Brat Fight

Back in February, Holly and I were just playing around between scenes and decided we should do a scene where we play sisters getting in trouble for fighting. Not just verbal taunting, but a real rumble. Holly said she’d kick my ass. I said we’d see about that.

We finally got our chance at the shoot this past Saturday. Holly was fierce!!

But I held my own.

Of course we ended up getting in trouble for our sisterly spat. And isn’t it just like a sibling to enjoy watching the other one get spanked??

I decided to do a little Tae Bo in her direction even while otk for laughing while I got spanked.
I ended up with a scratched knee and a little bruise on my chin from our scuffle and I’m pretty sure Holly had a nice bump on her head where my chin collided with her. I sure hope this scene turns out well for all of our battlewounds not to mention hairbrush spanked bottoms! But no matter what, it sure was fun to wrestle like that. Look out WWE!