And the answer is …

Psssst! Did you hear who’s coming to work with us in July?

I’m very excited to announce that Veronica Daniels of The Spanking Couple is coming to work with us at Punished Brats in 2 weeks. Unforunately, her adorable puggle won’t be coming along!

It will no doubt be a very special shoot and if you’ve seen Veronica spank before on her site (and if you haven’t, why not?!!?!), The Spanking Couple, that she runs with Dr. Daniels, you know that there’s going to be a lot of sore bottoms and not much sitting come mid-July.

We have lined up Beverly Bacci and Juliet Valentina to join me in receiving some much deserved discipline from Veronica and so we know we are certain to capture some fantastic scenes. The scripts are all written, the wardrobe is being gathered, and we are more or less ready to go (knock on wood) two weeks out which I believe is a PB record. We have schoolgirl, domestic, office setting, and fantasy scenes on tap. With so many different scenarios coupled with Veronica’s expertise, there should be something for almost everyone to enjoy.

Be sure to visit the The Spanking Couple’s blog to find out more about Veronica and Dr. D’s life, relationship, fantastic insights on spanking, some great interviews, and highlights from some of their recent updates. And of course, be sure to head on over to to see real-life domestic discipline at its finest. You will see Veronica spanked by Dr. Daniels and Dr. Daniels spanked by Veronica as they engage in Co-operative Domestic Discipline in which they hold eachother accountable for their actions in their relationship.
You’ll also find other models like Sierra Salem disciplined by the couple, spanking stories, informative articles, an advice column, and their diary. Lots and lots to see and enjoy. Check it out!

8 thoughts on “And the answer is …

  1. Sounds pretty cool. We’re fans of ‘The Spanking Couple’s Blog’… so we’ll be looking forward to Veronica’s handy work!

    ~Todd & Suzy

  2. Ahhh So Veronica’s coming to the East Coast eh? I’ve seen her handiwork. Your poor little bottom may be in for quite a workout, young lady. 😉 Please email me when you get a chance. (HUGS)

  3. Yes, I think that Veronica definitely needs to wear herself out this July in administering to naughty GIRLS.

    I hope to hear the sounds of spanking and see red moons lit all the way down here in one state south.

    Brad D.

  4. smallhanded – Yep! Surprise!!! Though your guess wasn’t too far off. Well, I’ll just leave it at that for now. >:)

    Todd & Suzy – I’m really looking forward to getting to work with Veronica. I can already feel the butterflies in my tummy. In two weeks they’ll be the size of bats!

    Dave – She definitely rocks. 🙂

    007 – Yep, we’re dragging Veronica out to Philly, but I have a feeling that I’ll be the one kicking and screaming.

    Brad D – I’m not so sure she’ll be wearing herself out. As I understand it, she’s planning on upping her arm workouts so she’s probably going to be in tip-top spanking shape by the end of July. Someone might be in trouble … besides me.

  5. Considering that I always list Beverly, Juliet, and you as 3 of my favorite PB models, this promises to be one amazing shoot! I’m looking forward to it.
    To everyone who is NOT a member of the Punished Brats site–join!
    Join now…..

    Dr. Ken

  6. Pixie-

    I am VERY excited about the shoot! I am upping my arm work-outs as we speak. I just finished a set of tricep push ups!

    You rock!

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