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I’ve been catching up on some Punished Brats projects I’ve been wanting to get to for a little while now. I got a little behind on my to-do list first because of my LA trip and then working on creating a website on financial trading for an acquaintance. For the record, I think designing spanking sites is much more fun!

But finally tonight I was able to accomplish one of my goals which was to start a bonus gallery in the members section. The photos will include casual pretty pictures, headshots, and some fun photo stories down the line.

I’ve added a dozen photos to start with and will be adding more over time.

Here is a cute photo that didn’t quite make the inclusion list for the gallery. Beverly looks appropriately scared as we were directed to be, while I appear to be far more concerned that I may have chipped a nail. Oh well. I do love bloopers and it looks like they aren’t limited to video!

13 thoughts on “Bonus Gallery

  1. Doh. Director obviously didn’t say “ACTION” loud enough. 😉 Hope all is well, Pixie. 9 weeks and 2 days until SL in Vegas. 🙂

  2. The Bonus Gallery sounds like a wonderful idea! I look forward to it upon my re-joining the site (which, hopefully, will be soon…)
    It’s the little “extras” that really help round out a site. Hard to believe that PB could actually get better… 🙂

    Dr. Ken

  3. 007 – It was a lot of fun to take these photos with Beverly and cool that even our bloopers were entertaining. I hope to arrange to do something similar again soon.

    The SL party is coming up fast!

    Dr. Ken – Yes, I hope you’ll enjoy the bonus gallery when you rejoin. 🙂 I’ve just added a few more photos (a couple of headshots and the start of some playful photosets).

    David – Nah, not really. My nails never get very long anyway and I’m not the one that fusses with manicures before each shoot!!

  4. Pixie I just can not get over it. I read yours and David’s tell alls in the mag, which was just fabulous by the way, and I saw that your age was put in.

    And just…

    I always knew you were young, though I had a feeling that the age in my head just couldn’t be right, after all, the legal limit is 18.

    But knowing just how old you are, and looking at a picture like this, scares me I must say, heh.

    You look so adorable and itty bitty little girlafied! Not a word but it’ll have to do.

    You and Bev both just look like stunning little, and I’m sure naughty as well, angels; love the outfits, you in pig-tails, still my heart, heh.

    As someone who is very matronly at heart, and loves to spank in that fashion as well, to see you looking like that makes me wish I could just clone you or something, heh.

    You are one of the most breathtaking little creatures I’ve ever had a pleasure to lay my eyes on, and though this may sound strange, hopefully not creepy, that outside of spanking even, I have a feeling you’re a mama’s dream, and I’m sure your own could, and would, back me up with that statement.

    Okay, the tears are coming, heh, so I will bid thee adieu till next time.

    Take care, and hope you’re having a great week so far.

    Toodles, Lee

  5. Pixie, you and Beverly look lovely. When I am king, you will be the royal stylist of woman’s fashions for all the kingdom.

  6. The previews and the behind the scenes stuff is what made me subscribe to Punished Brats. It shows you guys are having fun. You’re not taking yourselves too seriously, yet are able to produce scenes that fill that kinky need we all have. That makes it even more enjoyable for me.

    I feel comfortable watching you guys because you’re so open about the whole process of making spanking movies.

  7. question ! had you keep your skin on your bottom from getting tuff, and kind dryed out , you know from all the spanking? the skin on my bottom seems to be getting tuff, and almost callased, from getting spanked alot.. how can i get it soft again?

  8. I love the new gallery section, but where is the centerfold of Tony?! He is the most handsome-est man in the spanking world. He did the impossible, he displaced (at least temporarily) David P. from my naughty little imaginings.
    Sign me,
    Too shy to leave my name!

  9. Lee – thank you very much!! I’m glad you enjoyed the article and the photos so much. That is so sweet that you want to clone me, but I can’t imagine there being more than one of me running around. Eep!

    Lefty – thanks! Yay! Short gingham dresses for all!!!

    padme – thank you. Dressing up is such fun.

    smallhanded – oh that’s wondeful. Thank you for letting us know. We indeed have a lot of fun and it’s great to know that you enjoy sharing that with us.

    Anonymous1 – Exfoliate and hydrate. Use a nice salt or sugar scrub a few times a week and then apply a good lotion or cream daily. I don’t have a major problem with tough skin anymore, but when I played a lot harder (lots of implements) and more often, my bottom didn’t have the chance to recover. If you give your bottom a break from spanking for a bit or switch to lighter spankings for a while, your skin will heal and soften.

    Too Shy – Hey, you may not have posted your name, but I know you well and know your adoration of Tony is strong. He is indeed a wondeful actor and great guy which is no doubt why Juliet is so fond of him. I don’t however believe that he will be posing for centerfold style photos on our site as he’s rather busy with his professional acting career, so you may have to continue with your “imaginings”.

  10. wow you must be really brave if only thing on ya mind is ya broken nail instead of the upcomming spanking ya about to get.

    kind of like you say darn i broke a nail the spanking is nothing new to you since you been spanked alot. and know what it like and is used to getting spanked.


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