Weekend Wrap Up

What does 1 Pixie + 2 days + 6 hand spankings + 2 hairbrush spankings + 1 caning + 1 paddling equal? Yep, you got. One sore bottom! I can still feel it when I sit down on anything firmer than my couch.

Overall, the weekend and the two shoots were a success and we got a lot of great content in the can. Unfortunately, nothing ever goes completely perfectly, and this weekend was no exception. One of the new models didn’t show which threw our schedule off a bit and really stressed David out big time. But thankfully, we were able to quickly regroup and adjust the schedule accordingly.

Sarah Gregory, who is the other new model that was scheduled for Saturday, was fantastic. She was fun and bubbly and really got into character in each of her scenes. We had to scrap one of the scenes that was supposed to feature both Sarah and the other girl who was a no-show, and have Sarah perform a scene that she had only half an hour to prepare for before it was lights, camera, spank! She adapted really well and did a fantastic job. Sarah’s first scene, Unexcused Absences, will be up in the member’s section on Friday. Check it out!

My first scene of the day on Saturday was one called It’s My Party that I was inspired to write after watching My Super Sweet Sixteen on MTV (I have fine taste in TV, no?). I wore a little party dress and cute teal panties with what I thought were accents of silver thread. Turns out the silver “thread” was actually lines of silver glitter which got e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. It was all over Veronica’s hands, my dress, legs, and of course, my butt! My bottom looked like a Christmas ornament it was so red and glittery by the end of the scene. Veronica called the glitter Pixie dust which was really funny. Who knew that pixie dust comes from a pixie’s bum?

I was really wiped out on Saturday night, but raring to go the next morning for another day of spanking fun. This shoot was special because it we’d scheduled scenes that had some pretty involved setup and storylines that required extra time to shoot. Many of these scenes were ones we’d wanted to do for a while, but never had time for during a normal shoot.

One of my favorite scenes of the day was called Spanking of the Week. Beverly was at her brattiest and Susan was the one up for the challenge of changing her attitude. I even got to give Beverly a good smack myself. Now, I’m not a top at all, but that was fun!!!


With two days of content shot, you know there were a ton of laughs and bloopers caught on tape. I can’t wait to see them all in the next Pixie’s Previews clip that Eric is putting together. The bloopers are often my favorite part of the scenes!

8 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up

  1. What a cool post!! Um….you can sprinkle some ‘pixie dust’ on me anytime. 😉

    Sounds like you have some great stuff coming down the spanking video pipeline.

    Looking forward to your updates on PunishedBrats and greatly enjoying your blog, pixie!

    Warmest regards,

  2. Hey Pixie, Congrats on getting through a long shooting weekend, the pics look great. I’m looking forward to seeing the bloopers too.

    Have a good week,


  3. Wow. All these new entries are just so amazing. So glad to see the photos and updates. You really are incredible sweetie. Thanks for sharing all these.

  4. Pixie,

    Given your rather sore bottom and AJ’s new found non-vanilla-ness, I’m guessing that you’re being a good girl this week? {grin}

    BTW, the bloopers are my favorite part too.


  5. Dave – thank you! I’d be happy to pack my pixie dust if ever get up north!!

    Razor – bloopers rule and I know for a fact we had quite a few. 🙂

    007 – I love getting to share a few photos with everyone. We have another shoot scheduled in a little over a week so there will be more sneak previews to come soon.

    Mark – If only I was so lucky!! I was barely over my soreness from the weekend when AJ decided to relight the fire on my backside. 🙁

    Duncan – The lollipops are featured in the fantasy scene with the Queen of Hearts and Gretel in trouble. I’m not sure yet what the title of the final cut will be.

  6. gadfly – cool! That’s a very good sign and a big compliment. 🙂 I hope you’ll enjoy the scenes when they’re available in the members’ section.

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