’re a genius!!

    Hehe, I love that idea, probably more than I should.

    But Ooh!…

    It just gets the spanko side of my brain going.

    You have a bed, or couch depending, young girls, jammies, sometimes quite naughty jammies at that, and late night mischief just waiting to be gotten into.

    Pixie if you’d ever consider that idea at any point and time, I second Dave’s thought, we’ll both be kinky pervos together, heh.


    Now I’m stuck with it in my head, shiznat. I wish I knew how you spelled that honey, hehe. And the most adorablicious almost curse word award goes to!!…

    Alrighty, let me keep this short, love the pictures, you and Bev look too precious, wish I’d been there to give you both some nice taps myself.

    And can’t wait to see the ‘new girl’, she is a pretty one, I will be eagerly looking forward to Monday.

    Have a great weekend sweetie.


  4. The votes are in and it’s unanimous : Gorgeous spankees in pajamas equals excellent pictures and even better videos. 🙂 Wouldn’t Pixie just look stunning in dropseats? My heart’s racing just thinking about it. 🙂

    Just came from Pixie’s previews. Boy, I can’t wait to see the blooper reel this week under THOSE circumstances. 🙂

  5. Beverly looks like she would be a lot of fun to work/play with. I just saw “Spanking of the Week” and looooooooved it! Thank you, Pixie!!!

  6. adam b – yes we certainly did!

    Brad – left with no choice but to spank us. Oh, what a chore! 😉

    Dave – I did a slumber party scene once with Leia Ann. I’d love to revisit that theme. I know from having slumber parties growing up that when you fill a room up with bratty girls, you’re bound to end up with something spankworthy going on.

    Lee – hmmm … looks like that naughty slumber party theme is popular. 🙂 New model, Charlie Skye’s first scene is now up in th members section. And yes, I believe you spelled “shiznat” correctly.

    007 – I had a pair of dropseats once but they were soooo huge that if you dropped the seat, you’d find the backs of my knees, not my bottom. :-/ Next week’s blooper reel is pretty funny and does show some of our funny wardrobe malfunction outtakes, but thankfully Eric edited in such a way as to preserve our modesty.

    Todd & Suzy – thanks! I’m not ready to become a real spanker anytime soon, but giving a big unexpected smack and then grinning brattily at the surprised reaction can be pretty fun. 🙂

    Lefty – Beverly is very funny and easy going which makes working with her enjoyable and such a pleasure.

  7. well Pixie,

    you know my thoughts on how naughty girls should be treated once in their cute adorable jammies. (Esp you my girl)

    Cannot wait to see this on your site.

    Oh yes the more slumber party or bedtime /pyjama senarios the better.

    wonderful wonderful wonderful

  8. pixie i think you would make a cool spanker lol maybe u could suripse the girls with a good spanking by telling them they need spanked and will be getting the spanking from you lol. then maybe you could get spanked for spanking them by getting caught by another female top.

    i agree it would be fun to do a good smack every now and then but why did you pull down beverly pants did you pull them all way down before spanking her?


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