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A Little Spanking, A Lotta Sore

December 18th, 2011

I got back into spanking action a little bit yesterday at the Punished Brats shoot with Joelle and Beverly Bacci. 

It was only in one scene, but I’m actually really sore today.  Beverly has a solid spanking arm and my poor bottom hasn’t done an on camera scene since March. 

Most of the day I was helping film Joelle’s scenes and leaping around taking photos which I really enjoy.

Beverly sits back and tries to cool down as Joelle kneels in the corner cooling off her bare bottom! 

18 Responses to “A Little Spanking, A Lotta Sore”

  1. AuntyAndrea

    Getting back to work can often be a shock to the system and it looks like Beverley was determined to make that true for you!

  2. Winchester

    Sore maybe – but great that you are able to begin again – it means, I hope, that your health is really on the mend. And of course the next spanking won’t seem quite so bad!

    By the by, I have been a fan of Beverley since her days as a bottom, and have wondered how she compares as a top with, for instance someone like Veronica ?

  3. Kelly

    REALLY sore?!

    The Poor Pixie Pity Party starts on the 1st of…NEVER! :)

    I am QUITE sure you deserved each and every bottom searing spank…and then some!

    Welcome back to OTK land, QUEEN BRAT!

  4. Nooch

    Yayyy Pixie – I’m sure I speak for everyone reading this blog that it is GREAT to see you back in action and in good health!! Just like everything else, take it slow and stay on the road to full recovery… Welcome Back!! – Nooch

  5. Nooch

    … and by the way – LOVE the darker hair!!

  6. Pandora Blake

    Oh, congratulations! Great news that you’re able to have ago at shooting again, although I imagine it’ll be a while before you’re really feeling like yourself. I just wanted to say though that you haven’t lost your touch as a photographer. That last photo is stunning – atmospheric, balanced composition, nicely lit. I love your work as a performer but PB misses out when you aren’t behind the camera, too :)

  7. Paul Down

    So good to see you back . you have been missed.

    regards paul

  8. Tigerbutt

    Pixie, I am overjoyed to see you back over someone’s knee, Lord knows you deserve it! I can remember having my sitting privileges revoked on many occasions, sometimes for nearly a week. You’re looking beautiful! Did you cry real tears? I hope to see many more like this!

  9. Tim S.

    It’s great seeing you back! It’s also nice seeing you with a red bottom. I know it’s not so nice for you. We missed you!!!
    Have a very Merry Christmas & a healthy 2012!
    Love & Spanks
    Tim S.

  10. Bobbie Jo

    So you were sore after having your first spanking in months, eh? Did it feel something like this:

    Glad to have you back in the swing of things. Please don’t over-do it.

    You have a very good camera eye and that is a great talent along the lines of Adams. I’m happy for you.

  11. rtg

    congrats so to speak … glad your feeling better

  12. tim

    Pixie glad you are being spanked at P.B. again and spanking but take it easyat first lovey ,love and spanks tim xxxxxx

  13. Biker


    It’s great to see you back in the proverbial “saddle” again after all this time. You look fantastic and beyond cute. I wish you all the best on the recovery of your health. It looks like you’re getting there.


  14. Jhthree

    It is so wonderful that you are able to resume certain “activities” again.
    I hope for more of the same and good health for you in the new year.

  15. JC

    So glad you’re back in action, and more importantly, that you’re feeling up to doing so. Have a great holiday, sweetie, and may 2012 treat you better.

  16. John T


    Great to see you are feeling better. Even better to see you getting the color back into your cheeks!

  17. tim

    Pixie a very Merry Christmas to you and all my friends at punished Brats and all who comment here ,love and spanks to all the lovely spankees ,from tim in U.K. xxxxxx

  18. Clare Fonda

    Amber, you look great

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