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Very Sad Day

June 24th, 2011

It’s a sad day as we at Punished Brats have lost a truly great man. David’s brother and our camera man / director, Eric passed away last night. He was a loving, dear soul with a passion for videography, photography, and of course for spanking. He’ll be missed dearly.

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  1. NJSpank


    My condolences for your loss, so sorry. You and the family will be in my prayers.


  2. CurtisG

    Condolences to both you and, especially David. He must have been much, much too young to pass away.

  3. Hanna

    I express my condolences to David, his family, and you. I’m very sorry.

  4. Alexis S.

    I’m very sorry to read about the loss of a beloved PB family member.

  5. Annapurna

    Dear Pixie,

    Please accept my heartfelt condolences over Eric’s passing. I am truly sorry to learn of this unfortunate event. May you find some comfort in your memories of Eric and his contribution to your life.

  6. Mark

    Not much that can be said at a time of sadness like this. David, his family and the entire PB family will be in my thoughts.


  7. Ben(ugootk)

    I sent you and Lily a note. I also sent my sympathies to David

  8. Erica

    Words are rather ineffectual at this time, but I am so very sorry.

  9. Bottoms Up!


    That is sad news. Our thoughts and prayers go out to David and his family.

  10. HerbNJ

    My condolences to David, his family and all of the people who lost a good friend. My heart goes out to you.

  11. Carla Marie

    Our deepest condolences to you, one and all.



  12. Tigerbutt

    My consolation and condolences to all concerned.

  13. Paul Down

    Always sad to hear of someones passing. my regards to David and all who have been effected by this sad event.

  14. Tim S.

    Please accept my sincere condolences to David,his family and to everyone at Punished Brats.
    Tim S.


    I had read that Eric was ill but had no idea how ill.

    Please pass on my condolences.


  16. singinkitti

    So sorry to hear of Eric’s passing. My thoughts and prayers will be with all of you, and especially David and the entire PB family during this difficult time. If there is anything anyone of us can do, please let us know.

  17. Nooch

    Dear Pixie and the PB team,
    My condolences at this terrible time… You are in my thoughts… – Nooch

  18. M.G.

    Sorry to hear this. All prayers to David and his family as well as to all of you at Punished Brats

  19. AK

    Sorry to hear about Eric,it is always so sad when a friend or relative
    passes away. My condolences to David and the PB family.

  20. Biker

    What else to say other than I offer my condolences as well.

  21. Randall Dlaniger

    I am so sorry.

  22. Hairbrushman


  23. Winchester

    I am very sad for all of the PB family – I know from former posts how much he meant to you all. You will be in my prayers – David especially.

  24. Billy

    Condolences, thoughts and prayers for David and his family, and also to all at PB who knew Eric and valued his talents and love.

  25. tim

    Pixie please pass on my condolences to David and his family over his loss ,love from tim xxx

  26. Mitch

    My most heartfelt condolences to David, his family, and and all of Eric’s friends and associates.

  27. Bonnie

    My heart goes out to you and all of the PB family. Eric’s fine work will endure as a monument for spankos everywhere.


  28. 2good

    Very sorry to you all. His creativity was obvious. I am sure he was fun to have around the set as well. He will be missed even by those who never even met him!

  29. severanne

    From spain we send u our condolences for DAVID and all his family and for all staff of PB

  30. JS

    So sorry to hear the news .My thoughts and prayers go out

  31. Archie

    Im not just sending my condolences to David and hie family but everybody at PB. I shall keep him in my prayers.

  32. Sarah Gregory

    Sympathies and Love coming you and David’s way. My thoughts and prayers are with you both. Love always, Sarah

  33. Duncan

    I am sorry for David and your loss

  34. Patty

    I’m sorry :(

  35. Kim :-)

    My heartfelt condolences to all of you, especially David. God Bless.

  36. Chrys Chamberlain

    I wish you all the deepest and most heartfelt condolences. Losing a loved one is perhaps the most difficult experience of all. Know that you all at PB have a vast community of people who care about and appreciate you. I am sure that there will come a time in our existence when we shall all be united again. It is hard to imagine through the grief, I know, but take comfort in the knowledge that this separation is only temporary, and that in the grand scheme of eternity, is but a fleeting moment.

    In Hope and Faith,

  37. Jack

    Pixie & David
    so sorry for your loss!! you have my prayers

  38. Lee R

    Adding my prayers.


  39. Razor

    I am so sorry Hal,

    My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Your brother had a considerable influence when PB was first getting started. When I shot for PB my 2nd time in May 2006, I remember he directed two of my vids that weekend when you and Pixie were running cameras and lights. He was fun to work with and a great man.

    I hope you and yours will be okay.


  40. Sad News – A Goodbyeeee – A Mainstream Film – And It’s Not A Battle « SPANKEDHORTIC II

    [...] who knew him and you can see it through these two links, Founding Member Of Punishedbrats Dies and Very Sad Day. For those of you who would like to honour the memory of this talented man, donations are welcome [...]

  41. Terri

    My prayers and condolences to you and the PB family after your sad news. I know how much Eric was loved by all, and he shall be sadly missed. My best wishes to David and the rest of you.


  42. pixie

    Thank you everyone. I miss Eric dearly and David of course is hurting more than you can imagine. Your condolences mean a lot.

  43. Dave

    So sorry Pixie. My condolences to you, David and your entire PB family,

  44. Funbun

    Although we all knew, it still comes as a shock. Wish David and the team all the strength needed to cope with the loss of Eric.
    Erik aka Funbun

  45. Loki_Darksong

    My condolences of both myself and my for David’s loss, Pixie. As well as to the rest of Punished Brats. I have always considered we Folk as family. And even though we can bicker, any loss effects us all.

    While I never knew him, I will raise a toast in Eric’s honor.

  46. Gord

    Please accept my condolences for your loss Pixie, David, Lily, and the rest of the Punished Brats team. I did not know Eric, but he was obviously a big part of your company, and family, and was responsible for giving fans what they wanted.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to you all… and may you take some comfort in knowing Eric’s suffering is over, and he is in a better place.

  47. Enzo Man

    Positive thoughts, prayers and condolences being sent to the entire Punished Brats family, but especially to David. Nothing makes this time easier except a minor comfort in knowing that others are thinking about you and your loss.

  48. scott

    Sorry about the passing of your brother. My heart goes out to you David, And your family.

  49. Spankfun

    “Herzliches Beileid”, as we say in Germany. Eric will be remembered all over the world.

  50. Robert

    My condolences to David. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and the Punished Brats family. Take solace in the knowledge that he is in a better place where they’re no more sorrow only happiness in the presence of almighty God.

  51. Sam

    Pixie and PB Family

    I can only begin to imagine what a loss this is to you personally, to PB and to the spanking community. The world has clearly lost an excellent cameraman, and however insignificant these words may seem I extend my most heartfelt condolences and may he rest in peace.


  52. Dr> Ken

    I was very sorry to hear about this. His camera work–both still photos and video–really helped set PB apart from the rest.
    My condolences to David, and to you, and to all who knew him.

    Dr. Ken

  53. Larry

    I’m soo sorry to hear that
    My deepest condolences
    Its hard to lose anyone but a family member most of all
    he will be missed

  54. amberdawn

    im so sorry for you and everyones loss, many loving and comforting thoughts at this time.

  55. Steve (UK)

    Eric was a great director, supreme cameraman, and one of you who made PB the best spanking website ever.
    Remember, though, the words of anyone who ever took to the stage:

  56. Steve (UK)

    Just a link:

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