More Outdoor Fun

I’ve been taking advantage of the beautiful spring weather we continue to have by heading back to the reservoir whenever I can. As I was hiking on Tuesday, I heard a very loud noise that sounded like a car engine struggling to turn over, but how could that be in the middle of the woods? I walked a little farther and found the source of the racket in a swampy section. I’m not sure if these guys are frogs or toads, but there were hundreds of them jumping around, sunning themselves, and croaking at the top of their lungs. This little one came up close to me to get his picture taken … or maybe he just wanted to get away from his noisy friends.

Much like my new amphibian pals, I get cold very easily, even when others around me are perfectly comfortable. My friends kid me about it saying I need to sun myself like a lizard on a rock to get warm. Not a bad idea. Nothing like feeling a little sun on my bum. 🙂

March 10th PB Shoot

We have another shoot today with David, Veronica, Angelina, and new model Andy lined up. I’ll be sure to post more about how things went later on tonight or tomorrow.

Also, tonight I’ll be putting up the behind the scenes / blooper video from last weeks shoot up on Pixie’s Previews. 🙂

Right now though, I need to hurry up and get dressed and ready to go. I need to leave by 7:30!

Today was a very long shoot! I am so wiped out not to mention rather sore (thanks Veronica!).
Veronica now knows if she wants to get a major reaction from me, spank the “sweet spot” – the crease where my thigh and the curve of my bottom meet – also currently known as the sore spot. 😛
We had a new model, Andy, join the PB cast today. She was fantastic and Veronica was very happy to have a dark brunette to play “mom” to. All her other “kids” – Chloe, Holly, Juliet, and me are very blonde. “Dad” must have been Nordic.
I’ll write more about today’s shoot in next week’s Pixie’s Preview. But you can check out the video clip from our March 3rd shoot now.

Cabin Fever!

Last month I had the pleasure of shooting with Shadow Lane for my second time. It was an amazing experience and so much fun to work with an all-star lineup both in front of the camera – Clare Fonda, Steve Fuller, and Keith Jones and all-stars behind the camera as well – Eve Howard, Tony Elka, Arthur Sire, and Butch Simms!

Clare and I got to brat and test the ever dwindling patience of Steve and Keith every way possible until our bottoms got the much needed attention we deserved. Our fits of giggles were totally genuine as were our yelps as we were spanked because you know what they say … it’s all fun and games until sombody gets spanked!

Cabin Fever was released for sale on Shadow Lane yesterday. I hope you’ll check it out and enjoy!

New job … sorta

Monday morning. 6:40am. I’m already at work with coffee in hand checking my email and seeing what the workday has in store. I look down and see that I’m not wearing any shoes. I’m also not wearing any pants. Is this a bad dream or did I really show up to the office in my pajama shorts set??

Thankfully neither was the case. You see, today was my first day of getting to dedicate myself fully to working on Punished Brats. At least for now, I’ve left the office job that made me so unhappy so that I can concentrate on work I enjoy … with the added perk of geting to do so in my Happy Bunny PJs if I choose to.

I love working on the website design and other behind the scenes stuff almost as much as performing in front of the camera and getting spanked. I have a long list of improvements planned as well as a backlog of photos that need editing. I’m always striving to make Punished Brats better and more enjoyable to our members.

Of course I am hardly alone in working on this goal. Punished Brats is the result of a collaborative effort by David, Eric, and me. From talent coordination and scene development to editing and marketing, we work as cohesive team. It helps that we are all good friends, and while we may sometimes have different preferences or points of view, we are always in agreement when it comes to wanting to make Punished Brats the best site we can.

Well, back to work. I can now say that with a smile. 🙂

PB Shoot Wrap Up

Yesterday’s shoot was a lot of fun. No black cloud of doom spotted this time around.

We had our new model Violetta join Juliet and me in trying to sort out who the naughtiest schoolgirl is.

While all the scenes turned out really well, I had the most fun playing Goldilocks. Detective Tony brought me in for some tough questioning regarding a breaking and entering that occurred at the Bears’ house. I’m innocent I tell ya!!

While getting spanked I nearly tumbled out of my top a few times. Oops. That would have made for an interesting blooper!

For more inside scoop and pictures from yesterday’s shoot, check out Pixie’s Previews!

Upcoming PB Shoot – March 3rd

School uniform – check
Maryjanes – check
Cute costumes – check
Panties, panties, and some more panties – check, check, check

I’m trying to get ready for Saturday’s shoot a little early so I’m not left scrambling on Friday night. The scripts are printing, my bag is half packed, and if all goes well, I should have a chance to practice my lines instead of cramming last minute before the cameras roll. 🙂

We’re having a smaller cast than last time’s megashoot but have quite a few scenes scheduled. The cast for this shoot will feature Juliet, Tony, Richard Windsor, David, a brand new model (not sure what name she might choose just yet), and me. We’ll be doing another Pixie’s Preview video clip that will feature more behind the scenes footage, hopefully some good bloopers, and me trying to speak to the camera without hyperventilating. Good times!

~ Pixie & Juliet ~

Geez, do I need a tan! Note, I said a tan. Not a tanning. Well, I suppose that will happen this weekend anyway.