New Pixie Preview … w/ Video!

I’m happy to announce that the long awaited behind the scenes video clip from the Punished Brats February 10th shoot is up on Pixie’s Previews.

It was so hard to shoot the opening and closing segments where I had to talk to the camera. That’s so nerve wracking!! Spank me, strap me, put me in the corner if you must … but don’t make me talk to the camera. I’m shy you know. 😉

My favorite part as always is the bloopers. I watched them over and over (fast forwarding through my intro of course).

I hope you’ll enjoy the bloopers and preview too!

5 thoughts on “New Pixie Preview … w/ Video!

  1. WOW!!! I have no idea why you were nervous. The camera loves you. You’re a natural! Thanks for another great update. That blooper where you wore the girl out is a keeper.

  2. Does she have need to be such a wreck? No, no she doesn’t. Amber is one of the best spanking performers of all time. She is lovely, intelligent, witty. and takes a spanking unlike anyone in the biz. BTW: The video “Pixie’s Previewss is a collaboration of Pixie an Eric Blair-Brown.

    David Pierson

    David Pierson

  3. Pixie, that preview video was terrific. You guys clearly have a lot of fun – and I can relate to the woman whose hand got sore spanking. Y’know, we spankers put ourselves on the line too 🙂 (I’m sure you’re just full of empathy.) I know I’ve had a sore/itchy hand for a day or so after doling out my best OTK “handiwork.”

    Keep up the good work and I hope it continues to be fun for you.

  4. Yay! I’m so happy to hear that you are enjoying the Preview video.

    I have no doubt that spanking is a hard job and I’ve seen several tops with sore, red, puffy, or otherwise battered hands after a long, hard spanking. But tops can always pick up a paddle or other implement, but bottoms don’t get stunt butts!

  5. Kudos to both Pixie and Eric for a wonderful “Behind the Scenes”. I love seeing everyone laughing together and seeing how things happen.


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