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I have a new blog at  I will continue to post here on Spanking Pixie as well, but plan to discuss more Punished Brats related topics here such as new models, DVD releases, and notes on upcoming content as I edit new content.  It won’t be an update blog as David already shares pictures and previews for all of the updates on the Punished Brats Blog.  Spanking Pixie will be more along the lines of Pixie’s Previews with a casual blog style.

My Amber Pixie Wells blog will feature more of my personal ramblings, photos, the Cause for Paws charity info and more detailed information on private sessions and such.  I hope you’ll head over there and take a look for yourself at my spankin’ new blog.  🙂


14 thoughts on “New Blog

  1. I like the looks of your new blog, Pixie, and I look forward to many more of your “ramblings” on spanking matters and anything else you decide to share with us — here or on the new blog. I’m glad to hear that your health has greatly improved as well.

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  3. Pixie,
    This wouldn’t be about leaving Punished Brats would it? Sure would be a great loss if it is so. Good luck with the blog…..R

  4. Pixie great to hear you are staying with P.B. ad may spank the brats when you are ready ,i shall go to your new blog ,hae had computer trouble ,love and spanks,Timxx

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