Blue Bikini

You voted and I listened. 🙂 Since more people said they wanted to see me spanked in the blue and white bikini, that’s what I wore for today’s shoot. And boy, let me tell you, that was one heck of a hairbrush spanking I received. I look very patriotic now sporting my red, white, and blue!

9 thoughts on “Blue Bikini

  1. Oh Pixie you make the most adorable beach blond beauty I’ve ever seen!

    And great choice of bikini, really suits your gorgeous little self.

    Wow, what your naughty, and I’m sure, bratty self must have done to make Mommy V go after you so…

    I can’t ‘WAIT!’ to see that scene, and all the others from this weekend, you guys just keep on with the masterpieces all the time, I’m getting right spoiled now, heh.

    Hope those, shall I say, ‘extra ripe’ cherries of yours aren’t too sore for long.

    Have a very blessed Sunday.


  2. Pixie–
    the blue and white bikini does look fantastic on you, and it contrasts well with your red bottom in this shot, making for a very nice picture!
    I hope the rest of the weekend photo shoot was just as good!

    Dr. Ken

  3. Wow…what an amazing picture!! You look amazing in that bikini and your bottom looks very red. 🙂
    padme amidala

  4. So cute!!! What a great picture. I can’t wait to watch that clip. I LOVE hairbrush spankings (though my bottom may disagree with that sometimes! LOL). And your bottom looks so red. I imagine it was much brighter red by the end of the shoot. 🙂

    ~TX Spankogirl~

  5. Dave – thank you!! Yep, I was in biiiig trouble!

    Lee – thanks 🙂 This was the final “act” in a 3 part scene tentatively called Amber’s Letters. It was a lot of fun to do and I sure hope you’ll all enjoy it when it’s put together in editing.

    Dr. Ken – We got some great content shot on Sunday as well. I hope to do a post about the double shoot tomorrow.

    padme amidala – thank you. My bottom stayed red a long time after this scene. When I checked in the mirror hours later after my shower, it was still glowing.

    TX Spankogirl – my bottom tends to agree with your bottom!! in fact my bottom has suggested I mail the infamous hairbrush far, far away … to Texas perhaps. 🙂

    I’m still wiped out today (not to mention sore!) from the back to back shoots. I promise to do my best though to post tomorrow about all that went on over the weekend.

  6. pixie

    i was wondering after you got a spanking has any friend or family memember seen ya butt like if you change clothes with them or if u have hard time sitting do they ask you why you can not sit comfortably. do they even ask why is ya butt red


  7. sugarpie – thanks!!! 🙂

    mike – I’ve had a couple of awkward moments in the summertime especially when wearing my bathing suit. Sometimes I’ll get into the pool and have to wait a long time for just the right moment to hop out and grab my towel without anyone seeing my backside.

    One time my friend’s young son saw marks on the backs of my thighs as I bent over in shorts and asked what happened. I was caught off guard and said the first thing that popped into my head – that I had gotten hurt riding a wild rollercoaster at Six Flags the day before. Poor kid is probably terrified of amusement parks now!

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