Weekend Wrap Up

What does 1 Pixie + 2 days + 6 hand spankings + 2 hairbrush spankings + 1 caning + 1 paddling equal? Yep, you got. One sore bottom! I can still feel it when I sit down on anything firmer than my couch.

Overall, the weekend and the two shoots were a success and we got a lot of great content in the can. Unfortunately, nothing ever goes completely perfectly, and this weekend was no exception. One of the new models didn’t show which threw our schedule off a bit and really stressed David out big time. But thankfully, we were able to quickly regroup and adjust the schedule accordingly.

Sarah Gregory, who is the other new model that was scheduled for Saturday, was fantastic. She was fun and bubbly and really got into character in each of her scenes. We had to scrap one of the scenes that was supposed to feature both Sarah and the other girl who was a no-show, and have Sarah perform a scene that she had only half an hour to prepare for before it was lights, camera, spank! She adapted really well and did a fantastic job. Sarah’s first scene, Unexcused Absences, will be up in the member’s section on Friday. Check it out!

My first scene of the day on Saturday was one called It’s My Party that I was inspired to write after watching My Super Sweet Sixteen on MTV (I have fine taste in TV, no?). I wore a little party dress and cute teal panties with what I thought were accents of silver thread. Turns out the silver “thread” was actually lines of silver glitter which got e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. It was all over Veronica’s hands, my dress, legs, and of course, my butt! My bottom looked like a Christmas ornament it was so red and glittery by the end of the scene. Veronica called the glitter Pixie dust which was really funny. Who knew that pixie dust comes from a pixie’s bum?

I was really wiped out on Saturday night, but raring to go the next morning for another day of spanking fun. This shoot was special because it we’d scheduled scenes that had some pretty involved setup and storylines that required extra time to shoot. Many of these scenes were ones we’d wanted to do for a while, but never had time for during a normal shoot.

One of my favorite scenes of the day was called Spanking of the Week. Beverly was at her brattiest and Susan was the one up for the challenge of changing her attitude. I even got to give Beverly a good smack myself. Now, I’m not a top at all, but that was fun!!!


With two days of content shot, you know there were a ton of laughs and bloopers caught on tape. I can’t wait to see them all in the next Pixie’s Previews clip that Eric is putting together. The bloopers are often my favorite part of the scenes!

Blue Bikini

You voted and I listened. 🙂 Since more people said they wanted to see me spanked in the blue and white bikini, that’s what I wore for today’s shoot. And boy, let me tell you, that was one heck of a hairbrush spanking I received. I look very patriotic now sporting my red, white, and blue!

Packed And Ready To Go

I’m already all packed for this weekend’s shoots. I have a few dresses, skirts, tops, shoes, accessories, school uniforms, cheerleading uniforms, and of course lots and lots of panties. I look like I’m ready to leave on a school trip for a cheerleading competition. That is, until I add a few critical items – scripts, big paddles, and soothing body butter … good for the bum.

I have a lot of scripts to go over and lines to learn. Wouldn’t you know, I have 3 scenes where I have to talk directly to the camera … a lot! Eep! I also get to chat it up to the camera while wearing a bikini in one of the scenes. Double eep!

I’m trying to decide which bikini to wear. I’ve narrowed it down to two, and at the moment, I’m leaning towards the pink and brown one (do you agree? disagree?), but I’m never good at making up my mind so I packed both. That’s also why I’m bringing over 30 pairs of panties with me. I can never decide which ones to wear until right before the scene starts.

I have a little cherry ID tag on my suitcase. I bet Daddio is jealous. 😉 I also bet that by Sunday night my bottom will look an awful lot like these little cherries.

In other happy news, we have restored video to all of our scenes on Punished Brats following the server crash. We are still working to re-upload the Real Media clips of many of our older scenes, but at least video is available in Windows Media and in many cases Real Media as well so you won’t miss out on any of the spanking action.

Time Warp

Are you still seeing the November 1st edition of Punished Brats despite our announcements that we’ve restored most of our site’s updates? If so, you are viewing a cached version of the site on your computer instead of the actual current version of our site that’s now on the server. To view the Brats site correctly, you will need to clear your Temporary Internet Files and Cookies.

To do so, open an internet page, click on the tools tab and select Internet Options. Depending on what version internet browser you are using, the name of the next tab will vary, but look for the panel that will allow you to delete temporary files and cookies. It will be in the same section as Delete History.

If you are still having trouble, just email me. 🙂


We’ve made some progress on rebuilding the site as you may have seen. The site no longer says it’s November 1st, all of the photos have been reposted for all scenes, members are once again able to access the site and login, and of the 143 scene updates we’ve had since the start of our site in June, 105 of them now have video clips available. Most of the clips are in WMV format, but we will be adding in the RM over the next few days in addition to the other 38 scenes that still need the videos uploaded. I’ve made a temporary list in the members’ section of which scenes have video clips available. I’ll continue to update this list until we are back at 100% again.

Thank you to everyone for your overwhelming support and understanding. I am so thankful to you all for all of the words of encouragement left in comments and sent in emails. You all are the best!!

The postal carrier delivered a package to me today containing a new costume I’d ordered. I may not be doing a shoot and getting spanked tomorrow as I’d hoped, but that doesn’t mean I can’t dress up anyway, right? The country girl dress is just too cute not to try on, so I figure why not wear it as I work on the site. 🙂 I just love to dress up even if it’s for no reason at all!

Update on Crash :(

I am going to post what I just wrote on the Pixie’s Previews page of the Punished Brats site to provide a status update and also allow the message to be read by those people that are still experiencing difficulty in viewing our site properly. We have been told by Go Daddy that it will take up to 24 hours for everyone to view the changes I have made by reuploading our site. Although some people see the current site, others still see a November 1st version which is adding to the confusion and frustration.

Website Server Crash
Our web host suffered a major server crash that took out not only our entire site, but also corrupted all of our backup files. After being down completely for 24 hours, we were told that our files could not be salvaged and we would have to rebuild as soon as our site had been transferred to a new server location. The Punished Brats Team is devastated by this news.

We are working dilligently on restoring the site and working out all of the many issues that have popped up. Email accounts have been reinstated. The photos have been reuploaded. We have contacted CCBill to allow member access again ASAP. The PB editor, Eric, is working on restoring and reuploading all of the video clips.

All of the Windows clips posted before November 1st are available. We will be uploading the more recent content in complete movie clips in WMV format first to allow our members to still view the scenes in some format ASAP, and then we will work on providing the segmented clips and RM formats.

During this time, we do plan to continue providing new updates. We will upload new clips and photos while doing our best to restore the 5 months of content that has been lost in the crash.

We are putting every effort into restoring Punished Brats as quickly as possible. We have postponed this Saturday’s shoot in order to allow us more time to focus on bringing Brats back to where it needs to be and provide the best customer service we can.

We appreciate your understanding, patience, and support during this time. Thank you to everyone who has written us with words of encouragement! It means so much to us all.

We hope to restore Punished Brats to the quality site you’ve come to know and enjoy as soon as possible, and once everything has been straightened out, we will do our best to make it up to you.

Server Crash

We’ve experienced a serious server crash which is why you are not currently able to access the Punished Brats website and why the majority of the photos on my blog are not showing up. We are doing everything in our power to get the site reestablished as soon as possible but it may be a little rocky for a while.

We are hoping our webhost will be able to extract all of our files and transfer them to a new server and avoid having to reload the entire site (which would be a very time consuming process). Please keep your fingers crossed for us!

Sorry for the bad news and inconvenience! 🙁

Edit: 10:17pm EST

I’m waiting for the call from the webhost to say that we can start re-uploading all of our files. It’s going to be a very long process unfortunately. In the meantime I at least corrected some of the photos on my blog by uploading them directly to blogger. It was too depressing to see all of the blanks and little red X’s. I’m going to try to get a little sleep now before the call comes through because I have a feeling it’s going to be a long night.

New Punished Brats DVD – Girl Trouble 4

At long last, a new DVD is available from Punished Brats! It’s called Girl Trouble 4 – Bratty Behavior and features our newest models as well as many of our core crew.

6 scenes + 8 brats + 5 tops = A whole lot of spanking fun!
To see the preview clip and photos, go to the Girl Trouble 4 DVD page.
Chloe, aren’t you glad I didn’t pick that other picture of you to be the feature photo on the DVD page? 🙂 Of course I think you’re cute in both.