Learning Lessons from Punished Brats

Life is full of lessons to be learned.  Now I don’t just mean those that the naughty girls at Punished Brats learn from receiving proper discipline, but the lessons you can learn from watching them.


Always leave a lasting impression.  Just ask Lexi how long she’ll remember Adriana.




Speak softly and carry a big stick … or a thick paddle.




Color neatly within the lines.





And lastly, whatever you do stay on Veronica’s good side.

So head on over to Punished Brats for your lesson today.  Never stop learning!

Punished Brats Cuties

Good news!!  I’ve filmed and edited the new Dear Amber video!  I guess it was a pretty rotten trick to ask for a deadline and then not confirm what it was.  😀  Someone pointed that out to me.  I can honestly say that it was not intentional.  You see, in my head I had chosen Richard’s suggestion of the end of the month as a reasonable goal given my work and travel schedule, but my blogging by ESP skills are a little rusty.  In any case I assure you the video is done and I’ll have it posted over the weekend.

You can find ” Ask Pixie” at http://amberpixiewells.com/

But first, David Pierson has asked me to bring to you, a few highlights from Punished Brats.  The new girls in the neighborhood are as naughty as they are cute.  Here are a few photos from recent scenes that caught my eye.




Lexi not only has a delightfully round bottom, but she paired the official navy blue school uniform with knee high socks featuring navy blue stripes at the cuff!  Bonus points for cute style, but that wouldn’t save her buns from a good spanking from me either.





Another uniformed beauty is Cadence.  With her toned body, flowing blonde hair, and sassy personality, she is a natural to play a cheerleader.  And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to see a cheerleader spanked?  Preferably a flyer so that the audience gets a peek of that red bottom with every stunt.  I bet you attendance at games would sky rocket if Cadence’s bottom was the feature of the routine.





And finally, there’s Bianca who instantly made me think of Disney’s Merida.  With her creamy white skin and gorgeous red curls, Bianca could easily pass for the real life version of the spirited princess.  Audrey here could be Snow White …or perhaps the wicked queen given that she’s using a strap to make Bianca’s bottom match her flaming locks.

As I said, those are just a few of the photos of the little brats that have my palm itching to give a spanking.  But see for yourself when you go to Punished Brats and enjoy nearly a decade of incorrigible brats getting spanked for their countless misdeeds!
























Punished Brats Videos

Message from David Pierson:

Due to issues beyond our control, we can not process credit cards in the usual way. However, we can process credit cards via our Videos4Sale store.

If you do not see the DVD that you wish to purchase there, just email davidpierson@punishedbrats.com

We are working towards ameliorating this issue as soon as possible, but this could mean the re-engineering of this part of our site and the need for a new cart.

All of our DVDS can be purchased by mail-order.

PB Productions
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Higher Resolution Videos coming to Punished Brats!



Newly filmed material starting with the Three Strikes series starring Mandie will be offered in high res WMV and mp4 formats at Punished Brats.  Enjoy every spank in crystal clear detail.  Below is a screenshot from one of the new videos.  Be sure to click to enlarge the image to fully appreciate the clarity.


And in a couple of weeks, I’ll have the pleasure of spanking the cutie above.  Mandie that is, not David!  🙂


Sneak Punished Brats Preview – Cadence

Just finished up editing the latest shoot from Punished Brats starring new model Cadence, fan favorite Joelle, and Michael Valentine.

Look at Cadence’s long legs as she’s draped over Joelle’s lap!

That may be a comfy leather chair, but poor Cadence is anything but relaxed while Joelle is holding that strap.

And that’s because Joelle is determined to make Cadence’s bottom every bit as red as that leather!

~ Coming soon to Punished Brats ~

New at Punished Brats

Two new DVDs are available now and more are on the way!  First up is Student Housing with Adriana and Veronica.

Landlady Veronica is tired of all of the problems she’s had renting apartments to college students. When the dean of the local college convince her to give one more student tenant a shot, she agrees but puts a corporal punishment clause in the lease.


And we have Joelle and Michael Valentine starring in Joelle and The Strict Headmaster.

Joelle Barros is a senior student at an exclusive boarding school and is constantly testing the limits. Headmaster Valentine is taking it upon himself to make sure Joelle receives the discipline she needs to improve her behavior and get into a good college.


Available soon will be Brat Therapy featuring Kayleigh May, Beverly Bacci, and Michael Valentine and Six Scenes of Spanking with Adriana, Audrey, Michael Valentine, and David Pierson.  Plus I’ve just finished editing the newest series, Audrey’s Punishments, where Michael Valentine and I take turns ensuring that Audrey won’t be sitting comfortably anytime soon!


Bacci Is Back!

I just finished the final editing on a recent Punished Brats shoot featuring new model Kayleigh May, Michael Valentine, and Beverly Bacci.  While I was not on set to witness it live, it was fantastic to see Beverly back in “full swing” spanking Kayleigh.  Beverly played the role of a tough love (emphasis on the tough part) spanking therapist whose job it was to help Michael get his out of control bratty daughter Kayleigh to straighten out.

I love Beverly’s demeanor.  She comes off as cool and in control as the therapist as she does in real life.  I admire her self-assured nature and no nonsense attitude that is clear even when viewed only on video.  I bet a lot of naughty spankees out there will feel a little tingle in their own bottoms when Beverly lectures Kayleigh and perhaps twinges of empathic pain as she turns the brats bottom from lily white to fire engine red.

Do you need a little therapeutic attitude adjustment too?

The free preview clip will be going up on Pixie’s Previews tomorrow and I plan to put up part one of the first scene of the Brat Therapy series on Wednesday.  Be sure to check it out.

New Blog

I have a new blog at www.AmberPixieWells.com.  I will continue to post here on Spanking Pixie as well, but plan to discuss more Punished Brats related topics here such as new models, DVD releases, and notes on upcoming content as I edit new content.  It won’t be an update blog as David already shares pictures and previews for all of the updates on the Punished Brats Blog.  Spanking Pixie will be more along the lines of Pixie’s Previews with a casual blog style.

My Amber Pixie Wells blog will feature more of my personal ramblings, photos, the Cause for Paws charity info and more detailed information on private sessions and such.  I hope you’ll head over there and take a look for yourself at my spankin’ new blog.  🙂


thank you to someone?

Just wanted to post a thank you to whoever sent me the nice little surprise gift of a bag of Big Train chai tea.  Amazon does not let me know who sent an item when it’s selected from my wish list.  I don’t want to not say thank you, so I’m having to do it publicly.  Thanks whoever you are!