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Pixie’s Previews

December 4th, 2010

I’ve just posted the Pixie’s Previews video clip from November’s shoot.  If you watch, you’ll see there were a few technical glitches that occurred at my bottom’s expense.  Grrr.  Let’s just say this did not exactly foster my love of technology as that was the same week I had to threaten my laptop with a metal meat tenderizer.  Thankfully all was not lost and we refilmed the lost segments as needed.  The spanker, Mike Smith, didn’t seem to mind the do-overs! 

We have our last shoot of 2010 scheduled for next weekend and we’re having Dia Zerva in as well as a fresh new face.  I plan to stay safely tucked behind the cameras this time around!

11 Responses to “Pixie’s Previews”

  1. joel

    dears Pixie,

    tous ce que tu fait est super et bien fait, continue a nous faire rever
    mes respects Pixie

  2. Nikolai

    Technology can be a cruel mistress. Crueler to some than to others.

  3. april

    The look on your face whe he told you the camera shut down was priceless. Very funny.

  4. Dr. Ken

    Dear Pixie,
    If I were your spanker during a video shoot, I’d probably want to keep having “do-overs”, too! :-)

    “Oh, shucky darn–I forgot my line AGAIN! Can we take it from the start one more time?”

    Hugs and spanks,
    Dr. Ken

  5. Kelly

    Awww… giving your bum a spanking time out?! That just means a double spanking next time though. :)

    But I can attest THAT strap and it’s twin used to spank me last week does hurt like a mother- or I should say-a pissed off teacher and aunt. LOL!

  6. Brian CA

    Dia Zerva’s great.
    You may be great behind the camera, but you’re better in front of it. Just make sure there aren’t any bedposts around.

  7. Bobbie Jo

    Well, life has a glitch now and then. May not be much fun for the bum, though it probably was ok for you, sort of. :-O

    I bet you were pretty sore after that. Now where is that nice, soft pillow you like to sit on? :-)

  8. 2good

    After having to subject your poor bottom to re-shooting scenes, you have earned time off for good behavior. That being said, are you sure you will not get yourself in trouble behind the scenes being a brat and get a swat here and there?

  9. Charlie

    I remember Eve Howard showing me an early Shadowlane video where there were technical problems. She wasn’t happy that her spanking had to be shot over again.

    Those are the trials of the trade. Hugs,

  10. Duncan

    I hope you kicked the Camera Gremilins out of your house, the look on your face is priceless “run that by me again”

  11. E

    boy Pixie that had to hurt……then again you missed a lot while in the hospital so maybe this is what happens when you aren’t involved for a LONG time ;)

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