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July 25th, 2013

Lily Anna and I have started doing sessions again in NJ!  Role play, discipline, spanking games, or spanking just for the fun of spanking.  Spank us (light to moderate only), have us spank you, or watch us spank each other!  Single girl sessions are available too on a limited basis.


If you are interested in booking a session with us, please drop us a line at


22 Responses to “Sessions!”

  1. Kelly

    Oohhhh, people will be lined up around the block to see you two cuties smack each others’ BOOTIES!!!!!!!

    Miss Pixie, I see a MOST sinister “SMILE” from your eyes. Lily HIDE the implements from her!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Tigerbutt

    Really? “Joisey”? What exit?

    It’s tempting but I have been such a brat on this blog that I would need skin grafts on my butt when you two got done with my whippin’.

    Spanking the two of you “light to moderate” when you what you really deserve is hard to extremely harsh would be hard to do too.

    …and you live so very far away…

    OK, I’m putting it on my “After winning the lotto bucket list”.

  3. Tim

    Pixie ,great that you 2 girls are spanking again together ,might young Lily Anna return to Punished Brats for a scene or two ?love and spanks,Timxx

  4. Dale


  5. Mitch Philbin

    Pixie, it’s great to see you and Lily Anna back in the swing of things! Remember, keep those paddles popping.

    My best,


  6. Nord

    Do you and Lilyanna offer any foot worship sessions?

  7. Evan

    And I was literally just about to ask if you and Lily Anna were going to resume sessions again. Well, I’ll have to think of another question to ask for Dear Amber vlog 5. And just in time as I have recently moved close enough that I could make a visit to New Jersey sometime

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    [...] announce on Spanking Pixie in this post Sessions! this pair are up for giving and receiving spankings again. It’s just a pity that they live so [...]

  9. Mikeal

    Will you two do a new edition of the cause for paws?

  10. Mark

    Delighted to hear that you two are back in the sessions business. I remember our last one very happily.

  11. Mark

    Delighted to hear that you two are back in the sessions business. I remember our last session very happily.

  12. JC

    So glad you’re both back in action!

  13. Sandor

    For me spanking is a pleasurable (sexual) experience and the idea of being taken over your lap is very exciting to me. Perhaps too exciting.
    I know I would be aroused and worry having an “accident” if I lost control. What would be your reaction? Would you be outraged or understanding? I would base my decision on seeking your services based on your answer.

  14. Tarzan

    Awesome news!!!! I can’t believe that the 2 best models in the spanking world are back!

    I have had the good pleasure to work with these ladies a few times in the past, and I can tell you from experience they are simply the best in the biz. I can’t wait to do it again!!! I have been waiting a long time for this day to come. I guess all the prayers and well wishes I sent got answered!

    To anyone out there that has any doubt that these ladies can deliver the best session you have ever had! I can tell you without reservation they are simply the best!

    All the best to my two favorite spanking models in the world,

    love ya


  15. Mike

    iam still intrested in getting a spanking from both of you maybe even a double spanking from 2 strict hard female spanker maybe even one at a time then finish with double one over both your laps glad hear your both back to spanking naughty boys

  16. Hank

    Glad to see you both back into spanking! Will they also come to Florida? Best Wishes

  17. Mike


    they only do session in new jersery where they live if you read the blog Pixie stated in new jersery where session is held idont think they have time to travel would be nice if they could travel but they dont even have time hang out after session guess session just for spanking after over with you all go on own way

  18. Tim

    Pixie ,so pleased you are in better health lovey,love and spanks to you and Lily Annafrom Timxx

  19. NJSpank

    Amber, so glad you are feeling so much better and back in the scene….the two absolute most beautiful, lovely and delightful lap and/or bottoms in the scene back together…, so happy for you both.

    Always with love

  20. Redchief

    The best of this news is that Pixie is healthy enough to be spanked. Welcome back. I know the journey has been difficult.

  21. Tarzan

    I had the great pleasure to session with my two favorite spanking models and have to say I am never disappointed! Folks if you have never had the pleasures to meet these two wonderful ladies, I can tell you, that your missing out.. They are not only beautiful and talented but they are the utmost professionals!

    I can’t wait to see you both again


  22. Dr. Ken

    Ohhhhh, if Minnesota were only closer to NJ…… :-)

    Hugs and spanks to you and Lily Anna,
    Dr. Ken

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