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Last week I wrote about what it was like to witness a spanking when I was a kid. It was a scary experience, not nearly as fascinating or stimulating as those brief glimpses I’d caught on TV or scenes I’d imagined in my mind. And while still today, on those very rare occasions that I’ll see a parent give a quick smack to a child’s bottom, I still turn away in discomfort.

But it’s a completely different experience when I witness a consensual spanking such as during a scene playing out live before me. I’ve done quite a few double spanking scenes at Punished Brats as well as with Chelsea, Clare, and Shadow Lane. Depending on the scenario, I’ll have to act shocked or amazed, fearful that I’m next, or gleeful to see someone very deserving getting spanked.

Not long ago someone emailed me and asked what I really think during these double scenes. Do I really have to stifle a giggle as I see another girl in that oh so familiar position or do I sympathize knowing what she’s going through? Honestly, it really depends.

Although normally when scenes are being shot, I busy myself with other things and don’t watch so as not to make anyone more nervous than they might already be, in the case of a double spanking, I’m supposed to look on. Often I find myself almost mesmerized by the spanking and seeing the once pale cheeks deepen in color. I try not to get lost in just watching slack jawed thinking “ooh, pretty” though. That’s generally not the reaction a scene calls for.

If it’s a particularly hard spanking, I’ll involuntarily wince and grimace at the impact and reaction. I know I take firm spankings as well, but since my bum is normally pointed in the opposite direction of my view, I am blissfully unaware of the swing and impending doom. Seeing the wind up, hearing the “whoosh”, and then seeing a hard spank land on upturned cheeks can be shocking. I can’t help but cringe as my own bottom tingles with sympathy.

Yipes!! I’m next?

If I’m due to get the same treatment next, I will feel a little drop occur in my tummy when my turn is announced. Having just seen what it looks like makes me even more nervous over what I’m about to receive.

I enjoy seeing the reactions of the girls in addition to the spanking themselves. I’ll note a great kick or block and appreciate a good full body struggle. Not only does it look good, but I understand how difficult it can sometimes be to simultaneously kick, reach back, writhe, and not end up slipping off the spanker’s lap and taking a header on the floor!

I admit sometimes I do get distracted. Not bored mind you, but momentarily distracted. I can recall one time during a scene I noticed a little mark on Jessica’s foot. I kept looking trying to decide if it was a large freckle right on the sole or a sequin that she’d stepped on. For the record, it was a freckle. Cute!

sequin or freckle?

As for giggling at a girl’s predicament, that happens on occasion too when there’s been a bit of playful banter going back and forth both on and off set such as between Chloe or Holly and me. Taunts of “you’re really going to get it” and attempts to earn the other girl extra swats during or even outside of the scene adds to the overall fun of the day and enjoyment of seeing a brat get just what she deserves.

tee hee hee

11 thoughts on “Witnessing A Spanking Scene

  1. Realizing how many spankings you take before the cameras scene after scene, week after week, there has to be a strong attraction to being spanked, as well as a strong feeling of gratification afterwards — even if there’s no physical (sexual) arousal involved. Aside from that dry intellectual observation, we Pixie fans are delighted that you keep baring your sweet bottom for us time after time! Mmmmmmmmmm. Please keep doing so 🙂
    Hugs. SS.

  2. Great post sweetie. I’ve seen a lot of your movies where you find yourself in “You’re next” position and you always do a good job conveying that fear component. It’s kinda cool in a way when you do that “sympathy wince” while observing another girl’s spanking. It shows that you truly care for that girl, which is what I HOPE you’d be feeling in that situation (IE she’s your sister or cousin or best friend etc). I think the best was Exclusive Education 2 where all the girls were ready to share the hairbrush spanking with you, but you stepped forward on your own. Very good topic.

  3. I am wondering whether my comment on this entry has like a previous one disappeared into the ether. I posted it at the same time as my last two – they have appeared but this one has not. So I will try again.

    I was wondering, Pixie, whether you have done scenes where you had to witness a spanking but without having earned one yourself. There must be storylines like that somwhere along the way. And if you have, do you feel any sympathy for or indeed any empathy with the spankee? I know you say you try not to watch because you do not want the spankee to feel any more nervous than they might already be, and if you are in the room perhaps not in camera shot but as chaperone or even director you might be able to be a little detached. But if for instance in a schoolgirl scenario you are the innocent and unspanked girl of two (stretching the imagination slightly I suppose) you have to watch and it is then I wonder how you feel.

    I wonder too whether you see certain reaction in the spankee that you recognise as being modelled on your own – or for that matter whether you have ever seen reactions that have given you ideas as to how you might react on future shoots?

    Anyway, thank you for the blog – it made interesting reading as always.

  4. In a double scene you described having sympathy for other brats. Do you receive the same sympathy from them?

    Trying to earn additional swats? Don’t you ladies get enough already? Taunting and banter? That sounds like something there should be more of in Pixie’s Previews.

    BTW great picture with Chloe. All three facial expressions are priceless!

  5. I too have those involuntary “sympathy” reactions. People laugh at me because when I’m watching another girl get spanked, I’ll flinch, grimace, gasp, etc. It’s so true — it always looks worse when it’s happening to another person, but when it’s happening to me, I am unaware of just how hard it is.

    And yes, the giggling and taunting thing can be a big part of the fun, especially if it’s a sort of payback scene. At the last SL party, one lovely bratty girl kept getting me in trouble with her companion. Later, when I saw her over his knee getting properly whaled on, I couldn’t resist kneeling down and grinning right into her face. 🙂 All in good fun, you understand! — Erica

  6. That’s a great picture of Chloe getting spanked! You all have good facial expressions. Are all three of you in trouble or just her?

  7. It’s fun to see one woman being spanked as one or two others watch in the back ground.

    I love having a woman over my lap either at a play party or during a video shoot while the others watch and smile. When I hear a whisper and see a slight smile, it’s always fun to turn my head for a moment and inform the onlookers that they are next in line and to keep smiling if they’re able.

    Pixie, I just saw your latest preview with Chelsea. It was entertaining and funny as hell. Especially when we see David walk in and take the apple out of her hand. That was classic.

    Miss you all much!



  8. SS – Absolutely! To be this involved and dedicated to a subject or interest, I’d sure hope it’s something I’m strongly attracted to.

    007 – I loved when all of the girls stepped forward with me in EE2. We may have all been bad girls sent to a reform school, but we had eachothers’ backs.

    Winchester – Yep, I think Blogger ate your original comment again. Yes, I have done scenes where I had to witness a spanking but escaped spank-free. In fact the last photo on this post with Chloe getting spanked is a scene where Erica and I both get to witness the naughty brat get it and we don’t. I still wince knowing what it’s like to be on the receiving end even if I don’t have to worry about being next.

    We encourage all of our models to react in some way, but hope they display their own personal technique. That being said, I or another seasoned PB girl will do the first scene when we work with someone for the first time to show that we like kicking, fussing, reaching back, and basically anything but lying motionless.

    Chloe – >:) Yes, you did get to watch me in Ms. Manners, but I got to watch you get yours too! Though, I had to stand as I was a little sore by then.

    2Good – Definitely. I think all of our bottoms tingle a bit when someone else is getting it. But there is a healthy dose of fun and taunting too during many of our shoots even when the cameras aren’t going.

    Erica – That’s too funny! Grinning as she got spanked must have really riled her up and yet anything she’d do would only make her predicament worse. Genius! I’ll have to remember this …

    Anonymous – Isn’t Chloe great? She’s the only one in trouble in this scene. The first part of the scene calle ‘What I Deserve’ will be posted in the PB members’ section on Feb 29th.

    Razor – Good to hear from you again! I can imagine the nervous / excited chill that goes down the onlooker’s spine when you inform them she could be next. Hmmm. I might want to rethink that grinning from the sidelines …

  9. EE2 has some excellent shots of collective trepidation on the faces of the girls who are awaiting their turns. Yes, it was good of you to come forward for the final spanking on your own, Pixie, but I notice this wasn’t until after you had got the whole class into one heck of a lot of trouble, which they all had to pay for!

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