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The Clare Witch Project

October 13th, 2007

Pixie is hiding in the woods.

Any guesses as to why?

To be continued …

21 Responses to “The Clare Witch Project”

  1. Chloe Elise

    OMG, that is *too* funny!

  2. Dr. Ken

    See, this is why I think this is such a great blog…..LOL

    Dr. Ken

  3. david pierson

    She’s crazed as you live in the middle of no where?


  4. Dave

    lolllll hehe ..i do so love the fun you have with this jolly good bloggie.

    Looks like Clare has lost her faculties. . . .


  5. cutiepie ml

    YIKESSSSS!!!LOL run fast Pixie!!


  6. Poppa

    Looks like fun was had by all!

  7. Spanking_Amy

    Heh. Fantastic! – you guys having fun then?!


  8. Smallhanded

    Can’t a Pixie fly away?

  9. Anonymous

    Nice play on words with the title. Eeek! It brings back memories of seeing the real movie 1st day it was out (before we realized it was not a real film of actual events). It sure looked real and I didn’t sleep that night. :O I bet you can out run the Clare Witch!

  10. Funbun

    I would hide as well when I saw such a “dangerous” person in the forest.. :-)
    What happened next? Did she get you and…
    Do what I want her to do..?

    XXX, Funbun

  11. Katie James

    Ya’ll are so close! I wish I could see you both :( Clare’s on my coast now and we can’t go find a crazy asian place to eat! :) Anyway, continue having all your fun!!!

  12. Steve (UK)

    A Pixie in the woods is accosted by an escapee from the local asylum?
    Doesn’t sound much like a fairy tale, but I’m sure you could manage to make a spanking scene out of it somehow.

  13. David 007

    Egad. The captions for Clare’s pic just write themselves. Could she still be upset about that drawing from “Exclusive Education 2″? ;-) Can’t wait to see this one.

  14. Amber Pixie Wells

    Chloe – You never know what you might stumble upon in the woods of Cowtown.

    Dr. Ken – Awww. Thanks you!!

    David – Possibly. It happens to the best of us.

    Dave – Yes, the Clare witch is not one to mess with.

    Michelle – Running is futile. There is no escaping the madness. Beware!

    Poppa – Definitely. We had a blast. Just wait for part two … and details on what happened in r/l afterwards. Once again it was life imitating art.

    Amy – We had an absolute blast. I wish Clare’s stay was a bit longer!

    smallhanded – My wings were clipped. No fly zone, remember? ;-)

    2Good – I loved that movie but I didn’t sleep too well either after watching it.

    Funbun – All shall be revealed in part 2. I’ll post more about our antics as soon as I catch up on work and sleep.

    Katie – That would have been great! If only Clare’s trip was a little longer. That would have rocked.

    Steve (uk) – Indeed we could. And did. Or at least a photo essay.

    007 – That would be one hefty grudge she’s carrying if she sought me out all the way in Cowtown to seek additional revenge!

  15. Winchester

    “If you go doen to the woods today you’re in for a great surprise……”

    It could be of course that Clare is not hunting Pixie – but that she is facing ths same dangerous beastie from whicih Pixie is hiding ….

    Oh well: an alternative storyline which would end up in BOTH being spanked for venturing into the wild woods…..:-)

  16. Clare Fonda

    Pixie I had such a great time on set and off. You are my favorite wood nymph.

  17. Anonymous

    Cute! Cant wait for part two.

  18. Anonymous

    to meet pixie is to love pixie. in the woods… during a shoot or just talking to her on the phone. she’s a doll and you should all know she’s a great girl. a bit of a brat but that’s a plus in my book. keep supporting this site… keep supporting this girl. i’m lucky enough to know her and trust me, she deserves all the best wishes you can give her.


  19. John Joyce

    Clare wants to test Pixie’s abilities as a spanker so she prtyends to be mad when she’s really bad Eventualy Clare’s knickers will be pulled and her bottom smacked

  20. Pixie

    John – Ummm, that’s quite a storyline you’re writing. You do know I’m not a spanker, right?

  21. John Joyce

    Maybe you’ll get tired of feeling Clare’s hand on your bottom and want to show her you can do it too
    Even non-spankers want their moment of glory at Clare’s expense !! Only my soick joke Clare!!

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