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Two New Punished Brats DVDs

September 15th, 2011

I’m a busy editing bee these days.  Just finished editing the content from the Punished Brats shoot with Taylor Rayne, Josh Payne, and David Pierson and am about to start on the content from last weekend’s shoot with David and Pi.  In between I made up a couple of DVDs for purchase including Angelina and Azul in Dark Angel and Amaya and Veronica in Discipline in the Home.

Check out the preview photos and video for each of the DVDs here:


17 Responses to “Two New Punished Brats DVDs”

  1. Tigerbutt

    Re: Dark Angel PB-131, 1. Dancing Naked “…and is concerned that photos will be leaked on the internet…” – LMFAO!!!

    Great pics, really. PB is such a hotbed of naughtiness. I wonder if another “hand” is needed to help keep these brats in line…? ;-)

  2. Kelly

    My solution for “poor grades” was to alter a D grade and turn it into a B. My parents never discovered the truth.

  3. Pixie

    Hahaha!! A kid in my class showed me how he could fudge an F into a B or an A+.

  4. Kelly

    I could see fudging the B but the A+ is VERY inventive. New PB storyline in the works? Forged grades needed to graduate from college with a perfect GPA. :)

  5. Kelly

    Whoa Whoa Whoa. Let’s back up a bit shall we?

    “A kid in my class showed me how he could fudge an F into a B or an A+.”

    And just WHY…Amber Pixie Wells would you have needed any such information? We were led to believe you were a straight A student on your own merits! Were you hanging around with the “wrong crowd?”

    Naughty! Naughty!

  6. Pixie

    Look at you sitting there brainstorming and TRYING your hardest to come up with a way to get me in trouble. Don’t you have a corner to inspect or something?

  7. Kelly

    I LOVE seeing you in feisty mode.
    And I HATE to burst your bubble, but I have NO behavioral issues of my own to work on. I behave with impeccable conduct at all times. :)

  8. Tom

    LOL! So lame.

  9. Tigerbutt

    An “F” becomes a “B” or even an “A” but don’t get caught like I did!!!
    These days I’ll betcha that grades are posted online but the consequences are not as severe, at least in the short term. Now, if you could roll back your absences like “Ferris Bueller” did you’d really have something.

  10. tim

    Pixie yes you have been busy doing an excellent job editing the vids ,might the resolution with lovely miss Angelina appear at Punished Brats some time ? hope you are getting fitter lovey ,love and spanks to all girls here ,tim xxxxxx

  11. Thomas

    Personally, I can’t think of anything hotter than a naked girl getting spanked OTK, with lots of kicking and squirming…and hopefully lots of moaning and groaning too. And most girls today have such a deliciously spankable bottom…especially while being blistered by a good stout strap.

  12. Steve (UK)

    Hi Pixie, first of all – are you getting better? That’s the most important thing.
    Christchurch Luton have been praying for you.
    Normally, I would buy these DVDs straight away, but right now, I’m in conflict with spanking, alcohol and Christianity. Propranolol is f*****g useless. It’s a beta blocker, and just lowers your heart rate. Diazepam works with me, and has got me out of a hole before. Problem is, doctors in the UK are now virtually banned from prescribing it, so it’s down to me, will power, and prayer to get off the alcohol.
    You can’t do will power on my behalf, but prayers would be deeply appreciated.
    I apologise for any stupid comments on your blog while I was under alcohol. (Although I maintain that Sharon den Adel IS a Goddess.)

    My love and best wishes,

  13. Father Time

    My Dear Pixie,

    Great job of editing the teasers! Producers 40 or more years ago would have given their eye teeth for video tools like you now have available.

    I, as do others, hope your mending is coming along well.

    If I may be permitted a well-intentioned, off-point bit of crosstalk:
    @Steve – I suggest you investigate AA.

    All the best,
    Father Time

  14. tim

    Pixie young Pi gets big spanks from Veronica hope you are better Veronica ,love and spanks to all girls xxxxxx

  15. Pixie

    Oh to be Ferris! What a classic movie.

    The scene, The Resolution, will be posted on the members’ site in due time. Since it’s the last one in the series, it will be a bit yet before it goes up.

    I hope you can find the help and support you need, Steve. As Father Time suggested, if AA is available in your area, that may be a place to start.

  16. 2good

    Anything with Veronica as the top certainly interests me! She is such a pretty lady with great talent.

  17. Glenda Farler

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