New DVD – Spanking Pixie Vol. 2

We’ve just released a new Punished Brats DVD – Spanking Pixie Vol. 2. 🙂 It features several scenes that are not available in the members’ section along with two scenes, House Call and Super Bratty Party, that received several requests for inclusion in the next DVD release. Starring along with me are Beverly Bacci, Holly, Veronica, Susan, and David Pierson. See me at my brattiest get spanked by hand, hairbrush, paddle, and the cane!

Check out the photos, scene descriptions, and of course, the 4 minute preview clip on the Spanking Pixie Vol. 2 DVD Page.

13 thoughts on “New DVD – Spanking Pixie Vol. 2

  1. Bravo! Congrats on the DVD! I just watched the preview clip–hot stuff indeed. and those are some serious hairbrush scenes/ouchies!

    I will feature this soon on The Cherry Red Report.

    Take care Pixie:-)


  2. YEEEEE-HA!! I know a lot of folks have been waiting for this. Can you bring copies to Shadowlane in August? I want my copy signed. 🙂 Great stuff, sweetie.

  3. Is that the DVD that David sent to me to watch and review?
    I’ve been enjoying watching the DVD’s so far and can’t wait to watch the new one this weekend!
    You are the best spanking model I’ve ever seen on any spanking movies, amber!! I love your reactions and pouts and the way you respond to the spankings that are given to you.
    I plan to sit down this weekend and watch the rest of the DVD’s and new one to review and check it out!
    padme amidala

  4. Dave – thanks!! Yes, I definitely got a good dose of the hairbrush in this DVD.

    007 – We most certainly will be bringing this DVD along with the other 10 title we have available to date. I’ll be more than happy to sign a copy for you. 🙂

    padme – David just picked up the original last night so a copy has not been sent out to you yet. But if you’d like to review it, I’m sure that can be arranged. 🙂 I’m very flattered that you enjoy seeing me get spanked so much. Thank you!!

  5. Congratulations on the new DVD. I’ll have to give the preview a look.
    And it looks like we get to see you in the swimsuit that we all voted on! Such a deal! Who else would do that for her adoring public?

    Dr. Ken

  6. Pixie this is very cool preview spanking dvd. i enjoy watching it ya did very good job with it like alway.

    i kind of like the part where you and the other blond hair female was getting spanked same time. how while you were getting spanked she was smirking almost laughing then while she was getting spanked you got do same thing can alway keep in mind if somebody got to watch laugh at alway know they will get same in return then you get revenge on them.

    one question i want ask you

    if you or other model making spanking dvd and you are told ya going to get spanked by the Tops why do you guys look shock and suripse. i mean after all we know ya into spankings and like it.

    iam talking about this one clip i seen when 2 girls were getting spanked one look shock when told they getting spanking.


  7. Duncan – thanks. The lollipops were featured in a fantasy scene and once we have enough materical for a second fantasy DVD, that scene will be included. 🙂

    David – thank you and thanks for the good news

    Dr. Ken – Yep! You voted and I listened.

    mike – We look surprised because we are acting in a scene. Of course we know we are going to get spanked as that’s why we are there but when performing as a character in a scene, it would seriously detract from the realism and overall enjoyment of the scene to have the girl unsurprised or even enthusiastic when the person playing an authority figure announces he or she will be disciplining them. It would be like an actor yawning in the face of the monster or crazed killer in a movie just because they know what’s coming. There’s no fun in that for the viewer. Nope, gotta act. And that for us means looking shocked and often showing resistance as the scene calls for it.

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