Bacci Is Back!

I just finished the final editing on a recent Punished Brats shoot featuring new model Kayleigh May, Michael Valentine, and Beverly Bacci.  While I was not on set to witness it live, it was fantastic to see Beverly back in “full swing” spanking Kayleigh.  Beverly played the role of a tough love (emphasis on the tough part) spanking therapist whose job it was to help Michael get his out of control bratty daughter Kayleigh to straighten out.

I love Beverly’s demeanor.  She comes off as cool and in control as the therapist as she does in real life.  I admire her self-assured nature and no nonsense attitude that is clear even when viewed only on video.  I bet a lot of naughty spankees out there will feel a little tingle in their own bottoms when Beverly lectures Kayleigh and perhaps twinges of empathic pain as she turns the brats bottom from lily white to fire engine red.

Do you need a little therapeutic attitude adjustment too?

The free preview clip will be going up on Pixie’s Previews tomorrow and I plan to put up part one of the first scene of the Brat Therapy series on Wednesday.  Be sure to check it out.

9 thoughts on “Bacci Is Back!”

  1. Welcome back Ms. Bacci. Brains, beauty, a caustic sense of humor, and a firm right hand. Who better to help pick up the slack for Veronica? With the advent of Aunt Melissa and the return of Dr. Bacci, all brats should be VERY,VERY AFRAID!!!

  2. i will check it out so i dont end up over miss pixie and miss beverly lap to be spanked or maybe i do want end up there

    beverly seem like cool female hang out with in real life she seem be strict type from what you said i want find out if she would spank me or spank same way does in video she shoot

  3. Pixie young Kayleigh May receives a sound leathering from strict Miss Beverly for sheer brattiness to others ,she will learn better manners ,love and spanks,Timxx

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