New Pixie’s Preview

Since I’m going to be busy with another Punished Brats shoot tomorrow, I posted the new Pixie’s Preview with the bloopers and sneak preview video clip up a day early.

Hope you will enjoy it! 🙂

4 thoughts on “New Pixie’s Preview

  1. Hi Pixie

    As always, a delight to see you getting your pert little bum spanked. From all the wriggling you were doing and the noise you were making it would seem that you were really feeling the spanking. That’s good! And the part where you are doing coner time with your bare, well-spanked bottom on display is awesome!

    BTW, just how small is your pert little bottom?


  2. Mark – Yes, I am slowly getting more comfortable with talking to the camera. I had to do a lot of it in several scenes shot that weekend. Nothing helps to get over a phobia like facing it head on!

    Alex – thank you! I always look forward to the bloopers and seeing what the camera caught when we weren’t paying attention. 🙂

    Aristotle – Oh yes. I was definitely feeling the spankings!! I didn’t sit comfortably until Wednesday.

    How small is my bottom? I’m not sure how to measure it, but a hand tends to cover a cheek and a half. bum size

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