Higher Resolution Videos coming to Punished Brats!



Newly filmed material starting with the Three Strikes series starring Mandie will be offered in high res WMV and mp4 formats at Punished Brats.  Enjoy every spank in crystal clear detail.  Below is a screenshot from one of the new videos.  Be sure to click to enlarge the image to fully appreciate the clarity.


And in a couple of weeks, I’ll have the pleasure of spanking the cutie above.  Mandie that is, not David!  🙂


15 thoughts on “Higher Resolution Videos coming to Punished Brats!”

  1. Pixie little Mandie gets big sound spanks on her cute botty ,it is a clear sharp video but does take a bit longer to download ,love and spanks,TImx

  2. Pixie young Lci is a nice new spankee girl receiving sound spanks from Veronica ,good to have her back spanking little minxs again ,naughty botties beware ,best spanks from ,Timx

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