Upcoming PB Shoot – March 3rd

School uniform – check
Maryjanes – check
Cute costumes – check
Panties, panties, and some more panties – check, check, check

I’m trying to get ready for Saturday’s shoot a little early so I’m not left scrambling on Friday night. The scripts are printing, my bag is half packed, and if all goes well, I should have a chance to practice my lines instead of cramming last minute before the cameras roll. 🙂

We’re having a smaller cast than last time’s megashoot but have quite a few scenes scheduled. The cast for this shoot will feature Juliet, Tony, Richard Windsor, David, a brand new model (not sure what name she might choose just yet), and me. We’ll be doing another Pixie’s Preview video clip that will feature more behind the scenes footage, hopefully some good bloopers, and me trying to speak to the camera without hyperventilating. Good times!

~ Pixie & Juliet ~

Geez, do I need a tan! Note, I said a tan. Not a tanning. Well, I suppose that will happen this weekend anyway.

11 thoughts on “Upcoming PB Shoot – March 3rd

  1. hey pixie!
    love your site here and i’ve been a fan of punished brats since it’s inception last june.
    and speaking of panties, panties, panties…where do you get yours?? i’ve been trying to track down a pair of “spank me” panties for weeks now!
    keep smiling,

  2. Another shoot? AWESOME!!! Can’t wait to see the results of this on. Thanks for showing this pic. Who says you can’t have both a tan AND a good tanning, young lady? 😉 We aim to please in this business. How do you say “break a leg” before a spanking shoot?

  3. Hi wishful. I’m always on the hunt for panties whenever I go shopping. Never know where you might find a cute pair … well, within reason. Home Depot probably is never going to have any good ones. 😉

    I got my pair of Spank Me panties on ebay. The ones I’m wearing here Spank Me Panties I got on eBay here Buy Me!

    007 – what is the spank equivalent of “break a leg? Hmmm … “smack a thigh”???

  4. Panties! I need some “spank me” panties. While Home Depot may not carry them they carry a lot of other useful spanking tools. I may have to go do some shopping this weekend. Hope your shoot goes well!!!

    ~TX Spankogirl

  5. thanks pixie,
    that’s exactly what i was looking for. and you’d be surprised what you can find at home depot…those canvas work belt aprons (sans panties) and a wooden paint stick make for a great time!
    good luck with the upcoming shoot!

    wishing you rosey cheeks,

  6. Forget the tan… makes the tanning ever so much more obvious!!!! Brings out the unnatural glow in those cheeks *grins*

    Just found your site today via Aunty… and will be back for sure!

    Big hugs for the weekend’s festivities,

  7. I agree … you have a lovely bottom and even more lovely when reddened by a sound spanking! An overall tan might just spoil that perfect shade of red.

  8. No worries. If I were to tan, I would make sure to keep my buns nice and pale. Need to keep a white canvas for the spankings to be applied to. 🙂

    We had a good shoot today. I’ll update tomorrow with details. Right now I need to head to bed. I’m wiped out!

  9. That’s right– stop editing pictures and go to bed! Or we’ll stick you in the corner with a pillow. 😛
    XO, Chloe

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