New Punished Brats Model – Chloe

I just updated the Pixie’s Preview Page on Punished Brats. Unfortunately our editing computer has still been acting up so I don’t have the behind the scenes footage and video preview to share yet, but I have posted some pictures of our newest model, Chloe. She was so sweet, fun, and a pleasure to work with! I look forward to posting her scenes to the members section soon. I think you’ll really enjoy them. 🙂

2 thoughts on “New Punished Brats Model – Chloe

  1. Aww, thanks… You’re so sweet. I don’t hate that picture that much, just not used to seeing pictures of myself making faces like that. 😉

  2. chloe
    look like a very cute beautiful young girl. pixie you also is is very cute and beautiful too. the pic of chloe look good too.


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