We’ve made some progress on rebuilding the site as you may have seen. The site no longer says it’s November 1st, all of the photos have been reposted for all scenes, members are once again able to access the site and login, and of the 143 scene updates we’ve had since the start of our site in June, 105 of them now have video clips available. Most of the clips are in WMV format, but we will be adding in the RM over the next few days in addition to the other 38 scenes that still need the videos uploaded. I’ve made a temporary list in the members’ section of which scenes have video clips available. I’ll continue to update this list until we are back at 100% again.

Thank you to everyone for your overwhelming support and understanding. I am so thankful to you all for all of the words of encouragement left in comments and sent in emails. You all are the best!!

The postal carrier delivered a package to me today containing a new costume I’d ordered. I may not be doing a shoot and getting spanked tomorrow as I’d hoped, but that doesn’t mean I can’t dress up anyway, right? The country girl dress is just too cute not to try on, so I figure why not wear it as I work on the site. 🙂 I just love to dress up even if it’s for no reason at all!

18 thoughts on “Rebuilding

  1. Well when the outfit is that cute and adorable Pixie I’m sure you’ll be hard pressed to find many who’d blame you for wearing it.

    I can’t tell you how terrified I was to find the site down for that short day, you, David, and the rest of the PD folks just make my day with your wonderful videos, and to think I might have lost you, about killed me, hehe; but it’s so great to see that things are coming together for you all, I can’t even imagine all the hard work and effect you’ve put in to rebuild the site. I hope it doesn’t take too much more for the work to be completed, and then we can get around to seeing just exactly how that glorious outfit fits into a shoot.

    Just looking at you makes me eager for some freshly churned butter, and a nice hickory switch with a round, plump bottom to use it on.

    I wish you a marvelous weekend, and don’t work too hard.

  2. I’m glad the site is coming along. I just LOVE the new outfit!!! It’s always so much fun when new things arrive. And who says you need a reason to dress up? It’s fun to do it ANYTIME!! I need to order myself some new things pretty soon. Your cute outfits always give me good ideas!!!

    ~TX Spankogirl~

  3. Wow… such bad news. So glad you’re upbeat about it though, and have done so much to get everything fixed. Hang in there, and have a great weakend.
    ~Todd & Suzy

  4. Yeah, Richard is right.
    Pixie that pic is way hot!

    I’m glad to see everything is getting back on track with PB so quickly too.


  5. I am sorry to hear the site is down. Speaking of outfits, where the heck do you order yours from? My fiance and I are dying to know.

  6. YoW!!!

    What an outfit =). you have excelent taste and flare for fun

    Hope everything is working out site is looking good day by day


  7. YOWZA!! Very nice costume on one very pretty model. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this sweetie. Hope you get to shoot in it soon.

  8. David – At least we’ll be on track for next week’s shoot and hopefully we can reschedule everyone from today’s shoot very soon!

    Anonymous – so glad you like the outfit. 🙂 It will be used in a fun scene very soon. Just wearing it makes me itchin’ for a switchin’. Brats is on it’s way back. Can’t keep a brat down for long you know.

    – TX Spankogirl – dressing up rules and when an ordered package arrives, it’s like a little present on a gloomy day. If you order some pretty new things, I hope to see them in your upcoming pics on your blog. 🙂

    – Todd & Suzy – We’re getting there and anticipate making a lot of progress this weekend. Thanks for your support! You guys are great.

    – Richard (puppy) – I always trust your judgement and your eye for spankworthiness (yeah, that’s a word).

    – Razor – Thank you. 🙂 Long time no chat. We need to catch up.

    – Anonymous 2 – I get my outfits from a lot of different places. Much like panties, I’m always on the lookout for cute costumes. I get them from ebay, amazon, party city (around Halloween), hot topic, and my personal fav online dream shop

    Chloe – thank you! 🙂 Can’t wait for May. We have some fun stuff in store for you. >:)

    Duncan – glad you like the outfit. It’s a fun one. 🙂

    007 – awww, thanks. I hope to shoot in it next week!

    Dr. Ken – Yes, God bless. My postal carrier must really wonder at all of the packages I get!

  9. Wow, I can’t believe you took the time to respond to everyone in the midst of all the other stress with the PB site. You’re amazing. Three cheers for Pixie! 🙂 Now go get some sleep or do something relaxing! And that’s an order. 😉


  10. Pixie, everything will work out just fine I am sure. Isn’t it nice to know you have such good friends?
    That outfit is adorable. Just what kind of panties were you wearing, or weren’t you?

  11. Anonymous – Awww, thank you. I did get out for a little while and went for a hike in the woods. Nothing centers me more than being out in nature. 🙂

    Poppa Mark – I am so very thankful to have such great friends! And yes, I was wearing panties. White ones with red cherries so that I’d be color coordinated. Lol.

    Chloe – Those links look great. Normally I go “window” shopping on 3wishes and then get them for a fraction of the cost on ebay or amazon. I’m a thrifty brat too!

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