The start of Pixie’s spanking blog

I’ve been having a great time writing Pixie’s Previews over the last few weeks on Punished Brats discussing what’s coming up next on the site and giving some behind the scenes insight. But I thought it might be cool to also have a real blog so I can share more about what’s going on in my life … and of course a fun place to share pictures.

In fact, here’s a bare bottom pic to get started. My butt isn’t spanked and glowing red like it usually is when you see it in pictures, but I am sporting some nice tan lines. I miss them!! Winter needs to leave in a hurry so I can play in the sun all day again.

This picture was taken last October in OBX. I had a great time there – kayaking, swimming, running on the beach, searching for seashells, tanning, and of course getting spanked in the dunes. Best vacation ever!

Well, now that I’ve played with the blogspot templates and formatting for a few hours now (still not totally happy with it though), I really need to log off and get some sleep. 5:30am comes early!

4 thoughts on “The start of Pixie’s spanking blog

  1. Wow. Love that bikini pic. Thanks so much for inviting me to view this page. I still hope to see a filmography of your videos someday so I can get to work on collecting them all. 🙂

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