Learning Lessons from Punished Brats

Life is full of lessons to be learned.  Now I don’t just mean those that the naughty girls at Punished Brats learn from receiving proper discipline, but the lessons you can learn from watching them.


Always leave a lasting impression.  Just ask Lexi how long she’ll remember Adriana.




Speak softly and carry a big stick … or a thick paddle.




Color neatly within the lines.





And lastly, whatever you do stay on Veronica’s good side.

So head on over to Punished Brats for your lesson today.  Never stop learning!

37 thoughts on “Learning Lessons from Punished Brats

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  2. In our house my wife dishes out all of the discipline, she strips me before turning me over her knee whenever she thinks I need it. I’ve lost track of how many spankings I’ve received at her hands over the years. I’m 59 and still get spanked with the same response of a 5 year old.

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