Packed And Ready To Go

I’m already all packed for this weekend’s shoots. I have a few dresses, skirts, tops, shoes, accessories, school uniforms, cheerleading uniforms, and of course lots and lots of panties. I look like I’m ready to leave on a school trip for a cheerleading competition. That is, until I add a few critical items – scripts, big paddles, and soothing body butter … good for the bum.

I have a lot of scripts to go over and lines to learn. Wouldn’t you know, I have 3 scenes where I have to talk directly to the camera … a lot! Eep! I also get to chat it up to the camera while wearing a bikini in one of the scenes. Double eep!

I’m trying to decide which bikini to wear. I’ve narrowed it down to two, and at the moment, I’m leaning towards the pink and brown one (do you agree? disagree?), but I’m never good at making up my mind so I packed both. That’s also why I’m bringing over 30 pairs of panties with me. I can never decide which ones to wear until right before the scene starts.

I have a little cherry ID tag on my suitcase. I bet Daddio is jealous. 😉 I also bet that by Sunday night my bottom will look an awful lot like these little cherries.

In other happy news, we have restored video to all of our scenes on Punished Brats following the server crash. We are still working to re-upload the Real Media clips of many of our older scenes, but at least video is available in Windows Media and in many cases Real Media as well so you won’t miss out on any of the spanking action.

13 thoughts on “Packed And Ready To Go

  1. Pixie,

    I’m leaning toward the blue and white bikini, but I’m sure you will look HOT [and glowing–;-) } in either one.

    Have a great shoot!


  2. What a delightful post. Sounds like you are one very well-prepared traveller, with luggage including everything a spankee might need: Panties (lots!!). Body Butter. Bikinis (I like the pink one). And soon to be Bright Bums!

    You are the best, pixie!

    And Yes I am jealous of your ‘cherry’ luggage tags!

    Have a safe trip and a great time.

    “The Cherry Red Report”

  3. Have a great weekend. next time I am in a airport and I see cheery luggage tag on the carrosel I will look around for you =)


  4. The pink and brown looks like it might be the best… though it’s hard to say for sure without seeing you in both. Would be hard for you to make a bad choice when it comes to a bikini though. Wait until you’re 40… lol… then it *really* matters.

    Have a ton of fun this weekend!

    ~Todd & Suzy

  5. Pixie my dear, I brought over the costumes to our studio tonight. I got them out of the dry cleaners. The woman asked if my daughter was in town? Lot’s of cheerleader and school unis.
    David Pierson

  6. Mark – oh, I have no doubt I will be “glowing” too!

    ofia – thank you! it’s gonna be a long but fun weekend. 🙂

    Dave – I knew you’d like the cherry tags. And yes, I am very prepared. Girl Scouts taught me well.

    Chloe – yeah, I’m terrible at decisions like that. I blame it on being a Libra. I can never make up my mind.

    Richard – nope, no bikini in dark cherry red. it will just look that way when my bottoms are pulled down.

    Duncan – hopefully the cherry tags will help me ID my bags on the luggage carousel next time I fly. all the suitcases look alike after a while and I wouldn’t want someone walking of with my spanky stuff. 🙂

    Todd & Suzy – I think bikinis are always nerve wracking. I just want to pick the one least likely to make me look like a puffy marshmallow and most likely to keep all my bits in place even while getting spanked hard!

    David – yeah, that must have been a little awkward to explain and with so many different styles of uniforms it looks even more odd. Just how many different schools does your daughter attend?

    Dr. Ken – you’ve tied up the votes on pink vs blue! I may still have to flip a coin now. 🙂

  7. The blue and white bikini is so beautiful!! 🙂
    I agree with mark that you will look good in either of them.
    Have a good weekend. 🙂
    padme amidala

  8. One more vote for the blue and white one on the right. Best wishes for a great shoot. Wish I was there myself. 😉 As is, I’m already on line for the dvd. Hope your whole weekend goes well.

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