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Joelle’s Spankable Panties

September 1st, 2012

Had a medical drama llama this past week so I’ve been preoccupied and have not done my usual web surfing and writing on our favorite topic.  Of course, I’m never completely out of the loop as I’ve been busy with preparing the Punished Brats updates and editing the most recent shoot featuring Joelle. 

I adore Joelle.  Last time she shot with Punished Brats we were both spanked by Beverly, but I certainly wouldn’t mind having my chance to spank Joelle’s amazing bottom myself. 

Of course, I’ve heard she is a formidable spanker herself so I’d have to be careful.  You want to stay on the good side of a feisty switch! 

As I downloaded and reviewed the footage, I admired Joelle’s choice in panties and have saved a few screen grabs.  You know what a panty fanatic I am.  She earns mega points in my book for:

1 – Bringing a different pair of panties for each scene.  Big pet peeve of mine.  I mean yeah, all the content is shot in a day, but when the story line carries on through numerous days or even weeks, it looks kind of strange to wear the same ones every time.  </pantyrant>

Cute splash of color!

2 – Wearing fashionable panties of the non-thong variety.  Boy shorts matched with casual outfit or little bikini panties for any ensemble rock.

I know they’re not visible in this frame grab, but Joelle wore these pink boy shorts under her bottom hugging denim shorts.  Hot combo!

3 – Having cute panties that compliment the outerwear, even when the scene calls for their immediate removal.  Panties are like the wrapping on a present and add to the beauty and excitement!

Joelle’s bottom is so hot, even her panties are glowing pink.

So how could I spank someone that earns so many bonus points?  How could I not.  >:)

27 Responses to “Joelle’s Spankable Panties”

  1. Pygmalion, Esq.

    I might be a terrible person (I am), but leaving the tags on diaphanous panties annoys me.

    Oh, he’s taking them off her? Then he’ll spank her for her horrible misdeeds? …I guess I can forgive her.

  2. Pixie

    I’m with you about the panty tags. Veronica is REALLY a stickler about them as well. Tag free is the way to be.

  3. 2good

    I earn bonus points with my spanker for wearing lacy french cut panties from V.S. Bonus points usually means I can pick the implement or that I can expect a good girl spanking! Hooray for panty shopping!!!!

  4. Pixie

    Pick the implement? I hope you pick bag of feathers.

  5. Ana

    Hm…I wonder what the punishment is for wearing granny panties? ;)

  6. Bobbie Jo

    Granny panties? Would that be bloomers? LOL

  7. Pygmalion, Esq.

    The punishment for wearing granny panties is all of the spankings. All of them.

  8. Donna R.

    Pixie, I hope your medical drama llama is under control and there are no more llamas in your future. We miss seeing you. You are loved.

  9. pixie

    I have a couple of llamas to battle with yet, but I’ll get there.

    As for granny panties, I know some who adore them. I’m not a big fan of them myself and say the punishment for wearing them is to receive your spanking while your granny drawers are run up the flag pole. I am nothing if not creative.

  10. 2good

    Pixie, nice try but my spanker is allergic to feathers!

  11. Enzo Man

    I agree with all your scores for extra bonus points mentioned throughout this post. I, like you, am a pantie fanatic in my own way and thus love your quote “Panties are like the wrapping on a present and add to the beauty and excitement!” Well said.

    I love Joelle’s sheer pink panties in that lost shot! Such an excellent choice that the tag doesn’t bother me at all (Second thought, if given the opportunity and the only reason to spank Joelle was that tag, I would without a doubt allow myself to be bothered enough by it in order to spank that beauty).

    Continuing to send positive thoughts your way!

  12. Tim

    Pixie darling girl ,hope you are now feeling better ,this is nice blog of yours ,Joelle had big spanks as Gianna is receiving from her boyfriend currently ,love and spanks from ,Timxxx

  13. Tim

    Pixie darling girl ,hope you are now feeling better ,this is nice blog of yours ,Joelle had big spanks as Gianna is receiving from her boyfriend now,love and spanks from ,Timxxx

  14. CurtisG

    Hope they’re making progress on what ails you. It’s been a very long and stressful time for you and scary at times.

    Wish I and we could help.

  15. Brian CA

    Agreed…the granny panties disappear immediately.

  16. Changes To PB: Special Thanks To Pixie |

    [...] [...]

  17. Dave

    Hope you are feel better Pixie!!

    AWESOME post…lol love the “pantyrant” term. I think you just coined a new word.

    Joelle’s panty selection is indeed cherryredtastic.


  18. Joelle


    haha I love you! this is awesome!

    :) :) :)

  19. Tim

    Pixie ,little Tara gets big whacks from Davids pesky paddle ,her botty is blushing pink ,love and spanks ,Timxxxx

  20. NJSpank

    As a fellow panty fan, love it and just awesome, folks just under estimate the intimacy and fun of a nice panty spanking before the bare.
    Please take care of yourself.

  21. David piierson

    I love this post too. That pierson guy is such a jerk. I miss pixie and her large tub of pretty panties. She would travel to shoots with this in case some girls panties did not meet her approval. The fact that pixie is complementing Joelle should be seen as a major honor. God forbid a girl should wear a thong .

  22. David piierson

    Loved spanking Joelle too. such a sweetheart.

  23. Romeo

    I agree panties are one of the best parts of the scene. Personally I would like to see 60% of a spanking over panties. And as for thongs maybe 1/5 scenes or so. It is nice to see every once in a while but I HATE when every scene with a thong the spanker says how “slutty” thongs are.

  24. punisherblues

    sorry to say but i think that has all been done before

  25. pixie

    punisherblues, I’m guessing you mean the scene suggestions post? If so, yes, the selected scenarios, the vast majority of all the submissions, and nearly every plausible reason for giving a spanking have been done before by someone on some site. But what’s great about getting readers’ input is finding out what they are looking to see in a video and what suits the characters as they envision them, even if it’s a classic concept.

  26. Nobody

    The only place for panties in a spanking is down. Depending on the situation, pulling the spankee’s panties down is removing not only her last layer of protection but her last layer of dignaty as well. Whenever my big sister beat one of us up we got to watch her get spanked. When she was across dad’s knee with her jeans down she’d beg and plead for her panties to be left on. It never worked and when he’d pull them down she’d let out a sob and we’d all cheer. When dad was extra mad he’d say “Crying already? Well I’ll have to give you something to cry about.” And did he ever!

  27. Chief

    Love this post, I know it’s a little late to comment. But had to celebrate your pantyrant, it’s a pet peeve of mine too!

    I gave Joelle a cute pair of panties after we filmed her in them (in that same studio), not that she came unprepared… oh no!
    Joelle is fantastic and I’d love to work with her again as I am definitely paying you sassy ladies a visit again, for sure! Hopefully with you next time too, Pixie!

    Chief. xx

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