And the answer is …

Psssst! Did you hear who’s coming to work with us in July?

I’m very excited to announce that Veronica Daniels of The Spanking Couple is coming to work with us at Punished Brats in 2 weeks. Unforunately, her adorable puggle won’t be coming along!

It will no doubt be a very special shoot and if you’ve seen Veronica spank before on her site (and if you haven’t, why not?!!?!), The Spanking Couple, that she runs with Dr. Daniels, you know that there’s going to be a lot of sore bottoms and not much sitting come mid-July.

We have lined up Beverly Bacci and Juliet Valentina to join me in receiving some much deserved discipline from Veronica and so we know we are certain to capture some fantastic scenes. The scripts are all written, the wardrobe is being gathered, and we are more or less ready to go (knock on wood) two weeks out which I believe is a PB record. We have schoolgirl, domestic, office setting, and fantasy scenes on tap. With so many different scenarios coupled with Veronica’s expertise, there should be something for almost everyone to enjoy.

Be sure to visit the The Spanking Couple’s blog to find out more about Veronica and Dr. D’s life, relationship, fantastic insights on spanking, some great interviews, and highlights from some of their recent updates. And of course, be sure to head on over to to see real-life domestic discipline at its finest. You will see Veronica spanked by Dr. Daniels and Dr. Daniels spanked by Veronica as they engage in Co-operative Domestic Discipline in which they hold eachother accountable for their actions in their relationship.
You’ll also find other models like Sierra Salem disciplined by the couple, spanking stories, informative articles, an advice column, and their diary. Lots and lots to see and enjoy. Check it out!

Can you guess?

Guess who is going to be shooting with us at Punished Brats in 2 weeks?? I’ll reveal all in a post this weekend, but for now, this is the only clue.

Look out … she’s got her eye on you!!

I wish I had more time to post, but I promise to catch up this weekend. 🙂

Bonus Gallery

I’ve been catching up on some Punished Brats projects I’ve been wanting to get to for a little while now. I got a little behind on my to-do list first because of my LA trip and then working on creating a website on financial trading for an acquaintance. For the record, I think designing spanking sites is much more fun!

But finally tonight I was able to accomplish one of my goals which was to start a bonus gallery in the members section. The photos will include casual pretty pictures, headshots, and some fun photo stories down the line.

I’ve added a dozen photos to start with and will be adding more over time.

Here is a cute photo that didn’t quite make the inclusion list for the gallery. Beverly looks appropriately scared as we were directed to be, while I appear to be far more concerned that I may have chipped a nail. Oh well. I do love bloopers and it looks like they aren’t limited to video!

June 23rd Punished Brats Shoot

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of working with George Richards for the first time at Punished Brats. He did a wonderful job providing firm but controlled spankings in roles ranging from parental figure to bewildered author.

Here is a little photo montage of the scenes George was featured in:

From the top going clockwise, a hairbrush manages to work its way into one of my scenes with George, ‘Too Low for Zero’, Holly can’t shift the blame with George in ‘Excuse Queen’, George deals effeciently with trespassers in ‘Author Author’, and George spanks a delightfully devilish Andy in ‘Cool Teacher’.

Perhaps even better revenge than getting to see me spanked, Holly got to spank me herself in a scene yesterday …

And then walked me smack into the wall for corner time. Hmph!! I’d say we should practice that corner time placement technique, but we all know how I feel about the dreaded corner and I’m not about to volunteer.

In an effort to get her back, I offered her a piece of the most sour, tongue twisting gum I know of. Holly claims she liked it but given her facial reaction, I’m not so sure. Hahahaha.

While setting up for a scene with David Pierson, Andy remarked that she doesn’t like gum of any sort because one of her siblings chews it so obnoxiously that she is now forever turned off it. I had to steady myself and nearly shed a tear at the thought.

Once again we had a couple of wardrobe malfunctions during our shoot. Andy wore the tube dress shown in the picture below in which she is flexing her toned and tanned backside, and somehow none of us realized until after the scene was complete that there was a bit of … slippage. I joked that Andy should have been with us on the last shoot as bustline mishaps seemed to be the theme of the day.

Then as fate would have it, I was paid back for my little joke. I thought I was safe as the sundress I chose to wear this time around had adjustable straps and ties to make sure my hooties stayed safely tucked in and in the other two scenes, I wore t-shirts. No problem then, right? Wrong. When I was told to stand up after receiving my spanking in ‘Too Low for Zero’, I saw that quite a few buttons had worked themselves undone on my buttondown t-shirt. I stood there for a moment not sure what to do first – pull up my shorts or close my shirt. Guess you’ll just have to wait and see for yourself what my decision was when that video is up on our site.

For more behind the scenes notes and photos, go to Pixie’s Previews and look for these scenes and lots, lots more coming to the members section of Punished Brats soon!!

New DVD – Spanking Pixie Vol. 2

We’ve just released a new Punished Brats DVD – Spanking Pixie Vol. 2. 🙂 It features several scenes that are not available in the members’ section along with two scenes, House Call and Super Bratty Party, that received several requests for inclusion in the next DVD release. Starring along with me are Beverly Bacci, Holly, Veronica, Susan, and David Pierson. See me at my brattiest get spanked by hand, hairbrush, paddle, and the cane!

Check out the photos, scene descriptions, and of course, the 4 minute preview clip on the Spanking Pixie Vol. 2 DVD Page.

Photo Fun with Beverly

Beverly and I got to hang out today and have a lot of fun hamming it up for the camera. We ended up with a lot of pretty cool photos and had a blast. We have a couple of plans in the works for these photos, but I just wanted to give you a sneak preview of the fun we had today.

Speaking of sneak previews, check out the latest Pixie’s Previews I just posted on Punished Brats. 🙂